Play & Pause: Britain & Ireland

Play & Pause: Britain & Ireland

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  • Joseph Ca February 2024

    Our trip leader Lana was knowledgeable and had great stories of past experiences. Fantastic tour bus service - driver was friendly and relaxed. Bus was modern and clean.

    Most of the dinners provided were fish and chips though, which was too much - please change. Sometimes Lana was wrong about city activities (e.g. Derry had enough attractions for a day trip), however that could have just been personal preference.

  • Anonymous February 2024

    A fantastic trip if you want to see the best parts of the UK and Ireland. Edinburgh and Galway were the highlights, for the shopping, sites and nightlife. Our tour group was only small (6 people!) but it meant we got to make the most of all of the places we went. We had a great night out on the Edinburgh pub crawl and saw some live Irish music in Galway.

  • Aaron Co October 2023

    The locations throughout the trip was very good with alot of history and information given to us about the monuments, Alex the trip leader was very organised and went above and beyond for the passengers even if it ment he didn't get free time, the hotels were very basic but most were comfortable, Scottish Highlands hotel in tyndrum was an utter disaster with the food at dinner being inedible and us sensing it back to the kitchen, only negative about the trip i feel was the organised dinners which we could not choose what we wanted and some of the dinners were not part of such menu, should be a monetary amount per person and be able to choose what to eat

  • Anonymous September 2023

    Incredible trip. Incredible leader. Seeing the highlights of 3 countries, getting the local experience and making amazing friends along the way!

  • Cameron Sc September 2023

    Well organised and great tour leader

  • Anonymous September 2023
  • Anonymous July 2023

    Our guide, Nicole, was friendly and more than happy to give recommendations for great places to eat and see. We were a smaller group which turned out for the best as we all hot on and could all go and do things together more easily. We saw lots of neat places that I’d been wanting to see for awhile and some others that turned out to be the highlight of the day. As much as I loved seeing and exploring these places, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much if it weren’t for the company. We were all strangers on day one, but that quickly changed and we had a blast.

  • Anonymous June 2023

    In addition to the trip leader having a negative affect on the trip. Regarding the trip overall the ratio between time on the bus and time exploring wasn’t balanced and I felt like most of the 2 weeks was spent on the bus. The timing of the the days of the week should have been planned better ti maximise the experience in each dedicated pace. For example, as we stayed in a small Highlands town with not much to see and do for 2 nights over Friday and Saturday then we get to Glasgow on a Monday which is the day many thing like museums etc are closed and only stay there 1 night and onto the next place without feeling like we saw much there. I do understand there is a lot of driving involved in order to over the UK it’s just that the time spent in the designations are supposed to offset this and I feel it didn’t. Overall I am still glad I traveled the UK I just wish I had a fuller experience.

  • Anonymous May 2023

    Everything was great, locations were the best. Edinburgh was amazing.

  • James Ra May 2023
  • Anonymous April 2023

    I learned a lot about the tour

  • Anonymous March 2023

    Really need to organise some accommodation with laundry facilities.

  • Anonymous March 2023

    Our trip leader Sicily was amazing! Her insight, knowledge and just all around personality and engagement with our group added great value to the trip. Only downside of the trip was the accommodation in a couple of the last places were not as good as previous places and did not feel as safe, but overall was a great trip! Thank you TopDeck and thank you so much Sicily!! 😊

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