Get Social: Central Europe Highlights

Get Social: Central Europe Highlights

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  • danielle ha May 2024

    Everything was great

  • Anonymous May 2024

    It was a great way to get a taste of Europe! The only thing that could use some work are the hostels, less per room would be perfect and the Amstradam hostel "Hans Brinker" was not ideal at all, super small room for 6 people and their baggage, and I definitely saw a rat coming out of the cafeteria one super early morning.

  • Anonymous May 2024

    This was a great way to see a lot of Europe but be aware that it is incredibly fast paced, at times only having about 12-14 hours in one place, usually over night as well. You will also spend 50% of your trip in the bus, having regular long days in the coach, around 11-13 hours! My trip leader Jude and driver Ioannis, we’re both fantastic! Jude was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and fun! Ioannis was a great driver that kept us safe on some crazy roads/traffic. The places on the trip were definitely the highlights of Europe and during the 2 night stays in certain cities, you had time to do whatever you wanted and see lots of sights. However, some of the optional extras were very expensive and when we’d arrive to the place of the activity, we’d see the activity we were doing being advertised for quite a bit cheaper, so not sure what was going on there. Had a lot of fun and met some great people! The hostels we stayed in were comfortable and usually in great locations. Overall, a good trip!

  • Anonymous May 2024

    The trip was really great, made some friends for life and found places that I want to go back to.
    However, the group dinner in Paris was in a location that many of the women felt uncomfortable in, a few of us having bad experiences.
    The group dinner in Amsterdam was awful, most people didn't like the food and ended up having to spend money afterwards.
    I think the collaseum and Vatican should be topdeck optionals like they used to be, rather than us having to book them ourselves.
    I loved stopping in Pisa, however it meant we had not much time in Florence.
    Some of the service stations we stopped at were very expensive and most had toilets you have to pay for - as much as this is expected in Europe, I think everyone should be warned more about the added costs.

  • Anonymous November 2023
  • ashley ba November 2023

    The tour guide, Laura was really good

  • Helen Mc October 2023
  • Anonymous October 2023

    The meals promised to us were not all provided and communication was poor. However the bus driver was such a great man and helped us alot. Thanks Chris for being a great person and driver

  • Anonymous September 2023
  • Anonymous September 2023
  • Anonymous September 2023
  • Natalie Di August 2023

    Wish there was more activities to choose from in places and less walking tours. Also wish all accomodation had aircon for summer time! More group dinners too.

  • Anonymous August 2023

    A great taste of Europe. Good variety of destinations and a range of activities to suit different people

  • Anonymous August 2023

    Would 100% recommend going on a tour with TopDeck. Everything was organised great and the coach was comfortable to be on too. Would have liked a couple more days in some spots but the longer trips obviously cater for that. Only thing I wasn’t a fan off (not including the ridiculously hot weather) was the walk tour in Rome due to dinner halfway through taking too long to get through but that’s a one off thing I guess.
    If you’re looking for a stress free, fun way to see parts of Europe, I highly recommend doing one of these trips!!

  • Jayden Ha August 2023

    Couldn't fault anything. Was perfect. Would do it again in a heartbeat

  • Anonymous July 2023

    Fast pace but definitely worth it, had a great time

  • Anonymous May 2023
  • Anonymous October 2022

    Very fast paced but a great way to see lots of places and make great friends. Carolyn and George were amazing and really made the trip great.

  • Anonymous June 2022
  • Matt Ra June 2022

    Was a great trip loved the places and the people, whoever could of done with a little less driving on the bus.

  • Harpinder Br June 2022

    Trip overall was very tiring as you spend lot more time in the coach then actually enjoying the places. when booking the trip there was not enough information on how we will taken from one city to another. Also, some of the hostels were really bad.

  • Anonymous November 2018
  • Carlyn W November 2018

    Wasn't too fond of the accommodations in Switzerland, but that was the only real downside

  • Tegan Ke November 2018

    Exactly as advertised. Info in the brochure was acture to i wasn't underwhelmed

  • Ulrik L November 2018

    Best purchase I could have made

  • Amarlie R November 2018

    Wonderful trip, covered all the must see places on my bucket list!

  • Dika Co November 2018
  • Harmony M November 2018
  • Anonymous November 2018
  • Victoria P November 2018
  • Marcie C November 2018
  • Sinead M August 2018

    Wish it wasn’t so rushed between the places

  • Anonymous August 2018

    I think that every stop was well thought out, with the tour offered and the cultural experiences. I mean a few extra days in each city would have been nice but that was not the tour I booked.

  • Anonymous August 2018
  • Samantha H August 2018
  • Daniel S August 2018
  • Anonymous August 2018
  • Anonymous August 2018

    Fourteen day’s in a number of different cities can be a fast paced experience, but the sights were well picked and well worth the time on the road. Plenty of time to explore on your own or with newly made friends aside from the awesome activities organised by Topdeck.

  • MAYRA VA July 2018

    Tuve problemas con mi seguro, pero al final fue culpa de mi operador, y se resolvio.

  • Tara Ca July 2018

    Paris accommodation wasn't great. The bathrooms were an issue

  • Anonymous July 2018

    only down side was we weren't aware how long the bus trips were going to take each day

  • Simon C July 2018
  • Joanne P July 2018

    Best thing I've ever done, even when an activity didn't quite work out due to weather or traffic conditions, Mel was very accommodating and made up for it the best she could :)

  • Alexander H July 2018

    It was a fantastic trip, the only thing that would have made it better is more time in each place, it felt a bit rushed

  • Anonymous July 2018
  • Angus July 2018

    Again as mentioned above, so much fun. Loved where we went, sights that we saw etc!

  • Benjamin J July 2018
  • Anonymous July 2018

    Florin and Steve were both amazing. Really made the group feel welcome. Steve always had great tips and tricks for each place we went to. The group was amazing to travel with and food, accommodation and activities were all great!

  • Brianna R July 2018

    Such a great trip, Mel our tour leader was amazing! Can’t wait for my next one

  • Ajay Ru July 2018

    I already talked a bit abt the trip above. The food was good. Specially the itinerary was excellent for the trip and the biggest plus point of the trip is that enough time was given to go around city and explore.

  • Sze Ng July 2018
  • JENNI C July 2018
  • Kelsi G July 2018
  • Anonymous July 2018
  • Anonymous February 2018

    This was a perfect way to see everything and now I know what I want to go back and see more of - perfect for a first time traveller. The only thing I would add would be an extra day in Germany

  • Anonymous February 2018
  • Sairi M February 2018

    Me voy muy satisfecha con la compra. El precio muy accesible para el hospedaje, transporte y algunas comidas.

  • Fabio D January 2018

    Best time of my life. So many new friendships formed.

  • Nikki V January 2018

    A quick glance of everything you should see in Europe with a reasonable price tag.

  • Anonymous January 2018
  • Mohamed H January 2018

    Great way to see a little bit of everything around Europe especially for a novice solo traveller. Maybe it's a bit too fast staying single nights in some cities you don't get to enjoy them enough. But it's a good and easy start to more travels to come.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    excelentes, el precio muy accesible y los hostales buenisimos

  • Anonymous January 2018

    It’s worth the money I spent

  • Chad D January 2018

    Great way to see the usual tourist spots

  • Juliana A January 2018
  • Tayla W January 2018

    Amazing trip and would highly recommend to others

  • Alexia W January 2018

    It was a beautiful trip with beautiful trip guide and bus driver

  • Peter B November 2017
  • Anonymous November 2017

    It was so good and we saw a lot of things. The only thing that was a bit disappointing was how at some places we only had a short stay.

  • Sasha Ly November 2017

    The places we were taken to were places I have always wanted to go. And they were so beautiful. And even some places Is never heard of before, were still made fun to experience and learn about.

  • Regan H October 2017

    Great value for money and very easy to deal with

  • Kirby M October 2017

    Great tour. Goes to a lot of the main top European destinations. Easy way to tick off your bucket list. Topdeck makes it easy with the knowledgable guides, included and optional activities.

  • Demi G October 2017
  • Jen October 2017

    Amazing value for where we stayed and all that was included!

  • Kate L October 2017

    Gave such a good taste of the main hot spots and showed me what countries I want to go back to

  • Maria Ma October 2017
  • Emma H May 2017

    The trip was well worth while and good value for money

  • Anonymous April 2017

    It was very easy to book a trip with Topdeck, it was nice to have an exact break down of all the costs and extra activities up front. There were no surprises with regards to costs.

  • Chelsea J April 2017

    Fantastic experience. Would have loved to slow the pace down a little, and enjoy each place a little more but that's what I get for picking a 14 day tour. For my first ever time travelling, and doing it solo, it was amazing.

  • Marijke V April 2017

    Happy with everything I experienced

  • Andrea T April 2017

    La mejor experiencia como tour

  • Nikitta W April 2017

    Best money i have ever spent :)
    Cheapest way to do all these countries with the best people :)

  • Luke Si November 2016

    Good value when placed against the competition for places visited and meals included. Meals were very tasty and healthy

  • Patrick Mc November 2016

    Great trip. Saw so many amazing things and meet some awesome people, some who have become life long friends. The best way to get round europe fast!!

  • Samantha Na October 2016

    good price for what was included

  • Rachel Ta October 2016

    The tour ticked all the boxes in regards to a Europe taste test tour of the major cities to visit and gave each person an idea of where they may want to return to in the future.

  • Tasha Mc October 2016

    Loved the tour, loved the extra optional activities. A great taster of many European countries.

  • Ryan Bl October 2016

    The jumper is so warm, little short length ways but still good

  • Stefanie Ho October 2016
  • Mariana Me October 2016
  • Lily Ke October 2016

    Really good value for money

  • Shabby October 2016
  • Lauren Vo October 2016

    Loved all the extras an the trip in general

  • Laura Ha October 2016

    Absolutely amazing trip saw everything I wanted to see and more

  • Anonymous October 2016

    Amazing places, great leader, great value for money!

  • Katie Ri October 2016

    Accomadation and food was just amazing! Everything included was worth every pennie

  • Lisa Ak October 2016

    It was a good amount of time not too long. Well worth the money spent as everything was fine for you. Makes it so much easier and the tours our leader took us on for her first tour was great.

  • Reshma Bo October 2016
  • Julie September 2016

    Really great value for money (I did my research before booking). Topdeck provide almost all meals on this tour which is a huge bonus and puts them ahead of their competitors.

  • Anonymous September 2016

    Awesome places visited in short time

  • Cassie Ho September 2016

    Just absolutely ****** awesome! Accomodation, destinations, meals, guides...all fabulous.

  • Anonymous September 2016

    It's alright but it's really unexpected expensive places.

  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Aisling September 2016
  • Cimmaron September 2016

    Great tour well planned. Only negative. Dinner in Memphis was by far the worst service/food of the trip.

  • Amy September 2016

    Only had time for a short trip to Europe in between UNi as i was from NZ. This was perfect to go to the main cities and go to all the tourist sites. Will be back for a longer one next time

  • Brock September 2016
  • Erin September 2016

    Never wanted it to end. It was amazing so much history and took my breath away at every turn. Most of the travelers were huge drinkers so they missed out on a lot.

  • Clare September 2016
  • Ayanna September 2016
  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Bronwyn September 2016

    Best way to get a taste of Europe in a short time! Opportunity for those restricted by work and holiday allowances 2 weeks was perfect to see what I needed and know where I want to come back!

  • Daniel September 2016

    Everything during the trip was awesome.
    Everything excelent

  • Anonymous September 2016

    Una experiencia llega de cosas muy buenas.

  • Anonymous September 2016

    Great insight to a number of key nations in central and Western Europe.
    Perhaps more of Germany in liu of Austria.

  • Emma September 2016

    Fantastic way to see a lot in a little amount of time!

  • Fiona September 2016
  • Ellouise September 2016
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