Delve Deep: Iceland

Delve Deep: Iceland

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  • Anonymous April 2024

    Beautiful country, lovely people and the guide Siggy was awesome

  • Caleb Pa December 2023

    What an absolutely incredible trip! Our guide Henry was great, knowledgeable, entertaining and down to earth. Perfect guide! The trip is well thought out, and is the best tour to see the most of this incredible country! The views are everywhere so makes the drive between spots enjoyable. Some plans had to change due to weather but other stuff was organised straight away so wasn't a problem. Honestly was such an amazing trip can't praise it enough! If you're thinking about doing this tour, do it! You will not be dissapointed!

  • Dylan Tu November 2023

    Just WOW!!! Such an amazing trip, couldn’t recommend it more. Our Guide ‘Henry’ was very knowledgeable, kind and debatably funny, just great. Had so much fun with the group doing the plethora of amazing activities and sites around Iceland. Though I will say there were a couple slow days of driving and little sites but even those days were great just because of Iceland being such a beautiful country. Honestly was the perfect way to experience Iceland, and although was very pricey it was completely worth it!!! :)

  • Emma Ho July 2023

    Amazing trip and a lovely group. Got to see everything I wanted to and more with a local guide who was clearly passionate about the country!

  • Anonymous March 2023

    The tour achieved what it was meant to. A quick 8 days around Iceland. The tour guide Thor improvised well as the schedule was changed due to weather conditions. This worked out well, the whale watching company cancelled on us but we went instead to Forest Lagoon which was better than Sky and Blue Lagoons in Reykjavik.

    Everyday of the tour was a travel day as there was little time and so much to see. I feel the tour would have benefited from a 2nd night in the place we visit before Vik as there are so many adventure activities to do like the ice caving, glacier hikes, ice climbing etc that I day could have been filled doing that. Then one less day in Reykjavik.

    What this Top Deck tour lacked was music. We didn't have a top deck song. I have been on other top deck tours such as through Morocco and on long drive days the guides have played games or had everyone select 5 songs and have turns at connecting tot he speaker and playing them. Stuff like that to keep people engaged. I feel bus life could have more engaging. I know there is nice scenery outside but so to on my other tours. Since there is so much back to back busing, this fun Top Deck is known for wasn't there. Thor was a really good guide. He told us stories about the elves and trolls in the areas we went through as well as the history of the local areas. He was funny as well. But the tour lacked a sort of youthfulness that top deck tours are known for.

    We also didn't do the daunting group introduction which I quite like because it puts everyone out of their comfort zone and the group bonds more quickly together. We can't do it while the bus travels though due to the road laws and dangerous conditions.

    Bus was always clean and the driver Brun was nice.

    I quite enjoyed the tour. I am glad we went all the way around the Island in winter where may other tour companies would not due to the unpredictability of road closures due to storms. But it didn't feel 'Top Deck'.

  • Anonymous March 2023
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