Oktoberfest Braumeister

Oktoberfest Braumeister

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  • Verity W November 2018

    You could do this trip without a tour group but its great if you're a solo traveller and want to make friends. Also very convenient for making sure you have a table in the beer halls.

  • Anonymous November 2018

    As I said above, disappointing. Didn’t receive much for what we paid as we barely spent time with our guides/group and were mostly on our own. Hostel accomm wasn’t great but I guess that is expected during Oktoberfest time, very noisy and people partying in the hallways all night, rooms were really basic and 8 people to a room. Some friends of ours stayed at a hotel across the road for the same price.

  • Brett P November 2018

    Got abandoned. Ended up self guiding the whole thing.

  • Jennifer D November 2018

    The hostel was really poor. It was in a great location but that's about it. I was in a dorm of 8 and there were 2 outlet points for the whole room when there's 8 females in one room this is not ideal at all especially when you have 2 girls that have no social awareness or courtesy. My boyfriends room was the same but they had 8 guys and it was the hottest room i have ever been into in my life even with the windows open. The smell that came from that room was insanely bad by the end of it. I have been on other topdecks that have been brilliant how ever this one did disappoint me a little bit. I am a travel agent and I have no problems selling your product but i'm not sure if I could sell this one as I would not use this festival trip again.

  • Ian F November 2018

    Well worth it can’t wait to do it again.

  • Anonymous November 2018

    Very expensive for just a hostel. Nothing else was really included - like I mentioned before, you would have thought you were paying for someone to help you find tables and atleast more inclusions but not really. I probably could have found a cheaper hostel, in a better location for a better price if I had known this is what I was getting.

  • Emmalee-Jade T November 2018

    Waste of money and I would have been better off doing it on my own and not going through topdecj.

  • Zoe T November 2018

    Again If I could rate no stars I would. Hi there,

    I have been on multiple travel tours over the past few years, including a few Topdeck tours. All have been fantastic, with the occasional hiccups. However I recently went on the Braumeister Tour with you guys and was horribly disappointed with the whole experience. I would like to be refunded for this trip as it was not what was advertised. Please read below for further evidence of this.

    Firstly, I don't believe we received what the tour advised. In the trip notes it states that on the second day we were to be taken to Oktoberfest and shown around with our guides and then on the second day we were "off on our own". This did not happen. I met my "guides" on the first day when signing into the hostel, from then on I saw them once when walking to Oktoberfest to have them say to us when we got there "When the gates open run, find a tent, get to a table and don't move all day" this was the last I heard or saw of them, I wouldn't even be able to tell you there names.
    Secondly, I don't at all understand why I paid around $580 dollars for this trip. I received a T-Shirt and got accomodation, thats it. Last time I checked a T-shirt didn't cost that much. I also have friends staying at the same hostel for longer and they paid much less then what we did and they were doing it on their own.
    Thirdly, being a "tour" I believed we would have certain advantages, which often happens and why these tours are usually such a good idea. However, there was nothing included from Topdeck. This was especially annoying when other groups had reserved tables and group seating. We had friends doing Oktoberfest with Busabout, which cost them a lot less, who had reserved tables on each day they were at the festival, they also all sat together and drank/ interacted with each other and their Guides. This is what is expected on a tour. This is also not at all what myself and others on the Braumeister tour received.

    As stated above I would like a refund for this tour as I am very disappointed and do not believe I got what I paid for.

    I am happy to further discuss this if necessary.

    Zoe Taylor

  • Hayden W November 2018

    Fantastic loved every minute

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