European Adventure

European Adventure

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  • Anonymous November 2018

    This was the ultimate bang for your buck kinda trip! You got to see all the sites and do all the cool activities. Camping for half the nights made for such an adventure and helped us all get to know each other really well!

  • Anonymous November 2018

    You’ll find the best people on this trip and make life long friendships with people from all over

  • Jaclyn R November 2018

    Absolutely fantastic, the places were amazing.

  • Anonymous November 2018

    Done so much
    Great optionals aswell

  • Zoe H August 2018

    They were very fun organized and knowledgeable. Great trip all round

  • Lucy M July 2018

    I have travelled with both Contiki and Topdeck on camping tours and can safely say I enjoyed my Topdeck trip much more as I found Topdeck to be more value for money, professional in which they handled situations within the group and in various countires. I also enjoyed the free room upgrades and meals more on this trip, Kass is a brilliant chef and is a credit to Topdeck as a company. Millie was truly an intelligent and organised Tour Leader and was full of knowledge whenever we needed it, another great credit to the Topdeck company. Ben our bus driver got us out of some sticky situations on the road and I always felt safe when he was driving us across 15 countires in the EU, not an easy feat driving 10 hour bus days and still alwasy keeping a smile on his face. Max was another brilliant addition to our trip when our circumstances changed and he handled our week in Italy with him so professionally and seamlessly.

  • Anonymous July 2018

    Wouldn’t have done it if I had known the outcome

  • Michelle Lo July 2018

    Well for starters I got to see 17 ****** countries and on top of that I made some incredible friends!!

  • Bethany D January 2018

    My European Adventure trip in August 2017 was the absolute best time! Obviously so much to the best crew EVER (Jem, Chels and Louie) as mentioned above but also the trip itself. The itinerary was great, maximizing the amount of places we saw in such a short time, whilst also giving us a full day pretty much everywhere. The bus days were actually also quite fun-whether just chilling out and watching movies, to taking in the sights, to listening to great tunes, playing games, and getting to know each other! I loved the sailing in Greece approx. halfway through the tour-it allowed for a great relaxing 'recharge' halfway through a very busy trip, and was one of my absolute fave things! As a camping rookie, I was a little worried about adjusting to the campsites-I did not have much to be worried about! Most of the campsites were great, some beyond my wildest dreams (Venice! That pool!) and some a bit more basic (Budapest), but overall the calibre was pretty good, and the overall set-up of the camping set up when we arrived at each place was organised and quick! The size of the group was good, and we all became like a little family by the end of the trip, even with people jumping in and off along the way. I would recommend this trip to anyone wanting to get a great taste of Europe in a tour atmosphere, on a bit more of a budget. I would also highly recommend a camping trip over a hostel trip now because you become so much more of a big family!

  • Benjamin K January 2018

    Great county's, great activities and great staff

  • Kaitlyn V January 2018


  • Anonymous November 2017

    It was honestly so amazing because of the amazing tour guide, chef and driver we had! Everyone was amazing and so helpful!

  • Anonymous November 2017

    Awesome itinerary had a great time and made heaps of mates

  • Joshua S November 2017

    You get to see so much of Europe!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaitlyn V October 2017


  • Anonymous October 2017

    Most purchases were amazing, I thought the boat ride in Paris and the Cabernet was a bit boring for how much it cost but other than that I did every extra optional and they were pretty incredible especially skydiving in Switzerland

  • Hayden S October 2017

    Having the oppotunity to skydive, be up on a mountain and go through salt mines through this tour was amazing.

  • Melanie H October 2017

    Love love love the tour and features

  • Tori C April 2017

    The Tour was good, the Staff were amazing just like family, the group clashed heads a bit but that's due to being on a tour for so long together. but overall amazing experience.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    I had a good experience however I wouldn't do it again

  • Sarah Fuhrmeister October 2016


  • Megan R October 2016

    The European Adventure was the trip of a lifetime! I had so much fun camping around Europe and experiencing things I normally wouldn't have. I met some amazing people who will be lifelong friends. The highlight of the trip for me was visiting Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Definitely something to add to your bucket list if you've never been!

  • Anonymous October 2016

    Too quality tour-guide, cook and driver! Plus had the best tour group ;)

  • Lucy Allpress October 2016

    Well worth the money, a relatively cheap way to travel with most meals included and you get to all the 'hot spots' around Europe without having to pay for separate flights, trains, buses etc

  • Luke Sullivan October 2016

    Was such a great experience at the send of the day I wouldn't have changed anything expect for a few details, but they're small

  • Shannan Fox October 2016

    Everything was perfect beyond measure- you allowed me an experience of a life time on a student budget- fantastic!

  • Anonymous August 2019


  • Matilda D August 2019

    Fantastic! Loved it all, except the boat but that wasn’t topdecks or the trips fault.

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