Get Social: Europe Express

Get Social: Europe Express

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  • Anonymous August 2022

    Excellent way to get a taste of Europe. Some hostels were not the best and some were quite far from the main city centre, but other than that amazing tour!

  • Luke August 2022

    A fast-paced but extremely enjoyable and sight-filled trip. An exceptional variety of locations, from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the snowy Alps in Switzerland, gondola rides in Venice, the Hofbrauhaus in Germany, and bike tours in Amsterdam. Our trip was packed with amazing experiences and people, perfect for a first-time traveler!

  • Anonymous August 2018

    Many of the places we stayed were below average standard, 8 people in bunk beds in a room. Some had no power and no hot water (Switzerland was the worst for this). It was a hostel tour, but there are standards that you expect. Disappointed with the accommodations. Generator in Paris was amazing at least! USB ports on the bus were awesome, as you spend almost the entire trip on the bus. The add on extras were not the price as advertised if not enough people signed up for activities they went up by a significant amount. The bus wasn't full which meant we could all stretch out, but it was a very small group and less people to meet. The tour guide and bus driver were fantastic, the places were beautiful and it was a fun way to go around Europe, and meet amazing friends.

  • Venla L August 2018

    Everything went so great, I can't praise you enough!

  • Anonymous August 2018

    Great trip, met lots of new people, saw places I’ve never seen- although the in between bus travel days were long, it was worth it when we arrived at each destination

  • Anonymous July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018


  • Alejandra Mi July 2018


  • Samantha B July 2018

    Just awesome awesome awesome

  • Isabel K July 2018

    Best topdeck guides/friends ever !

  • Geremias O March 2018

    Bom custo benefício! Vale a pena

  • Tauani H February 2018

    Ótima compra, o preço é justo

  • James M February 2018

    It was so good best times didn't need to be any longer

  • Lucy L January 2018

    Most of the places we stayed were great but the Rhine valley wasn’t upto what we expected.. the place we stayed, the food was pretty poor.. other than that we enjoyed everywhere else.

  • Kate M January 2018

    Bianca was an excellent guide. So knowledgeable and organized. The locations were breath taking and the food divine.

  • Caio Ra January 2018

    Famtour MMT, tarifa especial fechada direto com a operadora.

  • Jenny C January 2018

    Great price for all that’s included!

  • Tania Ja January 2018

    Me gustó mucho el viaje, la verdad me gustó mucho la organización, desde acá desde Morelia, la chica que nos atendió en Mundo Joven, siempre atenta, amable y al pendiente de lo que ocupábamos, nos aclaró todas las dudas y nos dio siempre información oportuna, la líder de campamento fue super amable y el chofer del autobús de verdad que fue un amor, siempre atentos y al pendiente de nosotros, en general los hostales estuvieron bien, la comida bien, el autobús super bien, siempre limpio y la verdad cómodo para ser un autobús, puse 4 estrellas porque me gustaría hacer algunas observaciones. Le falló un poco a Top Deck las recomendaciones para el viaje. Desde Morelia la chica de mundo joven nos imprimió las hojas de top deck del itinerario del viaje y ahí estaban las recomendaciones específicas hechas por top deck, las seguimos al pie de la letra y la verdad no nos fueron útiles. Nos recomendaron llevar equipaje determinado y de un peso específico, al llegar el peso no importaba y sí era posible llevar maletas grandes y de ruedas. Igual pasó con las recomendaciones de la ropa y las cosas. Se recomendó llevar una linterna que tuvimos que comprar y que jamás ocupamos, no se advirtió sobre llevar ropa específica para la visita a Suiza (guantes, gorro, lentes, zapatos antiderrapantes) y la verdad sí pasamos frío. Ese fue el único detalle, por todo lo demás debo decir que la atención fue excelente desde Morelia y en cada país a los que nos llevaron. Fue de las mejores experiencias de mi vida por lo cual les agradezco mucho :) saludos!!1

  • Danielle P January 2018

    Places we stayed were great, lots of activities to do

  • Anonymous January 2018

    This trip is really good if you want to see a lot of things in a short time period. It was tiring to be on the bus every other day for 6+ hours, but our tour guide made it enjoyable by watching movies and playing games!

  • Jessica A January 2018


  • Jade D January 2018

    Brilliant trip! It inculded so much information and took us to places that were on my bucket list but with the added additions like the lace making demonstraion, it made my experience ten times more memorable. I would recommend this trip to anyone who hadn't really travelled across Europe before, and even to Europeans like myself who want to learn and see more about the countries and the cultures within.

  • Stephen B January 2018


  • Teresita De November 2017


  • Christopher R November 2017

    It was a good experience.

  • Jussara S October 2017

    Gostei. Boa compra. Quero repetir.

  • Shivan D October 2017

    Very affordable trip and was well worth it.

  • Anonymous October 2017


  • Danika C October 2017


  • Anonymous October 2017


  • Danielle S October 2017

    I felt that I was afforded the full worth of my money. Travel time was limited as much as possible and I found the 12 days was the perfect time for me to have on a trip. Any longer and I would have been too tired.
    I loved all of the country's I visited as well.

  • Anonymous October 2017

    It was decently priced, and I have no complaints

  • Trisha L October 2017


  • Tamara M October 2017


  • Jorge Al May 2017

    Reviví la Europa que tantas ganas tenía por volver

  • Sean C May 2017

    For the price of the tour, to have a fun and exciting adventure with a top class guide an 38 other people.. great value and the memories priceless.

  • Rochelle M April 2017

    Plenty of inclusions. Great value

  • Thea G April 2017

    I'm guessing this is the merch? I ended up buying a singlet which is the perfect reminder of a great trip - I also where it a lot :')

  • Caroline F April 2017

    It was a great variety and we got to see a lot. I thought it was fantastic to go to the concentration camp too and do some real learning along with the fun vacation-style trips.

  • Javier V April 2017

    There was something weird with the price, it was different depending where I but it

  • Nadine K April 2017

    This trip is a great introduction into Europe and a great first trip overseas!

  • Courtney W April 2017

    Best purchase I have ever made and great to get a last minute deal

  • Odette Duperou Sanchez October 2016

    Its was all around awesome, but the black point was the hostel in Munich (it is really bad). And the last stop at Belgium should have a little bit more time.

  • Michael Chapman October 2016

    Good price but didn't learn anything and was designed merely to get photos. Very egotistical.

  • Riona Brunton October 2016


  • Rebecca Jones October 2016

    Was a great tour for a short amount of time. Just right for seeing enough of europe

  • Anonymous October 2016

    Valor - precio bien equilibrado.

  • Matthew Richards October 2016


  • Katie Hutchinson October 2016


  • Sarah Horner October 2016


  • Kristy Mccullough October 2016

    Good price, good accommodation - the bathrooms weren't that clean, but this wasn't the fault of the company

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