Delve Deep: Greek Islands

Delve Deep: Greek Islands

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  • Kyle El November 2023

    My tour was on sale and very reasonably priced

  • Denika Ga October 2023

    Loved the trip and loved our Trip Leader Athina! I think the trip needs to be longer because 10 days wasn't enough time to explore and relax on each island. 14 Days would have been perfect! I would have also liked to stay closer to the main town areas but still somewhere relaxing and quiet. Athina was very knowledgeable and treated us like royalty. We loved her friendly and caring nature. She made sure each and every one of us had a great time.

  • Caitlin La October 2023

    Our tour leader, Nikos, was excellent. He made the trip amazing. He was so passionate and knowledgable about Greece and had amazing and authentic restaurant suggestions. I can’t speak highly enough of Nikos.
    The Mykonos hotel was lovely. The Paros and Santorini hotels were below expectations. The Paros hotel in particular was very run down and the bathroom shower was broken and the bed uncomfortable.

  • Annika September 2023

    We had Maria as our tour guide and she was so well organised and a lovely person! There was a good amount of sight seeing and free time to relax on the beach or by the pool. The accommodation on Mykonos and Santorini was really nice and Athens and Paros were ok. Maria had so many good recommendations on where to go and what to do in our free time. Our first ferry ride to Mykonos was rough (our ferry the day before was cancelled due to bad weather) but the other 3 were very smooth and comfortable. This trip was the perfect chance to experience the islands and the Greek food and culture!

  • Shari Wa September 2023
  • Asia September 2023

    It was perfectly spread out with the party days and the rest/relaxations days. One of the reasons I chose the Greek islands was because of the partying BUT also the islands to relax and I was worried we wouldn't have enough time for everything but it was perfectly balanced. The group size was amazing as we got closer to one another faster and I've made some life long friends from this trip!!

  • Anonymous September 2023

    Great mix of islands, could of done with an extra day in each.

  • Anonymous September 2023

    The Greek Islands trip was awesome, beautiful location, fun activities and lots to see

  • Emmanouel September 2023

    From the mainland of Athens, to the nightlife in Mykonos and everything in between, this trip delivers on all fronts. The islands are just as beautiful in person as they are in photos. They are simply must see and this trip is simply must do!

  • Anonymous September 2023
  • Anonymous September 2023

    Overall the accommodation was great, the second location however was underwhelming and could be improved. The activities included in the trip were also a lot of a fun although the swim in the hot springs was not quite what we were expecting.

  • Brian De August 2023

    Aside from the small shower in Paros, everything else on the trip was fantastic-accomodations, tour guides, coach, ferries, restaurants, sites, and cultural experiences

  • Alina Ak August 2023
  • Anonymous August 2023

    The group was small, and the girls weren’t too nice. Your manger not particular helpful in recommending things to do on free days. The add on days were quite expensive and not worth the money I spent on them.
    Our trip manger didn’t try to learn any of our names and was quite awkward when having interactions.

  • Anonymous August 2023
  • SARAH August 2023

    Best time ever!! Still wish checkout at hotels were later! But overall an amazing my time

  • Taner As August 2023

    Great trip. Good islands if you like to explore & party

  • Deborah Ma August 2023

    Fantastic apart from family owned hotel in Paros.

  • liana Ho July 2023

    Amazing! Just need one extra day at each island.. but!
    Tour guide was AMAZING people were so lovley everything was easy, our guide organised everything for us nothing was too hard or not available. It was the dream stress free quick trip.

  • Luke Mc July 2023
  • Robin Ed July 2023

    Brilliajt purchase. Affordable and well worth it.

  • sarah la July 2023

    It was the perfect introduction to the Greek islands. As someone who had never been before, the time we spent in each place was perfect and the optional tours were definitely worth it

  • Ry July 2023

    First off, our tour guide Nikos deserves 5 Stars, he was brilliant! Whenever anyone needed help Nikos came running to fix the issue, he was full of information and always gave his unbias opinion on what to do so we could maximise our time and money spent in Greece. He always went above and beyond to look after us all and make sure we had everything we needed and we were all okay. You guys should definitely listen to this guy for suggestions to make the tour better.

    Had to mark the trip down a bit based on the included dinners not being optional.
    We were all having a fantastic time at Paradise Beach in Mykonos when the hotel kicked up a stink because we hadn't arrived for dinner and we all had to leave the party to come back and eat and pay for a dinner none of us wanted.. It's great having most things planned but at the end of the day, if we have paid for the trip then we should be able to make our own decisions on what it is we attend / how we spend our time.

    Package possibly could go for a bit longer / stay at each island an extra day as it felt a bit rushed especially with the travel time to get to each island.

    Overall though we had a fantastic group of people on tour and a brilliant tour guide.
    I had an incredible time and created many memories with a bunch of new mates.

  • Anonymous July 2023

    The trip was quite well organised and it was a great size on the tour. The guide, Maria, was lovely, however the orientation walks and information could have been a bit more engaging. Additionally, I would recommend changing the hotel in Paros to stay in Naussau instead of on the Port side. Also, feedback from a few others on the tour suggested that for the non-included dinners that were kind of organised that it be more flexible and catered to what the group felt like doing. (I.e. more budget friendly suggestions to do as a group, rather than a restaurant being chosen and not being given the name to see how expensive it was prior to saying yes or no). Also, for one of the free add one (the hot spring in Santorini) we were not warned by the guide or the paperwork not to wear swimmers of lighter colours. Many of us wore light coloured swimmers, that were permanently stained, which left a few of us unhappy.
    Also, a little bit of warning about waiting in the sun at ferry ports so that people can put sunscreen on/hats on/protect their shoulders.

    Regarding the Mykonos hotel, the location was fantastic, and the access to the pool was brilliant and a highlight for nearly all of us. However, it was important to note that the airconditioning in a few rooms did not work, which made sleeping quite uncomfortable, and the staff were a bit rude to us (when they attempted to remove us from the pool because one staff didn't think we had access, Maria handled it brilliantly).

    Many others said paradise beach club was a highlight. Santorini was also a highlight.

  • Anonymous July 2023

    Very happy. Would recommend

  • Caitlin July 2023

    Our guide Maria was excellent. Really organised, fun, caring and approachable. She was always happy to provide extra recommendations for each location of the tour and answer any questions we had either in-person or via messages.

    The people in the tour group itself were also lovely. It was an overwhelming pleasant experience and we all bonded. I have genuinely walked away from this experience with friends for life!

    The tour itself was also good value for money considering the cost of accommodation/ferries/included meals and that it was peak season. 100% worth paying extra anyway to avoid the hassle of organising hopping from island to island by myself!

    Overall, if you’re thinking about booking the Greek Island tour… just do it!

    Thank you Maria and the Topdeck team :))

  • Paige Sc July 2023
  • JAIMIE GO July 2023

    Once again Maria made it absolutely amazing. Everything was so easy! She was the best.

  • Anonymous July 2023
  • Emily Li July 2023

    The activities were really great

  • Anonymous June 2023

    I just would of preferred more cultural things in my experience on the islands.

  • Keith Me June 2023

    I had so much fun in Greece. Learned a lot, ate great food, made new friends, and genuinely had a good time. Athina, our trip leader was the best!

  • Anonymous June 2023
  • Anonymous June 2023

    Had a great time on this trip. I meet some amazing people and saw some amazing places. The trip was a little different to what I was expecting but overall I had the best time and created lifelong memories and friendships.

  • Anonymous May 2023
  • Anonymous May 2023
  • Henry Ge April 2023

    The trip was amazing. Didn’t do any optionals apart from the final one in Santorini because I was tight on money but never felt left out or I hadn’t seen or experienced anything at the destinations. The places we went to were very nice each one being different from the last stop.

  • Anonymous April 2023

    Having an extra day in each location so there’s more time to explore wider areas would be a great option

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