Get Social: Northern & Eastern Europe Highlights

Get Social: Northern & Eastern Europe Highlights

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  • Anonymous September 2023

    Wish I had more time in the baltic. I guess I'll go back!

  • Gemma Ch July 2023

    Awesome trip, wish that we had a bit more time in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland as 1 night didn’t feel like enough.

  • Anonymous June 2023
  • Anonymous June 2023

    The trip overall was great, and the people made it so much more. I feel some of the places we stayed were a little far, or on the outskirts and that wasn’t the most convenient. Also this tour needs more time in Poland. The drive day to Warsaw was long and left little time to explore and “take it all in” so to speak, especially when places close early. Also with all the 1 nights on the eastern part of the tour, it was a little busy.

  • Mia Sc June 2023

    Very cool things were seen. The Baltic's were awesome, such straight to the point people. Tim and Lloyd also gave excellent suggestions of sights to see, meals to eat etc.

  • Nicolas Du June 2023

    Great group, great driver and team leader. Great locations. Just wish we could have stayed in some longer. Accomodation except Riga was good. Wish there were more unique activities but the team leader made sure to find some great ones for us (Tim).

  • Michael An June 2023
  • Zoe Sc June 2023

    This trip was amazing but there were a couple of minor changes I would make.
    In Norway, it would have been nice (time / money permitting) to have seen more of the natural aspects of the country beyond the capital city.
    I would’ve liked to spend more time in Poland, a simple dinner was not enough time.
    I understand to keep the trip short and affordable it is hard to make changes to include everything so I will conclude by saying the inclusion of Amsterdam and Berlin alongside Scandinavia was a selling point for me.
    A review of hostel choices would also improve the trip: whilst some were fantastic (eg. Generator, forest hostel) some were a bit uncomfortable (eg. The hotels, some A&O)

  • Anonymous June 2023
  • Scott Ar June 2023

    Good trip, lots to see and explore. The end seemed a bit rushed however with a few hours only to explore before moving on. It was a full day travel almost (unavoidable) but then it's a few hours, everything closes and it's bed time, get up tomorrow and do it all again. More time in some places would of been better, I do realise this is difficult with travel time

  • Anonymous June 2023

    Overall the tour was good. I wish there were more optionals or included activities in the tour itself. Thankful for our tour guide who had so many good optionals to offer.

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