Delve Deep: Egypt

Delve Deep: Egypt

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  • Anonymous October 2022

    So much information overload. Glad I experienced Egypt like this with a topdeck tour.

  • Jay Le September 2022
  • Amanda Ra September 2022
  • Nicole C February 2019

    Fantastic, great value for money. One of the best trips I have ever done.

  • Anonymous February 2019

    Best trip i have ever been on!

  • Kasey E March 2018

    I felt like I was constantly handing over money, Little things like entry fees should be actually included so you don’t feel like your constantly handing over money and the optional extra we way over priced

  • Bellisa F February 2018

    There was multiple hidden costs of the trip which made it more expensive then budgeted for. The tour leaders knowledge wasn’t fantastic and he wasn’t really helpful. I don’t understand why we paid for a tour leader plus Egyptologist everywhere we went, that’s extra costs that in other tours I’ve been on the tour leader had all the knowledge and takes us around places. The other group we met up with had better accommodation then us so I don’t see why we couldn’t stay in the same places, I googled the different places and the costs per night weren’t much different. The wifi was terrible and we got to use it in the bus once. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this trip to anyone unless it has been re-looked at the way it is operated

  • Holly B January 2018

    Loved this trip! I was slightly apprehensive as it was my first group tour but it was a good size and everyone got on well. The itinerary was packed but didn't feel too rushed and allowed us to see everything much easier than I'd done solo. It was so hot in August but we had early starts and were able to avoid the midday heat. Our guide, Ramzy, was absolutely amazing and a brilliant ambassador for his country! The time on the felucca was probably a highlight. I've already recommended this trip to friends and I can't wait to return to Egypt.

  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Eunice M April 2017

    Great value for money, such a bargin.

  • Waldyr F April 2017

    Money trap ... didnt reflect what offered .end up cost more 50 to 100% more ..

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Same as above, excellent and professional organisation.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    This tour was exactly what it claimed to be however the hotel standards were very poor

  • Neomai M April 2017

    The trip was value for money. I would recommend not buying all the souvenirs - the photos will be enough

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Good value for money!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous April 2017

    To visit Egypt was a long time dream.
    But I was afraid to dive into the Middle East; Topdeck banner made me felt secure enough to risk it.
    And it was so worth it

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