Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe

Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe

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  • Jacob Wh October 2023

    The cost of the trip was reduced prior to start and I was not reimbursed for the additional cost I payed vs others on the trip or for our downgraded accommodations.

  • Anonymous October 2023

    Great way to see Europe and tick off all the big tourist destinations. Renee is a great trip leader and goes above and beyond.

  • Anonymous September 2023

    I was enjoying the Topdeck trip and I love to meet new faces and see lots of different places together around Europe. I will definitely recommend this to others.

  • Anonymous September 2023

    No social workers, don’t ever use hostel o&A, age?????

  • Stephanie Wr September 2023

    It's a great way to start travelling if you're a beginner.

  • Shannon Le September 2023

    I absolutely loved the Get Social: Central and Eastern Europe tour! I loved that we got to learn about each country we went through via our tour guide and I did appreciate that there were planned activities as well as free time! The only thing I would have liked to know beforehand was how many people would be on my tour.

  • JUSTIN CO September 2023

    Our driver Yani and our tour leader Stephanie were absolutely awesome! They made us feel so welcomed and safe.

    The tour itself and the optionals were abit of a let down. Aswell as the hostels we were staying at over the course of our trip. My sister and I felt like we were used financially. Putting us in cheap hostels to save money.

    I wouldn’t do this type of tour again but I am grateful for the people I met on the way.

  • Anonymous August 2023

    So many highlights and things I never expected. The group was amazing and we all really bonded. The hostel were mostly ok. The one in Rome had no running water for hours which was a pain. Our trip leader Stephane would keep us updated and really tried to help as much as she could on her side. The hostel “yoho” youth hostel in Salzburg was an absolute disaster. I had the worst night of my life. Sharing with 6 with no air con and no fan it was the hottest night with a tiny window. I couldn’t sleep and I know I heard some people went and slept in the reception lobby/ shared bathroom floor. Please don’t send groups there until they have at least supplied enough fans for all the rooms. They had very few fans .the hostel in Switzerland was very charming and amazing views. Florence was a highlight. By doing hostels this trip I found the nice accommodation was very far from central and places without air conditioning were very central.

  • Anonymous August 2023

    Awesome trip heaps of fun. Changes need to be made with the accom

  • Anonymous August 2023

    This trip is a good ‘taste tester’ into Europe as it covers so many big cities in the perfect amount of time. Definitely would recommend this trip to someone who is travelling to Europe for the first time.

  • jack ca August 2023

    very busy! Sometime a little too rushed between check in and the first activity, I’ll blame the unpredictable travel times for this one!

  • Anonymous August 2023

    Amazing, so much fun, trip leader was incredible and could not have asked for anything more from the 24 days!

  • Luke Mi June 2023

    Same as above. For the money paid I thought the hostels may have been better and some closer to the city

  • Nicole Do June 2023
  • Patricia Le May 2023

    We got to see so many incredible places and the organised and optional activities were incredible

  • Kezia Mc May 2023

    This trip covered a great deal of Europe within the given 24 days. I loved the face paced environment and meeting all the incredible people on my trip. It included all the typical touristy pieces but with my trip leader’s recommendations, I was able to explore the cities even further.

  • Anonymous May 2023
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