Winter Scandi Express

Winter Scandi Express

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  • Anonymous June 2019

    The tour was falsely advertised online. My travel agent called in to confirm the details and we were provided false information on the phone again. We were told that rooms were for 2-4 people max ( I received a paper copy of that confirmation from topdeck) but upon arriving on the trip we were all surprised to see that the rooms had 10 people, and 1 bathroom. The tour guide was terrible. She was disorganized, unknowledgeable, and unprepared. The itinerary listed that we would receive free city tours and that we had a number of optional activities that we could do. All items listed on the optional activity itinerary were cancelled or closed... We only found out upon arriving to the place. We didn't even get any of the promised city tours. All in all, I'm not really sure what I paid for. We were forced to plan our own outings, organize our own sightseeing and find our way around on our own. I would not recommend this tour!

  • Anonymous March 2019

    The driver and tour manager were very knowledgeable on the areas we went too and were always on the lookout to make sure we were okay

  • Catherine L February 2019

    I loved both of my Topdeck trips. I recently did the Scandi Express tour and the Iceland Explorer tour. Both trips were great! I loved having a bus to navigate me to all the best spots and a knowledgeable tour guide to provide us with fascinating information. I enjoyed all the people I met on the tours. Both tours were very memorable.

  • Simone Il February 2019

    Fantastic taster of scandinavia and the Christmas markets were a big plus!

    My only suggestion would be to spend an extra day in Stockholm as one day was not enough.

  • Leoni D February 2019


  • Anonymous February 2019

    Amazing trip through Scandinavia

  • Anonymous February 2019

    Cities were great. Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen were beautiful. If I were to change the trip it would be to reduce the time spent in Oslo and increase time spent in Copenhagen. There are just far more things to do in Copenhagen compared to Oslo.

  • Anonymous February 2019


  • Alicia G February 2020

    The destination included in the trip were great, the suggested activities to do at each wasn’t much of a variety (mainly museums). I planned a few of my own things while on the trip which made my experience in the countries a whole lot better.

  • Han December 2019

    Loved the tour leader Rhi and driver Akos both fantastic! The tour is very quick I would have liked 1 more day in Stockholm and the things everyone does like the museums included in the price as this is frustrating having to get cash out to give to the tour leader when it's predominantly cash free countries

  • Jimena B June 2019

    Creo que el precio/calidad no lo valió, me dejó mucho qué desear, creo que hay más cosas que ver en esos países que museos vikingos, todo la investigacion la tuve que hacer por mi cuenta y no nos quisieron llevar a ikea.

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