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European Pioneer

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  • Anonymous November 2018

    I thought that the trip was well planed out and we were given enough free time but also did some great group activies. The optional group activitys also offered a wide variety so that everyone found somthing that they wanted to do or see

  • Lucie G November 2018


  • Anonymous November 2018

    Most amazing trip, very well organised & thorough

  • Phuc T November 2018


  • Anonymous November 2018


  • Matthew F November 2018

    The best tour, everything went well no worries about anything, it was a the best tour. Highly recommend

  • Stephanie T November 2018

    This was a great trip as it gives you the highlights of so many places.

  • Hayden S November 2018


  • Chelsey C November 2018


  • Anonymous November 2018


  • Chelsea C August 2018

    Extremely good value for money, soo much is included and it make the trip so much easier!

  • Lucy B August 2018

    Had no bad experiences ! Everything was enjoyable !

  • Leiana H August 2018

    This trip is the best way to taste test your way around Europe. You get to broaden your experience with different cultures along the way. Definitely a trip you will not forget and memories and a family you will treasure forever.

  • Aaron T August 2018

    My feedback on this is a little mixed, though not all things TooDeck can address.
    I really enjoyed the entire trip. I didn’t dislike any of the locations we visited- each had their own unique experiences and quirks. All of which I’m glad I visited, but some, I will probably never visit again (such as Meteora)
    The war torn countries and the concentration cap were certainly a “bring you back to earth” moment, hearing about the tragic stories and actions of those responsible for some of the greater atrocities in the areas.

    I think the trip is relatively well balanced in terms of destinations, but I would like to see a day trip in the Greek islands.

    Because of the general climate this summer in Europe, some of the hostels were incredibly uncomfortable when it came to heat. This isn’t a reflection of topdeck of course, but can impact the experience as a whole.

    The overnight ferry from Rome to Athens- again, not something able to be controlled by topdeck, but I had a **** nights sleep on that ferry. Some of the services were unavailable, such as WiFi, which given there’s little else to do on the ferry, was a bit of a bummer.

    The TopDeck chefs were fantastic. My first experience with them was in Switzerland and the food was amazing. Any location we had them, was definitely a highlight. The food they cooked was top notch and I know everyone in the tour was raving about it.

    The breakfasts in some of the locations was pretty average. Avignon in particular was probably one of the worst.
    The breakfast provided by wombats and the food in Athens I thought was fantastic by contrast.
    I felt the latter half of the trip the breakfast were far more consistent in terms of quality.

    One of my biggest big bears on the trip I’d say was some of the rooming situations- particularly when hostels would only provide one key to a room. We found that the front desk staff on some occasions were not too friendly when we asked to leave the key there so any of the roommates could grab it when they needed. Either TooDeck need to try negotiate additional keys, or the staff at each site need to be more accommodating in those situations, as a lot of people don’t have datA on their phones, aren’t connected or are just generally unavailable. Often you get roomed with people you aren’t spending time with and may be doing things on their own.

  • Clayton W August 2018

    The trip hit all the highlights in a huge amount of countries. The driving tours covered all the major sites- allowing us to explore deeper on our free days. From seeing wonders of the world to gourmet experiences and extreme sporting opportunities, there was truly something for everyone.

  • Daniel L August 2018

    Had the best time of my life everyone was amazing and just want to say a massive thank you to noddy and Felipe for helping me have the best time of my life

  • Prithvi B August 2018

    Exceeded my expectations. Food (vegetarian) was better than I thought. Tour leader (Noddy) was amazing. Accommodation I felt like I accomplished everything I wanted to.

  • Colleen B August 2018

    Great price for the length of the trip.

  • Anonymous August 2018

    It was great to see so many amazing countries in such a short period of time. Really good to use as a ‘taster’ of the countries and gives you an idea of where you want to go back to.

  • Reagan L August 2018

    Not only the places I've managed to see on this trip was amazing but the friends and crew I got to meet who joined with us on this trip. Michelle and eoin made everything easier for us. We were if not then the 1st tour group to get to our destinations before everyone else but in a safe manner.

  • Christine F July 2018

    Bus rides were too long need more days in places, super friendly staff!! Great meals , better accomodation in some hostels however

  • Sandra A July 2018

    Tim and Csaba were knowledgeable, efficient and made the tour memorable

  • Emma D July 2018

    Perfect trip, little bit of everything

  • David P July 2018

    Excellent trip but needs abit more activity.

  • Anonymous July 2018

    While on the bus we were more than 4 days with no A/C the windows also are close so that was really bad for paying more than 4,000 dollar's the company should have another bus that can take us when the other is broken however, they cant do anything about it. The rest was good just this problem

  • Holly A July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018

    Again, Jess and Jany were absolutely wonderful as the reason I’ll give all areas of this review a 10/10. The only let down was some of the accommodation was seriously ****. Bed bugs and broken facilities are not what I paid all that money for. I get that it’s a budget trip but we expected Hostel “plus” - not Hostel “minus”.

  • Emily D July 2018

    Really well planned, a bit rushed in certain areas but overall a great experience

  • Elise E July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018

    Best amount of days to see the highlights and hidden gems of Europe!

  • Stephanie A January 2018

    Everyone was polite and fun

  • Farran F January 2018


  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Anonymous January 2018

    Perfect. Tour leader was awesome, everyone was great on the trip. I saw so much and had the best experiences

  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Chris R January 2018

    I loved it, i loved the countries i loved the people I loved the guide and the driver, the accommodation was stellar

  • Chris R November 2017

    A great trip, saw so much of Europe, including countries and cities I never would have visited had it been up to me, that are now some of my favourite places in the world.

  • Anonymous November 2017

    Some areas need improvement. Overall was a good trip

  • Anonymous November 2017

    Itinary needs improving. Mykonos is not the island it's made out to be, don't spend 3 days there because you feel disgusting by the end of it.

  • Jessie G November 2017

    I had a ball great value for money

  • Amelia C November 2017

    It was a good summary and overall opportunity to see many places across Europe, to see what I liked and where I would revisit later. However, it was always super rushed, and in some important places, such as Vienna and Belgrade, we had next to no time to see the cities! The organization of where to stop on driving days, and for how long, was silly and often caused us to again have less times in places! Such as Montenegro. I did not like the structure or organization, and in hindsight I think I could have done it cheaper and better by myself and not with the tour.

  • Anonymous November 2017

    Great value, amazing destinations

  • Sophie U November 2017

    Read the email I sent regarding my feedback

  • Sarah A October 2017

    Overall the trip was worth the money, probably could have more optional activities though.

  • Anonymous October 2017


  • Corey B October 2017

    European Piney was very good in regards to all the things we got to see and the amount of countries to go today but I feel it was slightly too rushed simply because the tour offers so many places in 39 days I feel if they had of chosen a few less places in the same amount of days you wouldn’t feel so rushed by the end of the tour but that’s a personal opinion I’m sure if you asked some of the other people they were more than happy with it. European pioneer was very good in regards to all the things we got to see and the amount of countries to go today but I feel it was slightly too rushed simply because the tour offers so many places and 39 days I feel if they had of shows a few less places in the same amount of days you wouldn’t feel so rushed by the end of the tour but that’s a personal opinion I’m sure if you asked some of the other people they were more than happy with it

  • Anonymous October 2017


  • Anonymous October 2017

    Paying for showers in Switzerland? Having to pay to hire towels in hotels? The cost of the tour wasn’t cheap this extra cost was not needed.

  • Emily C April 2017

    European Pioneer was amazing. Incredibly well priced and well worth it!

  • Steph April 2017

    Our tour leader and bus driver really made it the best tour! They were both incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! They told us all of the good places to see and do and wee tricks and tips along the way! I got to see everything that I wanted too and more!

  • Sherelyn Sh April 2017

    good value trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon W April 2017

    i paid only for the trip and a couple of add ons which i dont regret for a second. as i look back i can see how expensive some things cost but they were understandable expenses and money can be saved elsewhere like in the included meals

  • Anonymous April 2017

    It was on special, so that was good.

  • Chrystal April 2017

    Judes + Mozzie + TopDeck European Pioneer = Trip of a lifetime!

  • Anonymous April 2017

    It was a great snapshot of everywhere Europe, definitely know where to go next time round.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    I saw so much in the time available and it was organised for maximum exploring time so that was great. Such a huge variety of things to do.

  • Anonymous March 2017

    Good value for money, definately recc6mend topdeck.

  • Charlotte Donaldson October 2016

    The trip went to so many amazing places and taught me heaps about that part of the world. 36 days was a long but would do it again in a heartbeat.

  • Kristy Cormican October 2016

    Was a very well organized tour! I had the best time with no stress on where I was going next! Loved it!!!

  • Danielle Down October 2016

    It was decent, nothing really exceptional about the trip.

  • Paul Boyle October 2016

    What can I say about this trip, so many great places, people and experiences. Favourite places were Dubrovnik and Switzerland. Best holiday/ adventure of my life.

  • Anonymous October 2016

    Great value for money - some accommodation and food not up to scratch. Go with an open mind

  • Michaela Buchanan October 2016

    Perfect way to get snippets of Europe and plan a list of where to go back to

  • Anonymous October 2016

    Fantastic trip that really gives you a good overall taste of Europe. Highly recommend!

  • Larissa Morkous October 2016

    bought heaps so things at every destination.

  • Toby Nuske October 2016

    One of the best experiences of my life. I want to go back.

  • Kate October 2016

    Trip was good value for money. Food and accomodation were nice.

  • Anonymous October 2016

    overall the experience was amazing, although our trip leader took a while to warm up and get to know us all personally. I would recommend introduction activities on day 1 so everyone can feel comfortable from the start and excited about the trip that is about to commence.

  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Rebecca P July 2019

    great value for money, great food, accommodation and tour leaders

  • Anonymous July 2019


  • Anonymous July 2019

    Some places are far better value than others, for example the paid optional extras, particularly the food, more often than not were very dissapointing (and expensive), yet the Topdeck chefs were amazing. I understand the need to take the weight off the chefs and tour guides shoulders, but perhaps a degree of review and research can be had with some of the experiences post tour, in addition to the reviews of drivers and tour guides.

  • Anonymous July 2019

    Great accommodation, included meals and included activities. The trip is worth every single dollar spent on it and so much more!

  • Nathan S June 2019

    Good variety.. felt a little rushed in some city’s but all in all a great way to sample Europe

  • Anonymous June 2019

    I loved visiting as many countries in a short amount of time. It makes you want to go back to certain places to visit them more in depth.

  • Brandan B June 2019

    Danni knowledge was outstanding and was clear and direct

    Dario was an amazing driver, and I felt very safe with him behind the wheel.

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