Get Social: New Zealand

Get Social: New Zealand

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  • Anonymous October 2022

    Sick as bruh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous October 2022
  • Ailish October 2022

    Absolutely amazing tour with an exceptional guide. He was full of knowledge about all the places we visited, and when weather got in the way of our plans, he came up with alternatives. Made so many new friends and nothing felt rushed but we got to see so much of the country. The places we saw were beautiful, but the people was what made the trip. Amazing first solo travel experience and I'm already keen for more. Cannot thank Guy (our guide) enough for all that he did for us. Had so much fun, and never once felt stressed - just like it should be on holiday!

  • Joshua Li August 2022

    It was a great place to visit , New Zealand is a place to go if you're want to do action and adrenaline sports , the weather on the other hand is almost unbearable , it can sunny one and the next raining and snowing

  • Zara Va August 2022

    The north and South Island was done really well. Lots of fun

  • Joseph Mo August 2022

    The itinerary was great, we visited so many of New Zealand's greatest attractions (the scenery has to be seen to be believed), our guide had an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of his country, and most of our accommodation was comfortable. The trip started off on an incredibly high note with blackwater rafting through the Waitomo Caves and our stay at a traditional Māori village, and each subsequent destination made me wish I hadn't waited so long to visit New Zealand.

  • Anonymous July 2022

    This is my second Toodeck trip, however, this trip was run by Kiwi Experience and it was not what I expected. I still had a great time but the trip was not as seamless as my previous trip. My understanding is that New Zealand is just starting tourism again and Topdeck has a temporary agreement with KE to manage the New Zealand trips. Additionally, I felt that that 17 days was not enough time! Some locations felt very rushed and it would have been better as a 21 day trip.

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