Delve Deep: Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Delve Deep: Spain, Portugal & Morocco

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  • Anonymous May 2023
  • Hayley Cu April 2023

    Spain was incredible, everything that was organised through Spain was just so memorable. I quickly added Spain to my list of favourite places I've visited, highly highly recommended!
    I booked this tour because it went to Morocco, as I was under the impression I shouldn't do it alone and it was high on my bucket list.
    Morocco sure was a letdown unfortunately, I 100% put this down to the trip leader we had for that leg of the trip. He was nice enough but I believe he is used to showing around an older demographic, he skipped over the history and ruins but would constantly point out 4&5 star hotels, which we were all super confused about.
    He also recommended places for lunch/dinner, which were massive disappointments, especially the 50 euro dinner and show he'd organised.
    On our Fes city tour, he took us to all the places he's obviously pre-organised, which is to be expected, but these were all super touristy places, again probably because he's used to an older demographic that likes that kind of thing. We were told not to go off on our own as it was too dangerous, and after speaking with locals that live there, this is just not true. I believe we were scared into not wanting to leave the group so we went to the places he wanted us to go to.
    The three cities we visited were so far away from each other too, the first stop was Chefchauen, which we didn't arrive at until 9 PM, and that was with an on-time ferry, so we only got a few hours the next day to explore, and we weren't allowed to do this on our own either, the trip leader took us on a walking tour, and would get very upset if people fell behind. At one point a few of us broke away from the tour, because we are adults and perfectly capable of looking after ourselves, he'd made everyone stand in one spot for about 20 minutes while he tried to find us. Being hand-walked around the city is not my idea of travel, I was there to explore and be present were I was, not walk past, take a photo, and leave.
    The third city we went to was Asilha, while it was super beautiful, again we only has a few hours at night and a few hours the next morning to explore, it was a very small city with not much to do, so this was so bad, but felt like we could have skipped this city and had more time in Chefchauen.

    We then went back up to Spain and had an included dinner with Flamenco show that evening, which was absolutely amazing, and very memorable. Then onto Portugal the next day, the included dinner that night was at an Italian restaurant, which was odd, we were in Portugal and were taken for Italian, the food was pretty poor too, with a few getting a tad sick the next day.

    In summary and in my opinion, this trip needs to be split up, either Spain and Morocco, with more time in these places, and most definitely get a different tour operator in Morocco, it was the biggest letdown.
    Or Spain and Portugal, with more time in Portugal.
    Trying to fit in all three meant far too much driving time, and Morocco was left unexplored.
    Also, for those who struggle to see famine and animal abuse, Morocco will be difficult to explore without seeing these things.

  • Anonymous April 2023

    Comparably to my 2019 experience with topdeck I was rather disappointed. Being twin accommodations I thought there would be a higher quality that was not the case. The local tour guide provided in Morocco wasted a lot of our time taking us to sightsee 4 and 5 star hotel (because of this we only had 1 hour the next morning to go on a walking tour of CHEFCHAQUEN which we all would have wanted to spend more time and he didn’t bother to answer the question we had he kept saying later. We missed the status of Hercules because it was closed? He took us to “shop” where we were ripped off by the merchant found the exact same item 10 times less but that wasn’t as big a deal just annoying. If you are going to call a tour Spain morocco, and Portugal then I feel like you should spend more than the night in Portugal, otherwise call it a morocco Spain tour. last comment if we have a bus driver it would be nice to use the bus when possible not having to pay to get to the walking tour another added cost which was not a thing in the past

  • Anonymous September 2022

    I would recommend the trip becoming 1 day in Fes and move the other day to either Casablanca or Marrakech however i loved the trip.
    I think the first 2 meals should have been Spanish meals as we were in spain rather being taken to Italian places.

  • Anonymous September 2022

    Terrible accomodation. Terrible choices of places to eat. Too long spent in Morocco, less days her and more in Portugal needed. Not even in Portugal for 24hrs. Should be longer in Barcelona also. Less time can be spent in Valencia, Granada.

  • Anonymous August 2022

    We’ll organised and great trip leader. Made great friends and enjoyed the free time. The balance was perfect

  • Anonymous November 2018

    This trip was not value for money. Overall the locations and places visited were outstanding.

    Accommodation in Morocco was appalling and food quality was poor. Level of accommodation in Spain and Portugal was passable.

  • Mark M November 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018

    Overall it was average and a rip off for the money I paid. The guide lacked in depth knowledge about the places we visited, in particular Morocco. We were told meals were optional and then walked into restaurants where it was impossible to leave and given no other options or information about the area. The meals were then extremely expensive considering we were in Morocco. The provided meals from Topdeck across the whole tour (Spain and Portugal) were too small or of bad quality as well. Overall felt like I paid for far more than what was included, misleading brochures on the quality of service. Should be provided with a guide or suggestions of things to do while in each place

  • Anonymous July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018

    Food was crappy - don't know what I paid for

  • Anonymous March 2018

    Highly recommend this tour
    If you can do the full tour I would also recommend that too!

  • Anonymous November 2017

    Definitely worth the value!

  • Kathryn T November 2017

    Great itinerary but not for a couple traveling together.
    Nobody will allow you to stay together

  • Anonymous October 2017

    This trip was awesome - the countries visited were my favourite!
    Love Spain and will go back also spend longer in Portugal

  • Anonymous October 2017

    Pretty good. It isn’t cheap and personally some of the accommodation was **** and one of included dinners were tapas so that was pretty disappointing

  • Rebecca R October 2017

    Spanish section of trip was enjoyable and well planned, however the Moroccan section was poorly planned and I was left disappointed by the lack of expertise and experience the company provided.

  • Anonymous October 2017

    terrible- i felt unsafe as a result of the tour guide

  • Anonymous October 2017


  • Jade E May 2017

    Good value for money. The hostels were situated in great locations.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Amazing trip, highly recommend it.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    The worst travelling experience ever!
    Terrible food (in fact you didn't feed us properly either), terrible accommodations (one of the place you claimed to be "hotel" room smelled like urine and didn't do anything about it when a group of us complained.
    The worst of the worst was the "hammam" experience they took us in Morocco. Total rip off when the tour guide told us it's the best hammam she could ever experience in her life - filthy and unsanitary public bath - not even, there was not even a bath tub! Just buckets of water off of ONE water hose that everyone shared. NOT WORTH A PENNY. Can't believe Topdeck works with this so called "hammam."

    Most of the kids in the group were spoiled Aussies who don't have any respect for different cultures and rules. These kids were all about drugs, sex, and alcohol. NEVER want to see the EVER again.


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