Delve Deep: Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Delve Deep: Spain, Portugal & Morocco

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  • Anonymous November 2018

    This trip was not value for money. Overall the locations and places visited were outstanding.

    Accommodation in Morocco was appalling and food quality was poor. Level of accommodation in Spain and Portugal was passable.

  • Mark M November 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018

    Overall it was average and a rip off for the money I paid. The guide lacked in depth knowledge about the places we visited, in particular Morocco. We were told meals were optional and then walked into restaurants where it was impossible to leave and given no other options or information about the area. The meals were then extremely expensive considering we were in Morocco. The provided meals from Topdeck across the whole tour (Spain and Portugal) were too small or of bad quality as well. Overall felt like I paid for far more than what was included, misleading brochures on the quality of service. Should be provided with a guide or suggestions of things to do while in each place

  • Anonymous July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018

    Food was crappy - don't know what I paid for

  • Anonymous March 2018

    Highly recommend this tour
    If you can do the full tour I would also recommend that too!

  • Anonymous November 2017

    Definitely worth the value!

  • Kathryn T November 2017

    Great itinerary but not for a couple traveling together.
    Nobody will allow you to stay together

  • Anonymous October 2017

    This trip was awesome - the countries visited were my favourite!
    Love Spain and will go back also spend longer in Portugal

  • Anonymous October 2017

    Pretty good. It isn’t cheap and personally some of the accommodation was **** and one of included dinners were tapas so that was pretty disappointing

  • Rebecca R October 2017

    Spanish section of trip was enjoyable and well planned, however the Moroccan section was poorly planned and I was left disappointed by the lack of expertise and experience the company provided.

  • Anonymous October 2017

    terrible- i felt unsafe as a result of the tour guide

  • Anonymous October 2017


  • Jade E May 2017

    Good value for money. The hostels were situated in great locations.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Amazing trip, highly recommend it.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    The worst travelling experience ever!
    Terrible food (in fact you didn't feed us properly either), terrible accommodations (one of the place you claimed to be "hotel" room smelled like urine and didn't do anything about it when a group of us complained.
    The worst of the worst was the "hammam" experience they took us in Morocco. Total rip off when the tour guide told us it's the best hammam she could ever experience in her life - filthy and unsanitary public bath - not even, there was not even a bath tub! Just buckets of water off of ONE water hose that everyone shared. NOT WORTH A PENNY. Can't believe Topdeck works with this so called "hammam."

    Most of the kids in the group were spoiled Aussies who don't have any respect for different cultures and rules. These kids were all about drugs, sex, and alcohol. NEVER want to see the EVER again.


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