Play & Pause: Intro to Europe

Play & Pause: Intro to Europe

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  • Anonymous November 2018

    Too much time on a coach driving. Not enough time in cities, and most hotels where awful, only 2 were decent out of the 10 we stayed in. Included activities where mediocre. Even some of the paid ones were lack lustre.

  • Anonymous November 2018


  • Becky K September 2018

    Our trip leader was incredible, you could tell she was genuinely passionate about travel and she provided us with so much history while we were touring each city, we never felt like we missed out. We had excellent banter with the coach drivers (and it's a coach, not a bus, before you get that wrong one too many times!) and always felt safe and looked after. We had insider knowledge of the best places to each and drink in each city and I loved having all our optional activities lined up for us as soon as we arrived, maximising the time we had. Nothing was too much trouble, they put up with our endless questions, chit chat and even let us guest DJ on the coach! It was quite a quick trip, we definitely got incredible value for our time, but when we go back next year, we'll be looking at a longer trip so we get a few more days in each city.

  • Anonymous August 2018

    Prior to going on this trip, I was under the impression that I would get to 'thoroughly' see/explore each country. This wasn't properly specified before purchasing so there was a huge FOMO factor during my trip. For instance, we would literally only spend 1/2 a day in one country!

    A really wonderful experience for those who thrive in a fast-paced environment, however, if you would much prefer to get engrossed in culture/history, maybe look into a longer trip.

  • Gerbrandt v July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018

    I felt the tour was very fast paced and there wasn’t a lot of time to see or do many things nor was the guide forthcoming with information or enabling us to make the most of our time in places

  • Corinne W July 2018


  • Anonymous July 2018

    Certain hotels were very bad and uncomfortable to live in. They made me sick staying there due to poor ventilation, there was one window in the room which didn't even open fully. No air-conditioning or fan.

  • Hannah July 2018

    Amazing way to see the essentials! We started in Amsterdam, and ended in Paris, and saw amazing cities and sights along the way!! Highly recommend this tour!

  • Madison M July 2018

    A little too much driving but comes with the shortness of the trip

  • Anonymous July 2018

    I think it's good for people who dont want to plan stuff as its planned for you.

    I dont think accommodation was great! We also had to pay for transportation home to hotel on none optional activities but transportation in to the activity was covered......

    Also told us we would have a ride on the bus after picnic back to hotel but then left us (group of girls ) in Paris at night on our own.

    Jerry was not always great and at times lazy,rude,and negative.

    Other then that it was a great trip. Would advice people to take extra for food as the only options are at service stations most days and its expensive

  • Anonymous February 2018

    Not enough time in each location. Too many bus stops.

  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Anonymous January 2018


  • Anonymous January 2018

    Hubo dos sitios que se vitaron de forma muy breve, ya que el arribo fue por la noche, deberían de iniciar los viajes más temprano, a fin de aprovechar más tiempo estos destinos.

  • Mohd An January 2018

    Everyone was so supportive and cheerful

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Solid value - cheapest way to see so many countries in such a short time frame

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Tour guide Kaitlyn was awesome! Places we went to and activities we're good. Travel times between each destination we're very long and I think this should be mentioned before people book this trip.

  • Tania S January 2018

    The same reason as above.

  • Anonymous November 2017

    2.5 stars.
    The locations were amazing, however, the tour seemed very rushed. When booking i was told it was going to be 3 or 4 star hotels, all hotels were two star hotels and were a bit far away from the city centre.

  • Anonymous November 2017


  • Calum A November 2017

    The trip went to all the major cities you would want to see in Europe and had a mix of historical and cultural activities and destinations. We so much for the time we were in each place and it was great to be able to do everything we did such as the walking/driving tours

  • Zoe B November 2017

    Essential Europe was a great taste of Europe. It left you wanting more but was a good way to start exploring Europe.

  • Bernardo V October 2017


  • Lana F October 2017

    An enjoyable tour but too much time on the bus, too little time in each place, accommodation was not very nice. I was happy I did the tour because I was not confident to travel by myself but I wouldn't do it again.

  • Jenna A October 2017

    tour guide let the entire trip down. Bus was poorly serviced and not maintained - broke down several times - clearly a hired bus and was a terrible purchase from TopDecks perspective. Despite this I enjoyed the trip however would not use TopDeck again and would have enjoyed another tour guide/bus company etc more than the situation that we had.

  • Roberto D October 2017

    Very busy and tiring but still worth it

  • Maricruz P May 2017

    Una gran experiencia , divertido y ameno en todo momento

  • Ashley S May 2017

    Quick flying visit to all main places

  • Victoria S May 2017

    Saw all the essential sights of Europe and jam packed with great activities.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Mmm in paper it sounded exciting that we will be doing so much in a short amount of time... in reality we spent more time traveling on a bus

  • Darshika N April 2017

    It was excellent and affordable

  • Emma C April 2017

    Mainly on this tour the hotels we stayed in were a little poorly than expected. Did not like the hotel in Switzerland at all at the old jail. Never would stay there again!

  • Vee L April 2017

    Very affordable pricing and covered almost everything required for the trip. I hard spent any extra during the trip.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Gave a glimpse of so many great Europe locations!

  • Lisa Tassone October 2016

    Must try Paragliding in Austria!!!

  • Sam Anderson October 2016

    it was a great tour to great a taste of the best parts of europe.

  • Anonymous October 2016


  • Anonymous October 2016

    It was a worth it purchase. Very reasonable and decent accommodations.

  • Stuart October 2016


  • Lauren Loxley October 2016

    It was good, but any chance it could be cheaper?

  • Eva-Lynn Patai October 2016

    Different country/city everyday. I found my favourites so i can go bck and spend more time there.

  • Mathew Ryan October 2016

    It was an excellent tour and we saw everything we wanted.

  • Sophie Mcandrew October 2016


  • Meloshnie Reddy October 2016


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