Sail & Swim: Croatia

Sail & Swim: Croatia

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  • Aaron July 2024

    ***I do not recommend traveling with Topdeck or on the Moja Maja sailboat to any traveler for numerous reasons:***

    1. Our ship was downgraded last-minute. I purchased Sail and Swim: Croatia Plus (Leonardo). Topdeck downgraded our ship to an inferior ship, the Moja Maja. T***, a team leader, and G**, our tour guide, did not provide a specific reason.

    2. My cabin on the sailboat was infested with bedbugs. I had 30+ bites on my body.

    3. My health was severely compromised. Without my permission, the crew sprayed bedbug poison in my first cabin with my belongings in it and in my second cabin. I was forced to sleep in the second cabin that was sprayed the same day with bedbug poisoning, which was severely hazardous to my health.

    4. The second cabin was awful and unsanitary. It had no window shades. I had to hang a towel to cover the window for privacy and to sleep. The soap dispenser in the bathroom did not work. I was provided with no blankets. Bugs, other than bedbugs, were in the bathroom.

    5. The crew denied me access to my belongings. I could not work on my laptop, causing me to lose over $11,000. I could not charge my mobile phone, not allowing me to use it for work, pictures, videos, and ridesharing appropriately. Because I did not have my contact lenses, I could not see properly. Since I did not have my toiletries, I was forced to purchase toiletries at a grocery store.

    6. My belongings were destroyed by the bedbug poisonings. I had to throw out about 95% of my belongings (luggage, backpack, clothes, toiletries, supplies, supplements, etc.), totaling over $10,000.

    7. The tour was shortened and limited, not as scheduled or promised. Our tour was limited because of the schedule changes. We were unable to visit some of the sites and experience some activities. We could not fully experience Croatia.

    8. The food was subpar, and the dishware was unsanitary. For breakfast, the eggs were not fully cooked, and the sausages were overcooked. The coffee tasted awful and had grounds in it. The water glasses were dirty. For lunch and dinner, the soups were broth with no contents. For the optional barbecue, the meat was inedible, having pieces of bone and excessive fat. Also, the sailboat ran out of supplies, including some non-alcoholic drinks.

    9. The tour guide was unorganized and cared only about herself. G**, the tour guide, consistently provided the daily schedule significantly late, sometimes after lunchtime. She did not help me communicate with Topdeck about my situation.

    10. The crew cared only about themselves and their business and were unprofessional. When she was notified of the bedbugs, the captain was upset and made me feel horrible about the situation. When I showed her the bedbugs I caught and placed in tissues, she became quite angry, crushed the tissues with the bedbugs, and littered, throwing the tissues into the sea. She yelled in a language I did not understand, making me feel like a burden. Some of the crew partied with the clients at a club until around 4:00 a.m., which is quite unprofessional and inappropriate.

    11. Topdeck has poor customer service and only cares about its revenues, not about its clients. During the trip, I called Topdeck. I explained the situation to T***, a team leader. She said she would call me back with a remedy. She did not call me back. If you have a problem during a trip, Topdeck will wait to contact you back with a "remedy" until your trip is finished to attempt to use you finishing the trip as a reason not to properly remedy the situation. Topdeck will have no sympathy or empathy for your poor experiences and insult you with laughable "remedies." After the trip, I spoke with ******, a customer experience manager, and C******, the general manager. Based on our conversations, Topdeck's primary concern is generating revenue not a positive client experience.

  • Anonymous July 2024

    Would highly recommend this trip to others. Our guide and the crew were super friendly and helpful and had great communication with us. Our guide also gave us great recommendations. There was a great amount of free time throughout the trip, which allowed you to explore the island/city as you pleased, but some nice optional activities were also offered. The trip was super relaxing and we were provided with excellent food throughout. I would book a Topdeck trip again!

  • Brooke Mc July 2024

    Absolutely loved our swim & sail aboard Toma! 🛥️

    The staff are absolutely amazing. Lana is so much fun, whilst also caring, and brilliant at her job as a guide (super informative!) but also firm and clear with important instructions when needed, which ensures the group are all listening to make for a seamless trip. A true professional in all regards!

    The bar staff, and the cooking team were a 10/10!!! We were well fed and looked after every single day. Both the sailor (sorry I forgot his name!) and Veronika took the best care of us all, and no request was too big or small. The captain is also a fantastic bloke and is always up for a chat!

    The only constructive advice I can provide is potentially leaving the air conditioning on throughout the night to prevent waking up due to higher temps some nights. I am unsure if this is a possibility when docked though, and it was a very minor issue to note anyway. It was super appreciated that we even had air conditioning at all, which was on most of the time as it is.

    The only other note I have, would be placing those who are arriving as romantic couples in rooms with the bigger bottom bed bunk rooms. Our friend who was solo had one of these rooms, with 2 spare bed spots, whereas myself and my partner couldn’t sleep together as we had single bunks.
    Again - we didn’t really mind too much, and it was not a big issue, but just providing any constructive advice that I can think of to assist for future, as requested by the Topdeck team.

    Will absolutely be recommending Topdeck (in particular Toma) to all friends and family, some whom are currently planning their euro summer 2025 trips.

    Thank you so very much for having me!!

  • Anonymous July 2024

    The trip was very nice was well looked after very well

  • Joshua Ku September 2023

    For what you pay you have the opportunity to experience and do a lot of activities if you want

  • Anonymous September 2023

    Would have preferred a bit better boat. Topdeck, bar and saloon area were fine but the rooms were very small.

  • Lily In August 2023

    Made friends with all the crew, everyone so funny and seemed to genuinely enjoy their jobs.

  • Adam Lo August 2023

    It was such a well thought out trip, there's so much to see in such little time but you felt like you had so much time at every location.
    Boat staff were perfect the whole trip and Martina was the best leader we could've asked for

  • Helen Ph July 2023

    Trip was great but would have liked better vegetarian options on the boat. The food was beautiful but the chef would often just remove the meat/fish option from the plate and I would be eating a salad/small side of vegetables as my main. This meant I’d usually have to go buy extra food on top of what I’d already paid for the trip.

  • Anonymous August 2022

    Everything was great about this trip, amazing weather, tour guide was awesome, great things to see. Loved swimming in the sea!

  • Romina Fa August 2022

    Seriously lacking. Terrible boat compared to all other providers, itinerary was lacking.

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