Delve Deep: Bali & the Gili Islands

Delve Deep: Bali & the Gili Islands

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  • Anonymous March 2024

    I got a lot for my money during my stay.

  • Jason Mc March 2024

    Small trip with the right amount of free time and group activities

  • Anonymous October 2023

    Overall another good trip arranged by Topdeck.

  • Anonymous May 2023

    Accomodation and travel plan was good and convenient for solo travel. However the planned activities were mainly orientation walks/bikes, felt like days were wasted with this. There was only 1 proper activity included that we didn’t have to pay extra for. With that we did pull away from the programme on a couple days so we could explore and actually do proper activities which meant spending extra money to do so.

  • Emma Al October 2022

    Friendly trip leader and great destinations

  • Claire Al September 2022

    Our trip leader was very friendly, helpful and knowledge. Everything was well organised. There were a couple of optional activities that were listed on the trip details that weren’t available when on the trip.

  • Anonymous July 2022

    I loved Bali and gili trawangan, and especially as a solo traveler I loved this as my first group trip!

  • Anonymous July 2022

    The tour itself was quite disappointing. Essentially nothing was included and when we were offered add-ons, they were all at unreasonable prices, way above the street price.

  • Anonymous July 2022

    The trip leader was amazing. He was caring and really attempted to cater for us. However the trip itself wasn’t great and the inclusions were not interesting or really not linked well to the type of trip. The accommodation in Gilli T was not great - 45 min walk or 30 mins bike to the main part where you need to go to even eat. There’s no other transport unless you want a very expensive horse and cart.

  • Samishtha N November 2018

    It's was such a fun time with the most amazing people.

  • Peter T November 2018

    Legit. What an amazing trip. Cat poo coffee is good too.

  • Kirra W November 2018

    I had the most incredible tour guide. Who was so selfless, positive, happy, funny, caring and friendly. He was amazing and made my experience as amazing as it turned out to be. He deserves nothing but the best.

  • Laila P September 2018
  • CARLO A August 2018

    One more night in Ubud would have been great, but still a well priced tour.

  • Lily B August 2018

    Really great accommodation much fancier than expected!

  • Lwaya C August 2018

    The experience was just beyond what I expected and it was so much fun. The people we traveled with were so nice and out tour guide always went above and beyond for us. It felt very comfortable and safe like going on holiday with your own family

  • Anja M August 2018
  • Anonymous August 2018
  • Richard H August 2018

    Great Value for $ spent. 👍

  • Lisa S July 2018

    I have won this Trip ❤️❤️❤️

  • Anonymous July 2018
  • Anonymous July 2018
  • Mahesh Ki April 2018
  • Michael D March 2018

    Good value for money. Good accommodations.

  • Laelani Ja March 2018

    It was good price for an agent rate.

  • Anonymous February 2018
  • Sierra M January 2018

    Loved everything was planned out for me and learnt and saw so much more than I would have otherwise

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Well worth the money. I would have liked an extra day in Ubud and one less day on Gilli

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Everything was satisfying.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    SO Beautiful! I wish I could have stayed for longer!

  • Roxanne C January 2018

    A nice way to experience what Bali has to offer with a local guide who was able to give great insights.

  • Alexandra C January 2018

    The best fun I have had in awhile! First day we did an under water walk and snorkeling (which we all didn't know was included) which was definitely a highlight for alot of us. Gili T was great, snorkeling and seeing the turtles, the amazing night life and the ability to do absoultly nothing all day. Wish we had better weather for Ubud but was great to be so close to the monkey forest. Loved every minute of the tour and would highly recommended it!

  • Marie-Louise G January 2018

    I would do it again! It was a live changer!!!

  • Anonymous January 2018
  • Heather V January 2018
  • Gina W January 2018

    It was a great tour, we saw some beautiful places and met some wonderful people.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Excellent service and tour guide's recommendation were always great

  • Anonymous January 2018

    More time on the island of Bali would’ve been better than just island hopping. Or at least that could’ve been emphasized in the tour description

  • Darryn G January 2018
  • Sabrina N January 2018
  • Lara Pa January 2018

    After doing 2 Contiki's previously, I was really impressed with the quality of the TopDeck tour. All the hotels were way better than I expected (some really incredible ones), and the excursions were all absolutely worth it! Our tour guide, Purna, was a highlight of the trip, with his great sense of humour, he really kept us entertained. Only low point was that it rained most of the trip but it didnt stop us from having the absolute best time! I'll defs do another TopDeck tour :)

  • Cassandra R January 2018
  • Ginnais R January 2018

    It was brilliant and we saw so many stunning places

  • Jaime El November 2017
  • Tarryn R November 2017
  • Chantelle C October 2017
  • Katelin V October 2017
  • Anonymous June 2017

    I'd definitely do this again

  • Simon C June 2017

    It was fantastic friendly people cheap beers

  • Mandy A June 2017

    I really got my money's worth. And the tour was beyond my expectations.

  • Ted R May 2017
  • Jodi V May 2017

    The trip was great - the accomodation was amazing, as well as the activities.
    The only negative I had was that the end (in Ubud) felt a bit rushed - there was a lot to do and see in Ubud and we only had the 1 day there.

  • Shashank B May 2017
  • Kaili S May 2017
  • Ambika S April 2017

    Better when there is a discount.

  • Diandra B April 2017

    i was fortunate enough to win this amazing trip, but it would definitely be worth every penny :)

  • Anonymous April 2017

    it was worth the value for money

  • Anonymous April 2017

    An excellent deal and so many extras were included. The accommodations were great.

  • Paul V January 2017
  • Jamie M January 2017
  • Ella S January 2017

    Excellent trip, outstanding guide and good transportation. Only thing that could've been improved was an updated list of activities and events that were part of the trip. For example, a yoga retreat was listed on the itinerary but when we asked the guide about it, it was not an option for this trip.

  • Anonymous January 2017

    Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

  • Anonymous January 2017
  • Anonymous January 2017
  • Charles V January 2017

    Great value for money and the accommodation was great!

  • Anonymous January 2017

    the tour package was good for the price

  • Lauren B January 2017

    Definitely worth it for the money. Accommodations perfect. Transportation good.

  • Katie N January 2017

    Pretty good value but could have booked it myself and saved money

  • Anonymous January 2017

    Sehr guter und engagierter Guide / gute Route / Unterkünfte zufriedenstellend

  • Anonymous January 2017

    So much to do but well worth it in the short 7 day tour.

  • CB January 2017

    I would have preferred to stay in hostels for a little bit lower of a price. Overall. We could have spent one less day in Gili for more exploring on Bali.

  • Anonymous January 2017
  • Tonya L January 2017
  • Anonymous January 2017

    For Bali it was on the more expensive side.

  • Marnitz B January 2017

    It was one amazing super trip to be part of it with Topdeck. And our tour leeder WY Chemeng made the trip. Gili Islands, Villa Ombak was beutiful

  • Anonymous January 2017

    Fabulous! Wish it was longer!

  • Anonymous January 2017

    Possibly extend the trip to 8 days

  • Nasreen W January 2017

    Nothing short of amazing!!!!! Everything was on point! From start to finish! Our tour guide-Utama Made was phenomenal.

  • Wendy M January 2017

    Booking, paying and getting additional information was easy.

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