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  • Anonymous February 2019

    I thoroughly enjoyed all the places we stopped on this trip. The worst part was the 1 night stops, which were quite exhausting and it felt like we needed another night there. Accommodation was mostly nice, however it was generally out of town and would’ve been better if closer! The itinerary was fantastic though, and the day stops, especially Mauthausen was great.

  • Anonymous February 2019

    If you want to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time, this is an excellent option. I used it as a 'taster' so that I could determine which places in Europe I would like to visit again and spend more time exploring.
    At times, I felt that this tour was probably too quick. In some cities we wouldn't arrive until late afternoon (it gets dark at 4:30pm) and we would be off to our next destination early the next morning. This meant that we got to explore the hotel and some restaurants, but little of the city itself.
    Most of the optional experiences were fun and very worthwhile, but I would probably avoid those that were purely food-based. They tended to be overpriced and took valuable time away from sightseeing. I would have instead preferred to grab some street food (very quick, cheap and delicious in most cities) and used the time to explore the city further and see more of the sights.

  • Emily C February 2019

    I had the most amazing time on this tour. I might some amazing people and had some amazing experiences.

  • Anonymous March 2018

    Your website advises that the hotels are hand picked there were a few hotels at the start of the trip that were absolutely shitholes worst hotels ever, i am willing to bet who ever hand picked them never stayed in the rooms. You only need read the google review for most of the hotels to find out these got high ratings for location and 1 stars for customer service and rooms i would rather stay just a bit further up the road for a nicer hotel.

    Further more when you pay extra to stay on your own you expect a double room for one person not a room with a single bed and no heater. you really need to change your website and stop misleading people into what you are offering.

    I was so disappointed in the hotels i was asking my Travel agent to try and arrange alternative arrangements because i didnt want to stay on the tour, your extremely lucky that your Driver and Trip leader were fantastic otherwise i would have left the trip.

  • Daniel F March 2018

    Locations were amazing, and many of them I would not have travelled to otherwise.

  • Danielle C March 2018

    Would have thought more to be included considering the price I paid, overall really happy with the your and had a great time. However, there were a lot less inclusions than what were implied in the description of the tour.

  • Hillary F March 2018

    Incredible trip - needed longer in slovenia. Will go back though :)

  • Robert T February 2018

    I really enjoyed the trip and the places we visited. I was surprised at the quality of the accommodation. For me though I would have liked to spend another day in some places so we had more time to go out on our own and experience a bit of culture without the group.

    The day travelling to Rome was a bit long also, I would suggest making that an extra day there so it’s not so crammed.

  • Anonymous February 2018

    Some of the hotels were a little small

  • Anonymous February 2018

    Loved all of the places that we were able to visit.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    It ad a great mix of everything and even if it was over Christmas Found things for us to do

  • Olivia F January 2018

    Everything ran smoothly and as a I said previously the trip leader and driver were great! I loved the option of the optional activities and everyone I did I loved!

    The only real recommendations I would have had was to spend 2 nights in Florence rather than Rome as I felt we really had limited time there and perhaps the day trip to Verona was a bit uneccesary as I would have preferred getting to the next destination quicker and using that time.

    Rogan was always great at letting us know what we could do on our free days which was always helpful and allowed me to utilise each day! He also delivered his history talks in an engaging and informative way which made it interesting and not so dry.

    Zoli was also a great driver, I never once felt unsafe on the bus and each day greeted everyone with a smile and easy to talk to and get along with!

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Loved every bit of the trip apart from the 3-4 ghastly hotels (dirty, rude staff, disorganised) which really tainted the stay in those places. I feel a company as large and experienced as Topdeck should have a better grasp on what is acceptable and not acceptable when it comes to the accommodation that they arrange. Apart from that it was pretty much faultless - our trip leader and driver were the best ever!!

  • Luis Fe January 2018


  • Anonymous January 2018

    As mentioned above - booking the tour at the time we did, over Christmas we thought it would be a bit more festive and were excited about spending Christmas in Europe. It really didn't feel like Christmas at all though. Christmas day was a driving day, lunch was at a servo, and the dinner we had to walk an hour for. After speaking with other people on the tour, we thought that it might have somewhat been Christmas themed but it really wasn't at all (eg. Christmas market tours etc.) That was the only disappointment regarding the actual tour.

  • Lucinda S January 2018

    Perfect time of year to go! Got to see some snow and enjoy Christmas markets in almost every country! The tour really gave you a taste of Europe

  • Abbie F January 2018

    Little rushed in some areas. Perhaps visit Salzburg instead of Vienna?

  • Matthew B May 2017


  • Jess P May 2017

    You get to see so much during the trip, but having 2 nights in most places means you actually get a whole day to see the city!
    The trip leaders really make the trip, and ours was amazing!!

  • Taija G May 2017

    Could not fault anything. We had a great time

  • Matthew S April 2017

    11 countries. Saw a lot!!

  • Jessica R April 2017

    Great value for money. Great hotels in great locations and the best fun you can have.

  • Glenda G April 2017

    Definitely worth the price for what you get out of it. It's a great start if it's your first time traveling because you get a preview of lots of different countries that you may want to return and explore more of.

  • Bryce B April 2017

    Great tour, good value, great crew

  • Michael O April 2017

    If you want to see snow and visit some beautiful countries when things are a little quieter (than summer, or so we were told) then this the tour for you.

  • Elise W April 2017

    Best trip ever!!!! Didnt want it to end

  • Anonymous April 2017

    It was a good trip and you got your money's worth. So much packed in!

  • Anonymous April 2017

    It was a great price for what we received :)

  • Amber F April 2017

    It was a wonderful package, it gave me a great list of countries and experiences to see. I wish I went on a longer trip !

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Really good tour, amazing people. Felt like they were like family and so many memories

  • Liam R April 2017

    I started on the tour knowing I'd enjoy it, but worried it might not be as fun as a tour I'd done a few years earlier with another tour company (Contiki).

    My fears were allayed within the first couple of days - we made excellent friends on the first night, and even better, we were soon such good friends with our trip leader that it was like we'd known her for years. The hotels we stayed at were a whole 2 levels better than anything I had experienced on my earlier Contiki trip, and I loved the pace of this tour and the included and optional extras. It was excellent value for money, we felt eminently safe in the hands of our driver on our modern coach (with free wifi even!).

    I could not say a single negative thing about the trip, the way we were treated by the company or our trip leader. We are about to catch up with friends we made on the trip again and I can imagine being lifelong friends with some of these people - not least our trip leader. If I could have rated this higher than 5 stars I would have!

  • Alex Klease October 2016

    Worth every penny we spent. We loved the experience of travelling with a group and making new life long friends!

  • Elangovan Thoya Needl October 2016


  • Anna A February 2020


  • Maddie S February 2020

    Everything about this trip was incredible. Our trip leader, Zinni, was nothing short of amazing in sorting things out for us or just making the bus rides and adventures in new cities more exciting. The people I met on this trip I will be friends with for years to come and the places I got to see, over the busiest part of the year (Christmas/New Years) was unreal and wouldn't have been anywhere near as good if I had booked it all myself. Our driver, the hotels, the included activities and meals were all fantastic. I couldn't recommend this trip enough.

  • Anonymous February 2020


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