Get Social: USA West to East

Get Social: USA West to East

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  • Anonymous November 2023
  • Anonymous November 2023
  • Karla Do November 2023
  • Anonymous November 2023

    You get what you paid for. A bare and plain itinerary and ‘tour manager/guide’ that fails to compete with other tour groups (I.e contiki).
    If it was my first tour, it would have been okay. Unfortunately the services received from other tour companies (contiki) has raised my expectations of which, this tour did not meet

    Tour guide did not go through itinerary or sights to see from her suggested list.

    Too many pit stops

  • Anonymous September 2023

    This trip was one of the best thing's I've ever done! The app was a great way to meet everyone beforehand and we couldn't have asked for a better trip leader with Jess - she was AMAZING! Took the best care of everything from start to finish - there wasn't enough she could do. Met some amazing people and saw the best places - would recommend the trip to anyone!

  • Natalie An July 2023

    I really enjoyed the range of activities that were on offer. Furthermore, I know that my trip leader Jess, included a few extra optional activities that were just fantastic. I was also super impressed with her knowledge and understanding of all the places that we visited.

  • Sean Ba July 2023

    Jess the tour guide organised the trip so well. All accom was clean and activities were fun. Highly recommended!

  • Anonymous July 2023
  • Anonymous January 2023

    I loved the trip. Went to so many wonderful places. Trip of a lifetime.

  • Anonymous August 2022

    A lot went wrong on our trip; guide not knowing names of those in tour group (or anything about the places we were going), guide only asking the people at the front of the bus for opinions, general admin disasters.
    When we got to most hotels they either had us sharing a physical bed with another tourist, didn't have a reservation for some people, or the hotel was simply in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.
    Never passed on dietary requirements to restaurants and hotels so vegans etc constantly disappointed and spending their own money on breakfasts that should have been complimentary.
    On more than one occasion spent a long time in a town with nothing in it which should only have been an hour lunch break max.
    Listed optional activities in their guide that were no longer available (yet they want you to download the guide right before you go to the airport so it's up-to-date).
    That's just a gist of some of the annoyances; after a while you get beyond the point of caring and just expect a disaster to happen at some point during the day.

  • Jasmin Ga August 2022

    It was a good trip, the food was not. I wish there was more group activities other than dinners and lunches.

  • Anonymous August 2022

    Tour was disappointing. Very limited and incorrect information from the tour guide about the states we were in. Some of the hotels and motels were so far away from food places and main districts that we used Uber/ Uber eats often. Not sure what topdeck’s recovery has been like since covid but compare to other Topdeck tours I’ve done in the past, this one felt very disorganised.

  • Anonymous August 2022

    Poor accommodations for the most part and locations. Not many activities and poor quality "included" meals.

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