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Iceland Explorer

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  • Anonymous October 2016

    Well worth the adventure. The Blue Lagoon was definitely a highlight of the trip.

  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Monica Rose October 2016

    I would've liked a trip that did more, i booked a tour because i thought it would be difficult to get around Iceland and didn't know where to go. Once I got a better idea I wished I did it myself or that the tour included more locations in Iceland eg. Vik

  • Kathy East October 2016


  • Katherine Thorn October 2016

    Included some of the things I wanted to do, but some extras were an additional cost

  • Ilana Z December 2019

    It was a really good trip. Wondering trip leader and included activities. Best part was the Golden Circle optional extra for me. The Blue Lagoon was also great and super relaxing. The tour gives you a quick look at Iceland but there isn't enough time to do everything. Wish we had a couple more days so we could have gone to the Ice Caves and Glaciers.

  • Lilli C December 2019

    Great activities and time period, only downside was having to pay extra for the golden circle tour

  • Anonymous December 2019

    Seems a bit pricey for what you get but still a good time.

  • Alexander P June 2019


  • Joseph C June 2019

    An amazing place with great people and passionate local guides

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