Delve Deep: Southern Thailand

Delve Deep: Southern Thailand

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  • Emily Ba January 2024

    The tour group and guide were all so awesome! It was amazing to experience the trip with such beautiful people in some of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen. All the activities and locations were also all so incredible!

  • Anonymous January 2024

    Lots of travel due to the structure of the tour, not alot of inclusions compared to other and similar tours. Very party oriented rather than culture.

  • Jodi Ma November 2023
  • Mike Eu November 2023

    I thought the trip was a good value. Not having to worry about the logistics of getting from place to place and arranging optional activities is well worth the premium built into the cost.

  • Gen By October 2023

    Had an amazing 10 days with everybody. Only thing I would suggest is to have a bit longer in each location as a lot of the time was taken up travelling between destinations. Other than that, was super exciting!

  • Claudia Se October 2023
  • Rebecca Ha October 2023

    Perfect amount of time to see the best parts of Thailand. I think less days in Phuket would be ideal but that’s a personal preference

  • Anonymous September 2023

    I got to have the best of accommodations.

  • Kris Ti September 2023

    Good and knowledge tour guide

  • Anonymous September 2023

    This trip was very social and should be advertised as such, another night in Bangkok included in the trip would have been well worth it

  • JORDAN DA August 2023

    Couldn’t have asked for much more

  • Anonymous July 2023
  • Sarah Tr July 2023

    All places the organized was cleaned. Tour guide was so helpful and welcoming

  • Anonymous June 2023

    Deep delve Thailand allowed us to see so much of this beautiful country. The trip was well rounded with a mix of nature / adventure / tourist activities.

  • Daniel Ba June 2023

    I recently had the privilege of embarking on a remarkable journey with Oum as my Topdeck tour guide, and I cannot emphasize enough how her exceptional service and attention to detail elevated the entire experience. Oum went above and beyond to ensure that everyone had a fantastic time and that all our needs were met, going the extra mile to create a truly unforgettable adventure.
    From the moment we gathered as a group, Oum's warm and welcoming nature set the tone for the entire tour. She effortlessly made everyone feel comfortable and created a sense of camaraderie among the travelers. Oum's genuine care and dedication to each individual ensured that no one felt left out or overlooked. She had a remarkable ability to connect with everyone, making us feel like we were traveling with a close friend rather than a tour guide.
    One of Oum's outstanding qualities was her impeccable organization and meticulous attention to detail. Throughout the tour, she tirelessly ensured that everything ran smoothly, taking care of logistics and making timely arrangements. Her proactive approach and foresight removed any stress that typically accompanies group travel, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the experience without worry. Oum's commitment to excellence was evident in her unwavering dedication to making our journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible.
    Oum's extensive knowledge and passion for the destinations we visited were truly inspiring. She provided captivating insights into the local culture, history, and cuisine, enriching our understanding and appreciation of each place. Her thorough explanations of the various foods and their significance added a delightful dimension to our culinary experiences, making every meal an adventure in itself. Oum's ability to share her expertise in an engaging and accessible manner demonstrated her exceptional communication skills, ensuring that we not only learned but were captivated by the stories and heritage of each location.
    Having been on previous tours, I can confidently say that Oum's level of friendliness and customer service was unparalleled. Her genuine enthusiasm and dedication to her craft set her apart from any other guide I have encountered. Oum's ability to make everyone feel valued and included, combined with her boundless energy and positive attitude, left an indelible mark on our group. Her sensational approach to customer service made it evident that she genuinely cared about each individual's experience, ensuring that our journey was truly unforgettable.
    In conclusion, Oum proved to be an extraordinary tour guide who went above and beyond to create a memorable and stress-free adventure. Her exceptional organization skills, friendly demeanor, and profound knowledge of the destinations we visited made her an invaluable asset to our group

  • Anonymous June 2023

    This tour was an amazing, adventure-filled experience, led by a knowledgeable and lovely guide.

    The accommodation - we stayed in a variety of places and each was an experience. The ecolodge was gorgeous and I wish we could have stayed more than 1 night there. The overnight train was surprisingly comfortable; the raft house was a very unique location; and the other hotels were all well-located and appropriate.

    The activities - everything that was planned was interesting and appropriate, and the optional extras were well worth doing. Every type of experience was covered in the tour - cultural (e.g. Grand Palace), natural (e.g. Khao Sok National Park), food (e.g. Jodd Fair markets, 2 Kan Eang 2 Seafood), photo opportunities (e.g. Prom Thep Cape), and of course plenty of time to relax at the various beautiful beaches on the way!

    The guide - the absolute highlight of the trip. Peak was very knowledgeable and entertained so many questions from our group. He could answer almost any question we had, and if he didn't know he knew exactly where to find out. His recommendations for places to eat and things to look at were always good, and his tips and suggestions were very useful. After the tour had ended, I often found myself thinking "I should ask Peak about that" and "I wonder if Peak knows about...." - he was far more valuable than google could ever be during our tour.

    Overall, the tour was brilliant. It was well-paced, had lots of variety, and very memorable. We will definitely be doing more Top Deck tours in future.

  • Anonymous May 2023

    The cost was very affordable, and worth every penny. The money spent throughout the trip on food souvenirs and/or activities were very inexpensive.

  • Anonymous April 2023

    Great value for your money

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