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Paris Topdeck update

Updated 18/11/15 @0400 pm GMT

Due to the recent events in Paris, and in line with government advice, Topdeck have decided to re-route all itineraries planned to travel through Paris between the 18th of November and the 24th of November inclusive.

For all trips departing within these dates, where Paris is the stopover on day 1, we have now changed this so trips will travel from London to Amsterdam and then onto Switzerland (as per our current itinerary). At this stage we plan to visit Paris at the end of the trip driving from either Berlin or the Rhine Valley (trip specific) to Paris before returning to London. We will however constantly monitor the situation in Paris and make alternative arrangements at the end of the trip if necessary.

At Topdeck safety is our first priority and by taking this action we believe it is in the best interests of our passengers at this point of time and also provides us the opportunity of being able to deliver the best possible European experience with as little inconvenience as possible.

If you are travelling on one of our sector trips that has its first day in Paris but does not return to London your trip will now include Amsterdam as an included city rather than Paris.

Trips that fall within these dates include:

  • EEWNLL 11 Day Winter Express Departing London 19th November
  • EEWSLL 24 Day Winter Spirit Departing London 19th November
  • EHWDLL 20 Day Discover Winter Departing London 20th November
  • Unleashed Private Charter Group Departing London 21st November
  • EEWGLL 18 Day Winter Getaway Departing London 21st November
  • EEWSLL 24 Day Winter Spirit Departing London 21st November
  • EEWNLL 11 Day Winter Express Departing London 22nd November
  • EHWWLL 14 Day Winter Wonder Departing London 22nd November

If you, or a family member will be travelling with Topdeck and would like further information on this, please don’t hesitate to call our customer service team.


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The recent plane crash in North Sinai does not pose a threat to passengers traveling with Topdeck in Egypt, as we do not include not require air travel in our trips through this region. As a result, we are still operating as normal.


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New African Visa Requirements: Kenya, Malawi & Uganda

 Topdeck have been notified by local authorities of the following new visa requirements. For further details, we advise all travelling to affected regions to contact the relevant embassies in your country of residence for further information.


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