Bohemian Trail

Bohemian Trail

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  • Anonymous August 2018

    Amazing destinations, with amazing sites to see - I would not fault the countries themselves. We did have some issues with the layout of the trip though, as it was not what I was expecting from the website blurb. Many of the facts given were incorrect and we were left behind a few times because the group seemed to be in a hurry constantly.

  • Anonymous August 2018

    Fantastic way to travel 3 different cities in a short period of time! I was able to explore the city as a group and on your own -tour was definitely flexible with how you want to see the city. Optional activities were provided and would recommend for others to opt-in especially the bike tour of Amsterdam. Only recommendation is to provide details that the Bohemian trail tour was part of a longer tour before booking. Beginning felt isolated as everyone in the group knew each other for a while, but overtime made friends. Heads-up would have been great.

  • CLARA C July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018

    The locations were amazing and surpassed my expectations. Lots of amazing memories and experiences

  • Erin C November 2017

    I didn't realise that I was joining the end of another tour. It was difficult to integrate with the rest of the group as they had already experienced so much together and made strong bonds. They themselves admitted they were getting tired and couldn't really be bothered anymore. The usual group holiday sickness was well present and inevitably changed the dynamics. The reason I came on the trip is because I was living in the UK & just feeling a bit lonely so thought a tour with people who were most likely Aussies like myself would be great. Perhaps it was me, perhaps it was the group - regardless I wouldn't recommend to anyone to join a trip at the end of a long trip.
    I enjoyed the cities however I feel I would've got more from the free city walking tours than the ones with our guide. Much of the group was disinterested in what she was saying about the cities so perhaps this is why it was relatively short and sweet.

    I believe I would've got more out of going to these cities just by myself and it most certainly would have been cheaper. The days in the cities I spent alone anyway so I don't believe being part of a touring group made a difference.

    The hostels we stayed in were great. The bus was comfortable and clean. I believe the whole feel of the group would be been much more inclusive, fun and enjoyable if everyone was fresh faced. Not just a couple of people.

  • Stephanie T October 2017

    Loved the cities we visited on the Bobemian trail. My only negative was probably more of a social point- as you know friendships are forged quickly and become very tight knit on topdeck tours. Joking a large group of people who had been traveling together for weeks already was quite difficult and at times felt like it was quite defeated between orgingal crew and newbies. The bohemian trail could be an independent tour that sees more Czech, German and Dutch cities.

  • Anonymous October 2017


  • Sarina K August 2019

    Fantastic, just what we were after: a good taste of Europe!

  • Anonymous August 2019


  • Kimberley A July 2019

    Didn’t like the hostels - I knew it was going in however I didn’t know it was a sector so having walking in on a trip where everyone had made friends wasn’t great because o wasn’t as welcomed

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