Timeless Trail

Timeless Trail

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  • Anonymous November 2018

    Perfect length and amazing stops

  • Anonymous November 2018

    Good trip to start exploring Europe on see enough to get a feel of everywhere

  • Etenia L August 2018


  • Luke V July 2018

    I just wish I stayed on for the whole tour because I made amazing friends and followed their progress without me. Apart from that was amazing.

  • Emily- Bl July 2018

    For me this was the perfect trip - I am more of a beach bum, relaxer but also at the same time love to explore the cities. This was a perfect combination of both, and we covered so many countries and cultures and not once did I feel it was rushed - I was sceptical about this. It has only made me make a list of the places I want to go back to to explore more of, but we covered a lot in each city from both the optionals as well as included activities

  • Georgie H July 2018


  • Megan C July 2018

    Most places were nice, I guess you get what you pay for, some places were better than others but when you add everything up it does work up being a good price

  • Kayley T July 2018

    Good trip, some of the accommodation left a lot to be desired but great places

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