Winter Spirit

Winter Spirit

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  • Kayla U March 2019

    FANTASTIC Leader who worked hard and ensured that all members were happy.

  • Seamus M February 2019

    All the places were excellent. Though sometimes we left a but rushed

  • Anonymous February 2019


  • Joseph H February 2019

    Absolutely great and fun time.

  • Anonymous February 2019

    I loved that we visited so many places in one trip. I also loved that there were not many tourists because of the winter season. I would definitely do another winter tour.

  • Anonymous February 2019

    A great mix of time to yourself to explore, with arranged activities. I could focus on having a great time with my tour mates - our amazing bus driver and tour leader taking care of the rest. Amazing locations good mix of fascinating history, beautiful scenery and great food.

  • Anonymous August 2018

    A taste of every city so you know what you don't like and what you want to see again

  • Hayley B August 2018

    Perfect time of year to visit the countries we did. Learnt so much about each city and country. Enjoyed the sun in some places and the snow in others. An amazingly put together trip that covered so much for the perfect amount of time

  • Sarah Ja August 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018


  • Liam R July 2018


  • Miranda L March 2018

    Every single day was incredible, I didn’t have a single bad moment on this trip!! Europe in winter is absolutely amazing

  • Teniele G March 2018

    It’s was amazing I just couldn’t adjust to the temperature

  • Madison H March 2018

    Great locations and time, unique local experiences

  • Sophie March 2018

    Tour guide knew the history of everything, went to so many amazing places & made a lot of new friends.

  • Sophie K March 2018

    Such a well organised and planned trip that made every guest feel comfortable and at ease. Loved it

  • Katelyn L March 2018

    So worth the money! I thought 24 days would be too long of a trip, but I found a family in the end and didn't want the trip to finish. I got to see a little of every place. I will definitely recommend the trip to my friends and strangers and anyone willing to listen in the future.

  • Anonymous March 2018

    Overall the trip was great. Really wish the travel time on the bus was less or we caught trains to the cities to cut out long travel days. Included dinners were good but I was so sick of eating bread, ham and chess for breakfast. Literally drove me crazy. I think Topdeck need to look at updating their accommodation options, especially in Switzerland (tiny rooms for four people, paying for hot showers and having to walk from the cabin to the showers was freezing and annoying) also in Rome (it’s good that there is public transport but not when the traffic so bad it would take 2 hours to catch the bus, ending up walking an hour in the rain to get the stupid campsite).
    The walking tours were informative, I loved learning about the history and interesting facts.

  • Heather E March 2018

    Great overview of Europe. Beautiful winter wonderland! I didn't think it was too fast paced.

  • Henry D March 2018

    It’s really worth it. Yes it was a fast paced tour, like a whole day per country. But for the price, you can’t beat it.

  • Anonymous March 2018

    Great intinerary, good mix of western and Eastern Europe

  • Courtney E March 2018

    Felt like a dream within a dream. Perfect

  • Anonymous March 2018

    Fantastic itinerary with two nights at most places. The included extras were great value for money and the optional extras were excited and catered for a rage of people!

  • Nicholas J March 2018

    The must see sights of Europe were all included. Easy way to see everything!!

  • Elizabeth H February 2018

    Got what I paid for which is exactly what you want when you go on a holiday

  • Gabriella C February 2018

    I love Topdeck - I will 100% go on another

  • Jack S January 2018

    A fantastic way to experience a broad spectrum of European culture and see bucket list sights

  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Anonymous January 2018

    Perfect for whoever wants a small taste of each country! With one day in each place it allowed me to see and experience many places. I like to think of it as a try-before-you-buy trip, I know where I want to revisit for next time!

  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Jose T January 2018

    A good price for a long and quality experience.

  • Tia W January 2018

    Everything was perfect and Switzerland was by far my most favourite place because of the snow and the town we stayed in was beautiful

  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Anonymous January 2018

    Value for money was mostly okay! I think some of the included dinners werent that appealing. Mostly the hostels were quite nice but the hostels in Rome and Krakow really weren't that great at all.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    The trip was an incredible experience -made possible by the amazing team of Tim our trip leader and Stefan our driver. We were given enough free time to explore each city, with some incredible included activities and optional extras.

  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Brittany January 2018


  • Roseanne V January 2018

    I had an excellent trip as I got to see many places in such a short amount of time. My trip leader was very passionate about the history of each place we went to and I felt like I had an intimate knowledge of every location I went to.

  • Jamie F January 2018

    I felt like this trip was exactly and more of what I expected. From the sights, to the history to the extra activities, it blew me away with amazement.

  • Jane F January 2018

    The Winter Spirit visited some magical, interesting, emotional and wonderful places.

  • Shawn B January 2018

    It was possibly the best time of my life made lots of new friends and experienced so many new things along the way.

  • Bethanie H January 2018

    I loved this trip! But one concern myself and a few others had was the expense of going up Jungfrau in Switzerland. It was nearly $200 Australian and when the weather was bad sky diving wasn’t an option. So possibly, maybe some more affordable options can be noted or recommended in case this happens. But besides that, not a single fault!

  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Anonymous January 2018

    Good overview but difficult to really see everything in each city. Many late nights and early mornings in order to fit all those cities in

  • Mackenzie H May 2017

    Super rad group of people so many awesome destinations!! However, our core group was so tight knit that picking up others in different city ruined the vibe.

  • Caitlin T May 2017

    I loved the trip, travelling with a group was a lovely experience, however the trip leader ruined it. I decided very quickly to avoid him and make the best of it on my own.

  • Beatriz D May 2017


  • Andrew P May 2017

    Excellent time to travel!

  • Jayden P May 2017


  • Katrina M May 2017

    The trip itinerary was amazing but once meeting other people we found out some had paid almost $1,000 less than others which was extremely disappointing since you advertise to buy early for a better price.

  • Anonymous May 2017

    far too rushed, but absolutely beautiful!

  • Daeyong E May 2017

    한달이 안되는 시간에 유럽의 주요 도시를 방문하면서 배우고, 느낀게 많습니다.
    정말 좋은 여행이었습니다.

  • Anna G May 2017


  • Anonymous April 2017

    Value for money. Accommodation, travel and lots of food covered.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Fun, knowledgeable, professional yet friendly tour leader and bus driver. Great people and great places

  • Eva S April 2017

    It was a good trip and went to lots of interesting places

  • Kurt G April 2017

    Great time, great pruchase.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    This tour was a fantastic combination of parts of Europe in Winter. I loved the places we went. I just hated some of the people on the tour but they can't affect how much I loved the sights.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Great value for money and the staff were fantastic

  • Anonymous April 2017

    This was worth what you paid however they dont always explain all the extra costs eg extra activities

  • Gemma W April 2017

    My only concern was the reduced amount of free time we were given. Meals were planned for majority of nights and therefore the cost of the tour was drastically increased.

  • Aaron M April 2017

    Places were spectacular enjoyed every minute.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    I would and have recommended topdeck tours to friends and family. I had such an amazing time with a group of people i can now call friends. Our tour leader (Melisa) and driver (Andrea) were both amazing, super helpful and knowledgable. The group tour really helped us get into places that would be difficult to get into travelling alone and they knew whats good to do so every activity is a blast.

  • James V April 2017

    Fantastic value for money, stress free and fun 24/7

  • Dana G April 2017

    great way to see Europe!!

  • Melissa W April 2017

    Generally good value for money. Some accommodation was really below par.

  • Andrew B April 2017

    Spectacular honestly the best month of my life couldn't have been better

  • Kate M April 2017

    Excellent value for money, excellent experiences, gives enough free time for you to do what you want but also heaps of optional activities if you don't know what to do. Amazing tour leader as well that made the trip 100 times better.

  • Sara E April 2017

    Highly recommend! professional, well planned and overall awesome!

  • Taneeke M April 2017

    Perfect amount of time to always be on your feet seeing new places, not too long or short and showed some fantastic places in Europe

  • Jemma B April 2017

    The included extras were really good and included food was at a high level

  • Damian Y April 2017

    Everything was awesome the only real thing that was a bit disappointing was the set menu the first night in Budapest - the restaurant was highly over priced in comparison to surrounding areas and we waited a long time to eat (easily over an hour). Felt like they were taking advantage of us being in a large group and obviously tourists.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    I would not have chosen a different tour. The chance to see so many different places in such a short amount of time was incredible. I would 100% do a similar trip again.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Great value, good travel guide & awesome included experiences.

  • Anonymous November 2016

    Really enjoyed Poland, good choice of places, reasonable accommodation

  • Rhiannon Mcgrath October 2016

    Was well worth the money, all activities were a great experience and didn't feel like I was ripped off

  • Suzy Bowerman October 2016

    The Winter Spirit trip was the perfect way to test out Europe and get a feel for which countries I would like to go back to. 2 nights in each place was perfect because it meant there was a whole day of exploring the city. The optional activities were great because it gave you something to do and a bit of a kick start to knowing the city as well as ticking off so many bucket list items.
    The hostel type accommodation was quite good as they were very good standard hostels. The hotel upgrade in Venice was awesome, they had really nice rooms.

  • Stephanie October 2016

    Best thing I've ever decide to do with my best friend, it was affordable, easy, organised, fun, amazing and would 10 out of 10 do it again!

  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Katherine Martin October 2016


  • Anonymous October 2016

    As stated above. It was good but I felt it was too rushed.

  • Lucinda Francese October 2016


  • Nelis Tolmie October 2016

    got what i paid for...and more

  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Melanie Rankine October 2016

    The price and what you got for the price. Was very welled put together. Experience was worth the price

  • Robert Engel October 2016

    December is still relatively warm (except poland) and you get to experience the christmas activities to top off an already great trip.

  • V-Nessa Knight October 2016

    This trip gave you a little taste of everything. Even when I injured myself and left the trip early Kieran and marek were sending me regular photos so I felt I was still apart of the team.

  • Shannon Pratt October 2016

    Pretty on par with price. It was affordable for my girl friends and I. Buffet breakfasts were a life saver AND only having to organise our own dinner ever second night also made things enjoyable and easy on the budget. The amount of days we were gone- and the total amount that we spent were incredible. Loved it. Very cost effective

  • Mitchell Gee October 2016

    Throughly enjoyed the trip and the hostels were well placed.

  • Korina Kontogeorgos October 2016

    The tour involved everything I wanted to do which is why I rate my purchase 5 stars. The only downfall was that it was only 24 days, wish it could have been longer!

  • Sarah October 2016

    Got to see all of Europe in a safe and easy way. Absolutely amazing value for what we paid.

  • Michael Healy October 2016


  • Anonymous October 2016

    Value for money and an easy and enjoyable way to travel. I never would have had the same experience if I did it on my own.

  • Paula October 2016

    Worth every last dollar, value for money was exceeded! I loved my expericane as a topdecker.

  • Anonymous October 2016

    I found many of the meals lacking, though the establishments were pleasant. The "day stops" were more like an hour, which I found highly misleading and annoying as most stores and attractions were impossible to see in such a short amount of time *even if they were open).

  • Matthew Ward October 2016


  • Minseok Woo October 2016


  • Tarini Motwani October 2016


  • Oluwaseye Onajobi October 2016

    Purchase was fairly priced!

  • Anonymous October 2016

    The opportunities this tour provided were tremendous, really gave you the ability to experience the world in a different way.

  • Laura Hensley October 2016

    The crew were amazing and so helpful with all our questions and mistakes we made along the way.

  • Anonymous October 2016

    Poor quality of hostels and tours

  • Malani Barby October 2016

    Worth it in terms of budget and experiences granted

  • Nathan Parsons October 2016

    So many sights with none of the worry :)

  • Anonymous February 2020

    You get SO much out of your time there and It truly was amazing experiencing Europe in winter

  • Molly February 2020

    Definitely for people who love winter! So many countries covered in snow, made for some awesome skiing days and the most breathtaking scenic views.

  • GEORGINA S February 2020

    Great experience

  • MARCEL M February 2020


  • Amy G January 2020

    Easy to book and purchase

  • Anonymous December 2019

    This was a fantastic way to see Europe when you didn't have months to travel. The trip was very well planned out, and it was nice having everything organized. You just had to show up with your bag and off you went!

  • Anonymous December 2019


  • Regan T June 2019

    So many beautiful places in such a short amount of time. Loved the free day allowing for free roaming and soaking in the atmosphere of each city.
    Really good organisation, great amount of time and would 100% recommend the winter spirit

  • Luke P June 2019

    Would've received 5 stars, but my accomodation in Rome was freezing and my heater/air conditioner didn't work 😅

  • Matt H June 2019

    Great trip with fantastic people!

  • Luke S June 2019

    My trip leader RU was amazing !!

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