Delve Deep: Spain & Portugal

Delve Deep: Spain & Portugal

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  • Anonymous October 2023

    The overall layout and locations visited on the tour were great, but it would've been nice to have more inclusions (i.e walking tours) and optional activities. We had included driving tours in certain destinations, but our bus driver said he would not drive us there due to his working hours and that it was 'too busy'. As this was an inclusion in our tour package, the drivers' hours should've been factored in. He would also argue with our Tour leader about our inclusions, which made everyone feel very uneasy on the bus.

  • Anonymous October 2023

    A lot of cities and free time which was great but sometimes the group wanted to do things together like dinners or a rooftop bar but our tour manager wasn’t interested or said he didn’t know what bars or restaurants would take larger booking and pretty much said it’s not her job to book for us or organise anything. We only saw her on actual travel days besides one walking tour which was good but we all met in town rather than leaving from our accommodation which would make better sense as we didn’t know how to get into town at that stage?
    Some of the things she told us were wrong- she wasn’t very knowledgeable and even told us it was only her second time doing the trip which was noticeable.

  • Anonymous September 2023

    Good variety of places visited. Most hotel were good.
    Good amount of free time in each place.

  • Anonymous August 2023

    The TopDeck Trip Leader was shocking! I did Not pay for such terrible service. He was too old for the group and didn’t know how to connect with us. Everyone on the trip was extremely frustrated by his lack of initiative.

  • Joshua Ca August 2023
  • Anonymous July 2023
  • Lauren Cr July 2023
  • Anonymous May 2023

    It’s good. There is quite a bit of free time though so be prepared to plan out your own days.

  • Anonymous May 2023

    Great pace of tour. Allowing for sight seeing but still getting a lot done in the short amount of days. Paula the guide was also very knowledgeable about everything and she had such a fun and lovely personality it really added to the whole experience

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