The Great Eastern

The Great Eastern

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  • Niamh F November 2018


  • Shaille H November 2018

    An amazing tour through amazing countries! Really well thought out.

  • Anonymous November 2018

    Very interesting and fantastic look into a different part of Europe. Had a great time with new experiences

  • Anonymous August 2018

    Good trip, the only the thing was we did our trip onlong with a trip that was already going on with 35 people. The 11 new people joined had to say there name, but the other 35 diddn't.
    Good trip thought, just felt like our 17day trip was part of theirs.

  • Anonymous August 2018

    The collection of countries Topdeck has put together on this trip is a great introduction to Eastern Europe. At times the tour feels fleeting and like there isn't much time in the actual city, but it can be understood when you're trying to pack as much in to a few days.

    When I previously did a Topdeck tour in Europe, Topdeck had these print out cards that showed you where the sites were, and had some information about the language, entrance fees, important information and what to do. I really think this was such a great asset and for those locations where you have a full day, I think they should have been given out. As a passenger, it made planning your day so much more effective. To be frank, I still have my Paris, Florence, Rome and Venice ones, as they were so great. It would have been nice to have those on this trip to explore the cities more thoroughly.

    As mentioned in my Customer Experience, there were a number of things that hindered this experience. This is why I have given a low rating.

  • Erin M July 2018


  • Andrea J July 2018


  • Kenneth G February 2018

    It was a good run of countries that I would probably not travel independently, though felt the tour needed another night in belgrade to see more there as there was not enough time.
    Also the camp at mykonos was very difficult to sleep at as loud club music would play to 6am every single night, and there was no way to avoid it.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    I thought it was value for money and that the tour guide was just a top bloke.

  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Alexandria M October 2017

    We were well looked after and I was very thankful to have breakfast and dinner in most places included in the price. The only place that I didn't enjoy was Mykonos. It was very overpriced, the breakfast was terrible (PBHostel) and we stayed there the longest time. I would recommend a more relaxed and cheaper Greek Island.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    It was a lovely tour and the destinations that we visited were all so rich in history and culture. I loved every second of it! It was just a pity that we didn't have enough time in any of the places we stopped at.

  • Anonymous September 2019

    I have travelled with top deck in the past and it was AMAZING, however this time around it was to as wonderful experience as I had in the past. Every place we visited was beautiful and the planned activities offered were great! However I would not recommend a tour where you join midway, as the group dynamic can be a bit off where some people are not very welcoming. This particular trip, I feel, was not very well planned in that there were a lot of driving days, which meant that we got o some places late and were unable to explore the city before moving onto the next. Our trip leader and driver were wonderful though! Although there were people who had never done a top deck before, who were put off of doing another top deck based on this trip. If I had not had such a good experience on my previous top deck, then I probably would have felt the same!

  • Leigh R August 2019


  • Anonymous July 2019

    Just missed out on getting a deal but didn’t want to loose out on a spot as it said the tour was getting full and it did there weren’t very many spare seats lol I don’t think I’d do another topdeck tour though too many people for my liking, was full on for me with early starts and being on the bus - but this was awesome for first time in Europe covered everything from accommodation, transport, local knowledge of places to go and see and felt safe all the time

  • Kelli M July 2019

    Good but a bit pricey for some of the places we stayed and would have liked to have more choices with included meals.

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