Get Social: Canadian Rockies

Get Social: Canadian Rockies

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  • Anonymous October 2023

    I would highly appreciate a partly refund as the work of the tour leader could not fulfill my expectations of an organised tour.

  • Anonymous October 2023

    The places we visited, and the people we met made this trip amazing, however there were many disappointments along the way that I feel need to be refined and improved.

    While our trip leader was nice and personable, there is seemingly a lack of knowledge and leadership that needs to be addressed. Our trip leader didn’t give us information about each stop and lacked knowledge about the places we were driving through.

    The itineraries for each day were given to us very last minute, leaving us with little to no time to prepare, and we spent a lot of our time googling things to do in each location as our guide was unable to give appropriate suggestions.

    We had to ask multiple times for information about where we were going, how much time we would have and what we would need to bring each day, and often the information we were given was incorrect. This resulted in missing opportunities for hiking due to limited time at some destinations, and leaving us inappropriately dressed for activities such as rafting and hiking.

    Our itinerary stated that we would have orientation walks with our trip leader in each town we stayed in. None of these happened and we were always left to find our own way.

    Prior to the tour commencing we were informed of a change in accommodation from Jasper to Hinton, and were assured that “the revised itinerary will not affect your overall enjoyment of the tour as you will still have access to orientation walk of Jasper on day 5 and you will have a full free day to enjoy Jasper including time for dinner on day 6”. This did not happen. We did not have an orientation walk of Jasper and were only given approximately 2 hours for dinner before needing to be back on the bus to return to Hinton. This was a portion of the trip that many of us were looking forward to and were left extremely disappointed.

    Third party tour guides at rafting and lake maligne were very informative, and touched on many aspects we had all been curious of such as indigenous presence in the area and the wildfires. This sort of information would have been nice for our trip leader to touch on throughout the journey.

    Our pickup and drop off location (The Samesun Hostel), sadly burned down while we were on the trip. Many of us were scheduled to stay there again on our return to Vancouver. Myself and a friend were the first to discover this had happened through social media and informed our trip leader so that she could inform the rest of the group. A quick announcement was made and then it was never mentioned again, leaving us to find alternative accommodations on our own with no support.

    A large portion of our group were from Australia; a long way to travel to see the beautiful Canadian Rockies. The scenery was incredible and we had a lot of fun, however I am left feeling like I did not receive the experience I paid for, and don’t believe that the cost of the tour was appropriate for the service we received.

  • Anonymous October 2023

    See customer experience for my feedback

  • Anonymous October 2023

    Our trip was made incredible by the people on it. The trip itself was highly disappointing. Our guide lacked knowledge on anything - no information was passed down to us about any locations we stopped in or scenery we passed. I was particularly left disappointed by the lack of acknowledgement of any Indigenous presence in the area, as well as receiving no information about the miles and miles of burnt hills we drove through. More, we were given no advice or information about the areas we stopped in or had free time in. We were left standing around trying to Google things to do and places to go. It was very much drive in silence to a place, get dropped off and told "meet back here in an hour". The places we visited on this trip have been on my bucket list my entire life and I felt like I missed out on really immersing myself in it because I wasn't properly shown or told anything. Furthermore, we were dropped off at places (such as Moraine Lake - THE TOP of my bucket list) at 8am when the sun hadn't even hit the lake yet and the colours were all muted and we had 20 minutes before meeting back on the coach. No time for hiking and no information about the best viewing points (which some people in our group found but by this point we didn't all have time to get there). More, our trip leader posted our itinerary 3 days at a time, and the next lot was only posted late the night before it would be starting. This led, on numerous occasions, to us having to ask what we were doing tomorrow or what we should be wearing. Even when we had to ask what we should be wearing for the following day, it was often the wrong advice. For instance, we were told there would be little walking at Athabasca Glacier so I wore Birkenstocks. We ended up climbing a pretty tough incline with severe wind and dust everywhere. We were also dressed incorrectly for white water rafting. To add to this confusion, our itinerary was flipped and things were changed all over the place. We missed some optional activities I was excited for, we stayed outside of Jasper instead of in the town (so only got one single 2 hour dinner stop to explore the town), etc. I had planned my travels on either side of this tour based on what I thought we would be doing while on the tour, and when our itinerary changed I felt like I missed out on a lot of the things I really wanted to do. My final point I would like to make is that the Samesun Hostel in Vancouver burnt down, which was the pick up and drop off location for our trip. Thus, most of us had booked the hostel for the night/s following the trip. Upon learning it had burnt down, we informed Alyson who just quickly announced it over the microphone and then never mentioned it again. We had no support in finding solutions to this problem, and it was highly stressful as we were out of service quite a bit while this was all happening. It is quite a big deal to travel to Canada from Australia, and not a cheap adventure. I am so grateful for the people I met on this tour however I feel the service was an extreme letdown.

  • Anonymous October 2023

    I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the Canadian Rockies get social tour. We were never informed of general time frames/changes to itinerary so we can plan accordingly for places we were visiting. Key activities advertised on the Topdeck website we were no longer in itinerary with no notice of this (via ferrata in Banff). Tour guide was not knowledgeable about local hikes and not telling us about surroundings. Best seat on bus for viewing Canadian Rockies was for the trip leaders bags so no one could sit there. Not allowed to change plans as per the whole groups request i.e. Lunch booking prioritized over amazing hike. There was no information on appropriate clothing for the day i.e. we all hiked up a long and rocky slope to a glacier in thongs and sandals (hiking shoes or joggers definitely required). Whole group would want to do something and trip leader wouldn’t even acknowledge it or allow us to change plans slightly to accommodate the whole groups preference. Given a day at leisure with no options of what to do (Whistler) no recs on activities/sights. I had to spend a lot of my holiday researching things to do for the group and myself - this was the tour guides job.
    She gave us a screenshot of Google maps places that had dinner in each town, which we could have very easily done ourselves. Only half an hour at Moraine lake which had plenty to explore and was a main point of everyone’s holiday - made everyone stressed and feeling rushed. The trip was stressful as we would only find out times the day before therefore would have to frantically plan our day and look up activities that weren’t already booked out. She never told us when a good viewpoint is coming up from the bus for photos.

    Took us to an overgrown view point that couldn’t see anything and declined taking my request to take us to another one I saw on the internet that was much better. Tour guide did not hang out with group for even one night, did not seem like she was suited for a young persons group tour.
    Not telling us major things about towns i.e. Gondolas closed for season maintenance.

    Overall, did not get moneys worth for trip, really unsure of what I paid for besides accommodation, I did not come here for from the other side of the world for a hotel/restaurant I came to see Canada. I will not be doing another Topdeck again after this. Had I have known what this trip would be like would not have done it. The only reason this rating gets any stars at all is because Canada is beautiful and my trip mates were great.

  • Anonymous September 2023

    Worst Topdeck so far. For reasons see my satisfaction rating.

  • Harleen K September 2023

    The tour was excellent. The sights were incredible. It was very well organised, especially factoring in last minute changes due to the fires. Tour guide Craig was attentive and went above and beyond to maximise the experience.
    The only negative was the first night accommodation, which would strongly recommend reconsidering for future tours.

  • Michael Ph September 2023
  • Riley Wa August 2023

    Fantastic trip, definitely a great choice

  • Rosie La August 2023
  • Anonymous July 2023
  • Anonymous July 2023

    I had a great time on this trip and met the most amazing people. That being said, we had a third party guide who was nice but seemed to be a bit chaotic. He didn't communicate changes ahead of time and wasn't always clear with the instructions. I think having a Topdeck guide there would've helped a lot.

  • Anonymous July 2023

    My second Topdeck trip and loved it just as much as the first! Amazing places, experiences and people. Just wish we had an extra day in a few locations to be able to explore more.

  • Anonymous October 2022

    Our tour guide was great and knowledgeable but not a good match for our group’s demographic. The guide went off the itinerary a lot, so there were a few unexpected costs and a few experiences we missed out on. Still was a great trip overall! Would’ve loved a bit more freedom/choice between stops on the bus days - even choosing how much time we spent at each location. For example, as a small group we’d ask to spend less time at a highway stop and more time at a scenic tourist spot instead. Often it was met with a no from the guide. But yeah, the guide was still lovely and very knowledgeable but not the best match for our group.

  • Edward Sc October 2022

    This was the first time I used TopDeck and can definitely say that this was a superb tour through the canadian rockies! There was a great balance between travelling, sight seeing and additional activities, and our excellent tour guide, Marcel, was very organised and extremely knowledgeable about the locations, their history and geography. Very interesting person indeed! The tour was an interesting friendly bunch, of a variety of ages and professions, and everyone got along well and seemed to have a great time. The breathtaking scenery will stay with me for ever! Expensive but well worth it. If pushed for criticism, the only thing I'll say might have been better is if a slightly clearer itinerary for each day had been announced/displayed at the beginning of each day, so that we had a slightly better idea of what to expect.

  • Anonymous October 2022

    Canada and the Rockies were so beautiful. Amazing place to see and experience. I felt like our tour guide was not suited for a topdeck trip. He was older (60+) and could not comprehend what we were saying sometimes. As a young group of people we all felt like we were on retirement tour sometimes. He would ramble on for ages and ages in the bus about information he had already repeated multiple times. We are not sure if he was a last minute replacement for another tour guide. For my first topdeck tour I was disappointed and didn’t get the topdeck experience I thought I was going to get. I made lots of friends though and we made the best of the situation.

  • Anonymous October 2022

    Third party tour guide was very sweet however typically does tours with 80 year olds so overall the trip did not have your typical Topdeck vibe. Would have really appreciated a heads up about this change and even an option to rebook! This was really disappointing for those of us who have previously done trips with Topdeck and were expecting a very different trip to the one we had, and put off those who had never travelled with Topdeck before from wanting to book with Topdeck again in the future.

  • Anonymous October 2022

    6am wakeup every day is not a good time for a holiday schedule. Time wasn't managed very well.
    Only barely staying a night in some of the nicest places (e.g banff, whistler), yet wasting a day staying in random towns.
    Also having to stop for lunch at gas stations is terrible...while driving through places with plenty of food options.

  • Anonymous October 2022

    Our tour guide was ineffective in running activities that allows our group to bond. He did not know the main sites of places we visited and had to research each location ourselves. He was much older than the group which didn’t help his knowledge. Tour has far too much bus time and stops in random towns with little lunch options except gas station sandwiches. The sights were amazing to see and the towns but it needs more time to actually experience these places, we got taken on a bus in Banff to see lakes and didn’t get to actually experience the town at all.

  • Anonymous October 2022

    Visited all of the beautiful sites of the Canadian Rockies. However, the tour was not actually run by Topdeck but instead it was operated through New World Travel. The tour guide was very knowledgeable but didn’t bring the known Topdeck atmosphere, vibe or organisation (day plans - where to go, what to do etc). This was disappointing because I booked a Topdeck tour based on previous positive experiences.

  • Caitlin Cl June 2022

    Had the most amazing time with Topdeck - our tour guide Marcell was absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable, making the trip super enjoyable. We saw so many beautiful places and I met so many amazing people on this trip! Definitely recommend :)

  • Emily Wi June 2022

    Amazing!! Incredible group, incredible tour guide, beautiful

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Great places and accomodation

  • Adam R January 2018

    I am a very experienced traveller. This was my first ever group trip and I honestly don’t see how it could’ve been ran any better. It was perfect!!

  • Rachel O January 2018

    Perfect trip to see this incredible part of the wolrd, ensures to hit all the bucket lists of the rockies and some out of the world optionals like white water rafting on kicking horse river! Tour manager Helen was the absolute best and both her and a top shelf group of like minded people made this a trip of a lifetime!!!

  • Anonymous January 2018

    The locations visited were great and the accommodation was overall very good. I felt that we were rushed and didn't get to really experience some of the attractions. For instance we spent a total of 45mins at Lake Louise. If we had been allowed more time we could have really explored and taken in the location.

  • Anonymous January 2018
  • Sarah W January 2018

    Helen was amazing and very friendly and helpful when was needed. I was worried about the white water rafting so she made sure she was on my boat and felt safe.

    Romy our bus driver though was terrible. Was over an hour late to pick us up once, and was late two other times. He threw our bags on rather than being careful with them so by day 4 we all put bags on ourselves to save bags or gear inside breaking. Bus was never cleaned properly and he was always rude. He would make crash noises whenever a car would drive past us and say "damn it!" when they didn't crash.

  • Anonymous January 2018
  • Jessica M January 2018

    Got to see a lot of beautiful sights and places. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and amazing

  • Anonymous November 2017

    Accommodation could of been better. Tour was too quick.

  • Sophie A November 2017

    The best trip I have done with Topdeck. Helen was great

  • Kelly B November 2017
  • Callan G November 2017

    Canada was never a place on my bucket list to visit but after everything we saw on the Topdeck tour was amazing. And glad I went and saw the Canadian Rockies

  • Anonymous November 2017

    Being my first trip to Canada i loved everything about it. The landscape, animals, the culture!

  • Sarah W November 2017

    So good! Highly recommend to anyone interested in the west side

  • Alexandra W November 2017

    Good value I had a ball on this trip

  • Michelle L October 2017
  • Shane H October 2017
  • Alex C April 2017

    One of the best trips I've ever done, and worth every dollar.

  • Shane P April 2017

    Amzing tour. The scenery was incredible all the way through.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    The Price of the Tour was great. You get your money's worth

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Amazing, worth every cent!

  • Larissa C April 2017

    Facilidade de aquisição do produto e cordialidade do atendimento.

  • Vanessa N April 2017

    I did on the other page. Sorry too lazy to type all again.

  • Alison Ho October 2016

    I got to see so much and I was lucky enough to have an amazing group. I saw all I wanted and more!

  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Mitchell Wa September 2016

    Amazing wildlife and scenic locations. Hotels and accommodation were great aswell.

  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Elizabeth September 2016
  • Katie September 2016
  • Anonymous September 2016

    The guide and driver where excellent. However having 50+ people on the trip was somewhat annoying at times. I think they should be 30 maximum

  • Anonymous September 2016

    I haven't bought any recent products.

  • Tom September 2016
  • Anonymous September 2016

    The trip leader was poor in the aspect of knowledge, there could be improvement by researching the town before the tour group arrives at the destination, with thhe use of the Internet and google maps - walking tours and introduction to the town could be improved. The bus driver was excellent and went out of his way to make sure the group had a great time when experiencing the country. He know secret routes that got the group to see more and experience hidden Canadian gems, he was very knowledgable and eager to help.
    The accomodation was great as well, making sure that everyone knew that it was motels as well was very welcome.

  • Anonymous September 2016

    Good trip in 25 characters

  • Anonymous September 2016

    A great tour to see the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Was a little tricky getting to know people being a big group of nearly 50 people but the tour leader Heather was just amazing! She has a wealth of knowledge and professionalism. She always went out of her way to help everyone with their requests. Highly recommend this tour to just see the beautiful nature Canada has to offer!

  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Jake September 2016

    One of the most amazing tours I've ever done and thats saying something having been on 7 topdeck tours and some with other providers. Picture perfect sites, adrenaline filled activities an all round amazing trip

  • jess September 2016
  • Ashley September 2016

    Apart from our bus driver whom in my opinion was quite poor for the fun filled trip it was.
    I really enjoyed the guide whom would do anything for u.

  • Peter September 2016
  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Hayley September 2016

    Had an amazing time, went to some brilliant places and my tour leader Heather was great, would highly recommend others to go and do this trip!

  • Crystal September 2016

    The Canadian Rockies trip was amazing. Heather, the tour leader, was friendly and an unending wealth of knowledge about Canadian history.
    The optional activities were well worth the money - white water rafting in Golden and zip lining in Whistler - both so much fun!
    At the end of the day, Heather knew great places for food and a couple of drinks (for the days which didn't have meals included).
    On the downside, the places were stayed (excluding Whistler) were mid-range motels, maybe 2-3 stars which was a little disappointing.
    If you're after a trip which is filled with scenery, nature, beautiful views and amazing towns then this is the trip for you!

  • Anonymous September 2016

    Overall good trip. Went to all the main locations that i wanted.

  • M September 2016

    The bus driver was friendly and explained everything on the trip as we passed by places. The tour guide was helpful and wonderful in planning everything. The trip was gorgeous, I just would personally prefer to spend more time in Jasper. Also, more time at Lake Louise would be great and maybe more time at Lake Emerald.

  • Anonymous September 2016

    I liked that and everything was already organised.

  • Brooke September 2016

    Wonderful tour. Beautiful sights and lovely staff. I've never been dissapointed with the staff, accommodation or food during my topdeck tours.

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