Winter Express

Winter Express

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  • Anonymous February 2019

    Though I would have enjoyed more time in each of the locations, the trip was a good (if fast) exploration of those countries.

  • Chanelle M February 2019


  • Jordan H February 2019


  • Elizabeth Y August 2018

    I would definitely buy a Topdeck tour again. When I did this trip I was 18, had never travelled abroad without family. Topdeck is a brilliant way to travel 'alone' but still give you that safety net. The coaches were really comfortable, everyone goes on the trip intending to get along. You get a synopsis of where you're going from your tour leader and some optional activities. This gives you an idea of stuff to do which you can obviously ignore if you want. The tour leader - having been to these cities many times knows lots of little off the street places to go, and where to avoid. Information that would take you forever to find online. They already know what transport you need be it ferry, bus or metro. it's little things like that which when you're an experienced traveller you can sort of wing it but when you're a novice it can turn into an absolute pain. It felt safe but not muffled, easy going and all round fun. It's a brilliant way to travel, it gives you a base to go out and enjoy every new city from. I was naturally surrounded by new people so it's also a very sociable way to travel. Larger groups (mine was 20) was brilliant as in each activity you can shift around more and get to know people better. It was a brilliant experience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I highly recommend.

  • Anonymous July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018

    I got a discounted price for my ticket. It was worth the price for all the places we stayed and the amount of included meals. Optional extras, I am still on the fence about. The only one that I really thought was worth my money was the bike tour in Paris.

  • Shanae S March 2018

    Great information, comfortable accomodation and beautiful places.

  • Anonymous March 2018


  • Anonymous March 2018

    It was well priced, as I got it with the discount from a weekend sale, but the actual price put me off for a winter trip.

  • Anonymous March 2018

    Life changing Experience. To say the least.

  • Gerardo An March 2018

    Me gustó mucho los países visitados y las actividades realizadas en el tour!

  • Tahir K March 2018

    100% worth the money spent!

  • Sara P March 2018


  • Jason K March 2018


  • Anonymous March 2018


  • Anonymous March 2018


  • Kratik K February 2018


  • Megan P February 2018


  • Anonymous February 2018


  • Anonymous January 2018

    Fue una muy buena experiencia, han cumplido con cada uno de los servicios ofrecidos

  • Johanna Al January 2018

    El precio del tour fue muy bueno y me sentí satisfecha con cada una de las actividades realizadas, las cuales estaban incluidas en la misma.

  • Kimberley P January 2018

    Overall the trip was excellent, few things here and there that could have been chnaged but they were mostly not the fault of topdeck.

  • Alicia C January 2018

    Was a wonderful trip really enjoyed it

  • Rafaela O January 2018

    Because everything was perfect

  • Nicholas Wi January 2018


  • Shernell P January 2018

    Amazing trip was the best way to see Europe?

  • Sara Ma January 2018


  • Jackson B January 2018

    Lots of activities on itinerary then get to location to be told only one can be done because it’s christmas or Christmas Eve, if I knew I wasn’t able to do them on that date I would have chose a different trip where I can do them.

  • Stephanie B May 2017


  • Anonymous May 2017

    I didnt get to purchase alot, but that is only because of my interests. I did however purchase two beautiful neck chains at the Clogs and Cheese place

  • Mitchell C May 2017

    The Winter Express was exactly what we were looking for in our short time in Europe! Could not have been happier with all the experiences and hostels that we stayed in!

  • Ashleigh Pa May 2017

    It Was An Amazing Trip And The Cost Was Affordable

  • Sowmya M May 2017

    For a ten day trip it was really fun

  • Esmail Mo May 2017

    Winter express is a good choice if you are on a tight budget and can't afford Europe in the summer. The snow adds a different charm to the place but make sure you layer up well. Germany is just name sake and you don't actually get to see much there, the other 4 countries are good , as in you get at least one full day to see the cities in their entirety.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Saw a lot of places - which was my intent - however there was not a lot of free time available.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Great way to explore Europe and in such a short time took away so many experiences

  • Monica El April 2017

    El costo comparado con lo recibido es bueno.

  • Bradley K April 2017

    Worth every penny, 10/10 would do again

  • Gemma M April 2017

    Got to see snow and had good amount of free time

  • Cassie D April 2017

    Our guide was absolutely amazing.
    There was no point stopping in cities for one night as you did not have time to see the city at all.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Best decision. Exactly what I wanted, exactly what was advertised, quality, value for money - could NOT have done this for the same price myself!

  • Laine K April 2017

    Super voyage, bon itinéraire mais un peu court en Allemagne.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Winter Express Tour was such good value for money! I got 11 days accommodation, travel, food and amazing company for $1,600! For a solo traveler, this tour took all the fear out of traveling alone. After 11 days I made friends I know I will always had, experienced different cultures and changed my outlook on life!

  • Christina T April 2017

    I enjoyed seeing 5 different countries and enjoying their culture.

  • Nayana Vi April 2017

    Nao sou de compras nem de consumir.

  • Ayanda G April 2017

    my purchase was affordable.

  • Sarah A April 2017

    Nic our tour guide was fantastic, he really made the trip feel more like a bunch of old friends travelling and made it easy for everyone to get to know each other. He went out of his way each day to help us get the most out of things and I had a great time. The hostels were all great especially in the Swiss Alps. I'd definitely do another Topdeck trip.

  • Madeline M April 2017

    Amazing, adorable and an absolute blast

  • Camila C April 2017

    O melhor roteiro para conhecer lugares lindos e muito diferentes. Nesta viagem temos contato com todos os tipos de coisas e isso a enriquece muito. Se tivesse Winter express amanha eu iria !!!!

  • Akeel K April 2017

    I was really worth the price.

  • Leona S April 2017

    It was a great adventure and showed a decent amount of Europe for the amount of time allocated

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Lots of fun, very casual crew, super laid back and always keen to get involved

  • Vinicius R April 2017

    Recomendo a Top deck para o viajante que busca explorar ao máximo os lugares sem perder tempo.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Hits up some amazing cities in Europe. Super keen to return and explore more!

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Overpriced for what we got and the tour guide dropped us off collected money and wasn't involved at all

  • Katherine L April 2017

    Some of the accommodation was terrible also, no blinds, no privacy in bathrooms.

    I left the group early as it was overwhelming. Definitely not for someone of my age group (35).

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Brilliant value for money. Tour guide was very informative

  • Hannah J April 2017

    It was great experience and I'm glad I did it but I'm not a massive fan of winter. I'd definitely do another topdeck but not one around the winter season.

  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Lucy Thurley October 2016

    You got to see loads of Europe in such a short amount of time but it was enough.

  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Michelle Bosch October 2016


  • Laura Oakley October 2016

    As above. False advertising.

  • Lauren Hajro October 2016

    I was very happy with what I got for the price, but I did get a discount.

  • Pornsuda Pitthajathanasakul October 2016


  • Nasreen Khan October 2016

    Everything was perfect except the accommodation in a & o hostel in munich. The hostel was unfriendly and filthy.

  • Ruqayyah Sumun October 2016

    The price of the package was good. However some important details were concealed until at a time where we could not get refunded.

  • Samantha Darlow October 2016


  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Naadhira Mitha October 2016


  • Mamerto Santarita October 2016

    Price was reflective of the tour. Affordable but did not compromise the experience.

  • Anonymous October 2016

    Amazing trip but again issue was with Munich accommodation and having to pay out of pocket to check into a hotel across the road from hostel topdeck had organised.

  • Reed Southerton October 2016

    Great value for money. Worth every dollar

  • Kabelo Themane October 2016

    I loved this trip. I'm from South Africa and one of the best parts was the Swiss Alps. Luckily there wasn't anything that was a culture shock, it was just great to be amongst a young group of people all keen to travel and explore the world. This trip is great value for the amount of money spent (Although my trip was France to Amsterdam, we bypassed the UK bit). An additional thing that has to be said is the manner in which a difficult situation was handled, our trip was due to start a few days after the Paris attack (the gun shooting at the concert). Top Deck handled the situation so well, they immediately changed the itinerary so that we took a train to Amsterdam that evening as our safety was the first concern. I applaud them for such quick thinking and speedy organisation to make sure we were taken care of.

  • Kahlia Sankey October 2016

    All tours were excellent. I especially enjoyed Paris and Amsterdam. Definitely not to be missed on any tour of Europe. We even had our own family Christmas.

  • Anonymous February 2020


  • VANESSA DA February 2020

    Atención. Pronta respuesta, excelente logística.

    Líder súper amable, transporte genial

  • Jessica An January 2020

    Fantastic taste of Europe

  • Anonymous December 2019


  • Marianna R June 2019

    Little bit expansive because of the hostels, and because of the long time that we lost on the bus.

  • Anonymous June 2019

    Pese a que era invierno realmente la temporada fue la mejor, no había fila si ni tantos turistas, me encantó e el servicio, la atención de la guía y los lugares que visitamos y los hostales en los que nos hospedamos.

  • Anonymous June 2019


  • Zane M June 2019

    For the price and the locations visited you can't complain on what you purchase. The extra optionals where abit of a surprise, but once you understand you have to do them its well worth it!!

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