Play & Pause: Epic European

Play & Pause: Epic European

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  • Anonymous October 2023
  • Luke Li October 2023

    Our guide & bus driver were fantastic! the only let down on this tour was the layout of the tour not always making the most of those more desirable destinations, nicer accomadation or accomadation being closer to the main attractions of those destinations. here are a few of my dislikes.

    -the accomadation location in Corfu
    -the time we get to our accomadation in Albania/ accom. location
    -a few of the options are pretty random & probably shouldn't be offered eg. weird viking pirate show dinner thing

  • Anonymous September 2023

    This trip was made only by the people. The tour guide was less than impressive (didn’t seem confident or sufficient in ability in role). We were constantly hit with traffic delays (which is not their fault however it was Europe in summer…surely this could have been predicted a bit better and leaving times adjusted). The bus promised wifi and a working toilet - both which were not available. The optional extras were honestly awful. The only redeeming one that felt like it wasn’t a scam was kayaking in Dubrovnik. Some of the accomodation was absolutely awful- and always very far from town centre. Again, I know that this was to save money…but we were constantly left to organise Ubers or trains at a great cost. The bus driver should have provided drop in and pick up options. Overall, less than impressed.

  • Anonymous September 2023

    Hostels would be of better quality than the ‘hotels’ provided. The accommodation and included extras are well below sun standard. Up to 15 hours spent on the tour bus per day with no access to the onboard toilet and no wifi as promised. The tour guide was completely inexperienced and did not want to be there.

  • Justin Ca August 2023
  • Hamesh Na August 2023

    Great to get a highlights package of Europe in the period of time that we had. Also having a very knowledgeable tour guide in Sicily and Mike enhanced the experience when visiting a new place.

  • Clare Pa August 2023
  • Anonymous July 2023

    Well organised trip, locations were great, optional extras and included extras were really good too

  • Giselle Lo July 2023

    Totally worth the money, you get a to see so much of Europe, the itinerary is perfectly mapped out. However the accommodation could be better

  • Brianna Pa July 2023

    The trip was absolutely amazing! Gives you time to actually enjoy each place and explore whilst also getting you around to a lot of countries in a short amount of time. It takes away the worry for travel to each place and accommodation was good in most places we stayed.

  • Anonymous July 2023

    Trip Leader and Driver were both extremely friendly, approachable, and accomodating which really made the experience what it was. Leader went out of her way to arrange extra awesome opportunities for us all on numerous ocassions. Amazing group of people, great memories and life long friends. Would do again

  • Anonymous July 2023

    It was a great experience and our trip leader was very knowledgeable.

  • Anonymous July 2023
  • Zoe Wa June 2023

    Perfect trip to tick off all the major cultural and social hot sports of Europe! best value for money for someone travelling from AUS to do in honesty! you get to see it all in one trip and its just phenomenal

  • Bradley O' June 2023

    Everything was perfect except Rome. Loved Carolyn and Stephan.

  • Anonymous August 2022

    Great value for money, the accommodation was nice and the included meals were great. The optional extras were well worth the additional money if you van afford them, especially the cabaret (Paris) and kayaking (Debrovnik).

  • Anonymous August 2022

    Would do it again 100 times over

  • Sharna L November 2018

    Very good value for money !

  • RICKY M August 2018
  • Sarah Ja August 2018
  • Anonymous July 2018

    The discover Europe journey was a perfect taster of everything Europe! Absolutely brilliant, my husband and I LOVED it.

  • Anonymous July 2018
  • Dale A July 2018

    Most locations on this tour had something new to see or exciting to do.

  • Anonymous July 2018

    I enjoyed it very thoroughly and the connections I made along the way. The reason why I rated it 4 and not a 5 was the fact that it was too rushed going from one city to another without having enough time to really appreciate the city we were located at. Given the budget, I understand that not all hotels could be at a high level however the disparity in some of the hotels we were staying at was quite vast. I would have liked to forgo a few cities to spend longer days in some. By the time we arrive in a city it was 5pm, dinner was done at 8pm, then we had that remainder of that night and following full day to explore, which isn't near enough.

  • Anonymous July 2018
  • HILLARY K July 2018

    Great training of bus driver and trip leader. Kept us moving seeing all major highlights and even little factors like having a wake up song added to the overall experience. Good accommodations and ate food at places that were the locals hits so that was great too!

  • Mohammad Cy July 2018

    I would have happily spent more than 2 to 3k for minimum of four star hotels.

  • Ashley W July 2018
  • Anonymous January 2018
  • Anonymous November 2017
  • Anonymous November 2017

    Amazing trip, great tour leader, great sites and places

  • Suzie S November 2017

    I had an amazing time - I met all sorts of people and made some great friends. However, my experience with the tour guide was anything but excellent and if the people on the tour were not there I probably would of given the trip 1 or 2 stars

  • Anonymous November 2017

    Some if the days on the bus were way to long. Agents selling top deck tour's need to make people aware of this. We were told 4 5 hours on the bus not 8 10!

  • Krysia P November 2017

    I loved this tour! it was great and my trip leader Carlos was utterly amazing

  • Anonymous October 2017

    Europe was amazing. My first time there and will definitely be back there in the near distant future.

  • Colleen L April 2017

    We saw so many cities and had many memorable experiences! we got to see so much in a short amount of time, but it was a nice taster to the diversity in Europe

  • Ravinesh M April 2017

    I think the price was within budget for us. Probably better hotels would have been better.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Doing a group bus trip was a great way to see places and meet new people

  • Marc C April 2017

    With the experience that we had, it's hard to say that it was money well spent.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    As above. It looks good on player and maybe with better trip leaders it wouldn't be as terrible.

  • Kaylah Te October 2016

    Great amazing trip worth the money for a good quality holiday and we saw so much in the time we were there .

  • Kate October 2016
  • Anonymous October 2016

    The choice of cities is great. Covered a lot of must travel cities

  • Anonymous October 2016
  • Anonymous October 2016
  • Sharmayne Ha October 2016
  • Lyndall Ta October 2016

    Very happy, price is great for the trip booked :)

  • Lisa Za October 2016

    As a single female traveller I was apprehensive, but I could not have wished for a better experience. It was the trip of a lifetime!!!

  • Anonymous October 2016
  • Anonymous October 2016

    I felt that the tour was rushed and some parts poorly organised. For example we had a pub crawl of Berlin the night before a very early morning and long drive day so lots of people were late to the bus and so we missed the Dutch clog and cheese place. I also have friends who toured with Contiki and that seemed to have a lot more inclusions. Also the included guided tours of cities were just the tour leader pointing out stuff as the coach drove past places at high speed.

  • Anonymous September 2016

    The standard of accommodation was poor

  • Belinda Ki September 2016

    Great value for money, I chose the hotel option and they were of much higher standard that expected for such a low price.

  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Anonymous September 2016

    Great trip, great team leader and driver and all the destinations were amazing. Highly recommend this trip!

  • Anonymous September 2016

    Tour guides were fantastic. We stayed in Europe during the 2015 Eurovision and were completely compromised in terms of accommodation. Saw virtually nothing in Vienna, was totally let down. Brought it up with Topdeck at the conclusion of our trip and they just gave us some **** generic response. Considering we paid $6000 for this tour and in some places had dirty accommodation. I don't think our tour guides were too impressed either...

  • Anonymous September 2016

    My only suggestion would be a slight change in route but I see that has been changed with the new discover Europe route! Best thing I've ever done and if I could request the same leaders I would do it again at a moments notice! Saw so much, experienced so much - truly discovered the wonders of Europe.

  • Amy Hu September 2016
  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Anonymous September 2016

    Greek islands would have been better if Santorini was explored.

  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Denny September 2016

    Loved Europe saw a whole new world of history and natural beauty.

  • E September 2016

    the places that i stayed at were too far out of the city, i would of rather traveled by myself rather than pay for this tour. it was too hard to get home from the city at the time i want to leave at night. i had a friend who was doing the Hostel trip at the same time and they stayed in central locations at every stop. there was not enough time spent in venice, we only got given 4 hrs to explore it ourselves before we had to get back for dinner, so i missed out on most of it as we were staying too far out and took over an hour to get back to the hotel. the bus driver on the tour was so rude, my friend that i was traveling with over heard him talking (bagging us out) about the both of us to two fellow people on the tour which i did not appreciate and his attitude towards us for the rest of the trip was not pleasant. i would never recommend top deck to any other person as there were only 4 people who were single on this tour and it made it extremely hard to talk to other people on the tour as they tended to bond with other couples. a few more single people would have been nice that way it you could talk to more people. the only good thing about the tour was your tour guide G, she included me things that she did so i did not feel left out all and she tried to defuse any mention that occurred while on the tour. she was also full on knowledge and the facts she told to use about each city was great.

  • Heliena September 2016
  • Aaron September 2016

    This tour was my first experience of an organised group tour, and what a fantastic experience it was. We were very fortunate to have an amazing tour leader whose knowledge of European history and specific detail based on our location was second to none. It was raining the entire time we were in Switzerland and she made sure there was plenty of information on what else we could do despite the weather. Our driver was incredible. We had a mini dance party in the coach on our second night and the day he parallel parked the coach in Italy we were all astounded!
    The tour itself was brilliant. Although not spending a great deal of time in every location it was enough of a taster to decide what you liked and didn't like so much. The maps and information that Topdeck provide for every location are excellent and a great way of discovering the city you're in.
    I particularly loved Barcelona, Bordeaux and Budapest. The walking tour in Berlin is fantastic as is the amusement park in the middle of Vienna.

    I most definitely recommend this trip to anyone who is even slightly considering it.

  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Jennifer September 2016

    Our leader and driver were great and knew all the best places to take us to. We got to see so much, and even though we never stayed long in one place, we got a really good idea of some places we would like to go back to. Everything was taken care of for us and took the fear out of a new city. I made heaps of life long friends with people I probably never would have met. Would definitely book another trip with Topdeck!

  • Erin September 2016

    This was a great tour and one of the greatest experiences I've ever had! Dolphins swam right beside us in Greece, I met the best people and visited amazing places that I've wanted to see since I was a kid!
    The only negatives I can pull from the trip was that majority of the hotels weren't in the city centers, they were quite far and therefore you had to catch public transport or go home early on the Top Deck bus to make it back to the hotel. The other thing is that it states you will be going to Pompeii (one of the main reasons I booked this trip) but note that is only depending on what port you leave Italy from. We didn't make it to Pompeii

  • Jessica September 2016

    Tour was full of great fun filled days, bus was comfortable and accomodation was great! This tour is perfect for people who want to see a lot of countries in a small amount of time but not feel rushed. Our tour leader was very knowledgeable, he really made the tour amazing.

  • Amy September 2016
  • Jennifer September 2016

    Great overview of Europe. Loved almost every place we went.

  • Julie September 2016
  • Anonymous September 2016

    Great trip, would recommend this trip to others

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