Delve Deep: Jordan

Delve Deep: Jordan

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  • Laura Ro October 2023

    The Jordan Deep Delve Trip was amazing!!! Such a beautiful country, I loved it. Our trip leader Issa was so great, he knew so much about all the areas we visited and the history of the region. He told us all about customs in Jordan. I learnt so much. Highlight was definitely camping in Wadi Rum desert. You can't beat watching the sun go down in the desert. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who is wanting to visit Jordan.

  • Jayshika Na October 2023
  • Angel Ar September 2022
  • Cassandra W July 2018

    It was awful, it was unsafe and itinerary was skipped.

  • Anonymous March 2018

    I got the 30% discount - good value for money. Definitely wouldn't have wanted to pay more though

  • Anonymous January 2018

    The Jordan tour guide was hard to understand and didn’t give enough background information when he was discussing certain things. Also our time in Israel was cut short as the Jordan/Israel border was closed on the day we were meant to be crossing. Most people were really disappointed topdeck did not notify us of this or make other arrangements before. The cost of the few days in Israel was almost the same as the 6 days in Jordan so when we lost a day most of us were not happy. We did see some amazing sights on the tour and our Israel tour guide went out of his way to ensure we got as much done in the reduced time as we could.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    So much history packed into the trip, along with amazing sights, weather and experience. Excellent vacation

  • Anonymous January 2018
  • Sri Ha January 2018
  • Ashlynn G May 2017

    The trip was reasonably priced.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    top deck customer service was rally good and asked all my pre-departure question really clearly and quickly!

  • Felicia J April 2017

    Fabulous holiday, accommodation, trips were amazing.

  • Natalie Sa April 2017

    Trip itself was good - minor problems as above

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