Pronto Italia

Pronto Italia

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  • Mitchell P August 2018

    Well rounded trip that went way too quickly

  • Natasha S August 2018


  • Anonymous August 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018

    The destinations were perfect

  • Asheligh T July 2018

    The places were awesome! But I didn’t realise that I would be joining onto a larger tour.. that should be made more clear before you book

  • Rebecca M January 2018

    The team at Student Flights were great! So easy to deal with. Huge thanks to Kristy @ Southport

  • Anonymous November 2017

    The tour felt too rushed, there wasn't enough time to explore the places I really wanted to see like Florence, Venice and Cinque Terre and too long in places like Pisa, Verona and Luca :/ Wasn't as fun as I was expecting it to be as there were a lot of couples on my was an alright way to see Italy solo for the first time but I would definitely plan my own trip next time.

  • Natasha A October 2017

    Saw all the hot spots, great tour guide and comfortable bus.

  • Anonymous October 2017


  • Anonymous October 2017


  • Jennifer W August 2019

    in my opinion the trip was not worth the money. My husband and I each paid 2150 but when you think about it we shared a room thus the company benefits from that and only has to spend for 1 room probably at a lower group rate. Travellers in a pair should receive some sort of discount.

  • Monica H July 2019


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