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Mega European

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  • Brody M November 2018


  • Anonymous November 2018

    not worth the money, was very stressed on the trip and trip leader was a joke

  • Courtney M November 2018

    The trip was perfect insight into each an every aspect of Europe. I was coming on this trip to get a taste for which areas I would love to visit again and it certainly provided, by spending only one to two days in each location was the perfect amount of time to get a feel for each location and to know which areas to start planning my next trip to.

  • Anonymous November 2018


  • Tamara W November 2018

    Amazing so many places, amazing views, great food

  • Anonymous August 2018

    It was extremely hard to hang out and connect with a group who rejected my attempts of friendliness. I find quite a few of my tour mates relatively close-minded.

  • Anonymous July 2018

    I felt we needed more time in Florence and other places that we were only there for a night. Less time in Mykonos and Santorini . I didn’t like the sailing most of it we were tied to port I thought we would travel to several different island get off explore get back on. Only got to swim once. Waste of time. The rest of the itinerary was fine. I also felt we needed to be looked after more.

  • Anonymous July 2018

    Good purchase. A bit expensive but in general, good value

  • Ainsley G July 2018

    The only way this tour could have been better - is if it was longer, and we spent more then 2 nights at all destinations!

  • Katrina C July 2018

    Best tour guide ever! Melisa Harvey was amazing! Couldn’t have gotten someone better! Her knowledge and passion for the history of our destinations was what really made it for me! Also great overall taste tester for so many countries in Europe!

  • Anonymous December 2017

    The Mega European tour was extraordinary! We would of never been able to travel that many countries on our own. This tour includes wonderful cities with fascinating views and experiences that we wouldn't been able to find anywhere else.

  • Anonymous November 2017


  • Anonymous November 2017

    It was the trip of a lifetime. A very knowledgeable tour guide and the bus driver was great, always felt safe.

  • Nataya R November 2017

    Got to see sooo much and tick of a heap of bucket list items and more! Wanted to fit as much as I could into my two months overseas and this tour was amazing! One more day in each place would have been perfect ??

  • Matthew B November 2017

    It was excellent value for money for the service provided. The information recieved was a good standard and I always knew what i was doing next.

  • Anonymous November 2017

    I paid 8k for a 2 month tour. Breakfast is included, by breakfast i mean pastry, only. Throughout the week, we would have 2 or so dinners included, no lunch. On travel days we had service station food as our only option. As someone with food allergies, it was really hard to find food. Accommodation would usually be 2/5 stars. not great but has everything you need. Location is usually really bad and takes on average 30 minutes to get anywhere... equivalent to staying in Parramatta when you're in Sydney. You see the outskirts of the city, which can be very eye opening and insightful.

    Small tours options would be better. After 2-3 weeks you get the idea of how to get around and have much more confidence to travel solo.

  • Alexandra November 2017


  • Kalarni F October 2017

    Loads of different things to experience in every country we visited

  • Angel Magana October 2016

    Muy completo, visitamos muchos lugares que jamás pensé visitar. Parece muy largo pero los días se pasan rápido cuando se disfrutan. Lo recomiendo bastante!

  • Simon Gardner October 2016


  • Nikkita Sies October 2016

    I was on the Classic European which is 15 days and takes you to the obvious classics of Europe. All the big sites everyone knows about. Awesome for my first time to Europe.

  • Rebecca Riches October 2016


  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Simone Ward October 2016

    Really gives you a sneak peak of Europe

  • Lauren Ann Mckenzie October 2016

    Was quiet a bit expensive and the breakfast meals could be improved by a lot by how much we pay...

  • Anonymous October 2016

    A bit more info on the ability to come in and out of the different tours at different stages would have been great, definitely would have stayed on a bit longer and seen some things of interest.
    Great tour to go on, get ready for early starts!

  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Anonymous October 2016

    This tour took me to places that I probably would not have visited if I was not on a tour. Gave me great experiences, and with lovely people.

  • Anonymous October 2016

    As above, great first taster and ticked some big sights off the bucket list but was quite rushed and jam packed

  • Rebecca Gordon October 2016

    I didn't purchase the mega European I purchased the eastern explore

  • Simone Thrupp October 2016


  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Stephanie Conlon October 2016

    you get to see a little bit of everything

  • Prabashni Dherman October 2016

    Destinations were amazing. A great mix of culture and fun and people. The admin was not as efficient as it was previously

  • Lauren October 2016


  • Monique P August 2019

    The mega European was an awesome trip. So many places in such a good amount of time. The only thing I didn’t love was the boat in which we had for sail. Whilst the sailing was amazing and probably my favourite part of the trip, the cabins stunk as I believe they were having issues with the plumbing and the staff on the boat didn’t really attend to it as much as they probably should have.

  • Brittany C August 2019

    Really good value for money and the opinionals were a good mix at each places

  • Caitlin C July 2019

    This trip included so many tours (both driving and walking) and the optionals included were good value for money

  • Anonymous July 2019


  • Benjamin B July 2019

    Excellent trip! Loved every minute of it! Literally the only thing that could make it better is if there was maybe one or two more nights in certain places like Vienna and Bordeaux.

  • Anonymous June 2019

    Great Intinery
    Awesome Guides

  • Sherriden L June 2019

    Very busy but a great way to see Europe

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