Play & Pause: Central Europe Highlights (Winter)

Play & Pause: Central Europe Highlights (Winter)

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  • Jade January 2024

    Renee was great and really was very knowledgeable and helpful about exploring each city. Stefan was a very funny and great driver. They with the group made this experience one to remember!

  • Anonymous January 2024

    A whirlwind trip through some of the most incredible places! Renee gave a fantastic historical overview of each city, and the optional activities gave a great mix of history, culture and food (as well as a few epic nights out). Being winter, we had snow and cold days, but less crowds and the chance to explore every city. I highly rated the Moulin Rouge, the Colosseum and Vatican Tours, the Rome Food Tour, and the walking tours in each city. The trip was made even more magical by the Christmas markets throughout.

    The trip was definitely made by the awesome tour leader and driver (Renee and Jaka) - they made everyone feel included, joined in on activities and dinners, and had everyone laughing and having fun.

  • Belinda O' March 2023
  • Anonymous March 2023

    Atendimento perfeito e prestativo

  • Anonymous March 2023

    Great taste of Europe, saw so many amazing places in a short space of time. Kriszti our trip leader was amazing and very knowledgeable, our driver James was also fantastic. Was fun traveling with our little group, we made some friends for life

  • David Du February 2023
  • JULIA DO February 2023

    Our trip was great overall and I really enjoyed my experience. I felt like it took a long time for the group of people on our trip to get to know each other. It would have been been really great to do some introductions on the bus on the first day and some ice breaker games over the first few days as well. Introductions etc are often awkward to initiate but if it comes from the trip leader then everyone will participate and getting involved more willingly.
    The accommodation was overall pretty excellent. It would've been better to stay more inner city in Heidelberg & Salzburg given the short amount of time we had there, also as we had dinner included one of those nights and had to be back at our hotel by 6.30pm it was too far away to be able to travel back into the city centre to explore (no public transport nearby and also very quiet so didn't feel safe at night to be able to go back out).

    2 nights in Salzburg would have been great to allow time to attend a Sound of Music tour.

    Amsterdam and Engelberg accommodation was AMAZING! Rome accomodation was not great - the walls were very thin and the hallways busy with other young school groups who were running up and down and talking/laughing/yelling in big groups for hours at a time on both nights.

    It was helpful when our trip leader provided us with tickets for public transport, particularly in the countries that had less English speaking people/signage. She got our bus tickets in Rome and Venice which made it super easy for us to get around and make the most of our time.

    Coming back to London from Amsterdam we left at 6am and still missed the early ferry due to a thunderstorm/bad weather. If I have to get up that early I honestly would've preferred to get up and leave by 5am to make sure no matter what weather and traffic conditions are we are guaranteed departure on the early ferry and back to London at a decent time rather than another full day of travelling.

    I was disappointed we were unable to get Top Deck hoodies on our trip because there wasn't enough interest from our group. It was be great if Top Deck could ask this as a mandatory field upon booking the trip. That way whoever wants one isn't tied in by a minimum order number and the hoodie could be received at the beginning of the trip rather than a few days before the end. Many people felt like it wasn't worth getting one as there was only 2-3 nights left.

  • Anonymous February 2023

    Overall this trip was great, despite it being the “off season” there was plenty to do in most locations. Our trip leader Tim often found additional activities for us to do such as a food tour in Rome which we really enjoyed. Despite some of the hotels being a little far from the city they were all clean and comfortable and Tim would always ensure we had transport passes to get into the city with ease if needed. Our bus driver Tom was also lovely and a safe driver.

    The only flaw with this trip was the mix of ages, there were very few under 25’s and it was difficult to connect with the majority of the tour due to the age gap and lack of shared interests. Some of the older men on the tour at times made us feel uncomfortable. Additionally, all our included dinners were disappointing, particularly in Amsterdam where most found the meal inedible.

  • Anonymous February 2023

    Great trip to see everything but it did feel slightly rushed in some spots.

  • Anonymous February 2023

    My trip was very quick through some cities, but overall I thought the tour manager, bus driver, and overall trip was amazing!! The only thing I would change is the hotel in Rome - it was dirty and run down, security was an issue there, and you can hear through the walls all the other guests on yours and other levels.

  • Anonymous January 2023

    Great group and was nice to see heaps of different places - I feel like to saw and experienced so much in a short space of time.

  • Anonymous January 2023

    The timing of this particular trip was good, but given it was new years in Paris there were a few difficulties - namely the inability to enter the louvre and experience a lot of the Parisian tourist attractions

  • Anonymous December 2022
  • Anonymous December 2022

    The trip was amazing, however we probably didn’t need to visit both Salzburg and Heidelberg both for such a short period of time - I would have preferred just visiting one of them but for two nights so we could see more. I also think that more time in Florence and less time in Switzerland would have been better. Having said that, I really enjoyed all the days and was never bored or rushed.

  • Anonymous December 2022
  • Kane Jo December 2022

    Awesome I loved it and would do it again

  • Lauren December 2022

    Such a fun trip; our tour leader Kriszti was amazing and very knowledgeable, always providing great local recommendations. Accommodation was fantastic and we had so much free time in each location to do our own thing. Would book again in a heartbeat

  • Mary P March 2019

    great,smooth and so easy. great place. tour guide is so helpfull and lovely (ruth) and the driver is so nice as well (stefan).had an amazing experience.will do topdeck again and again and again!. so satisfied!!!

  • Anonymous February 2019
  • Anonymous February 2019

    It was an easy way of travelling but we always traveled during the day and seeing as it got dark so early, some of our stops we only saw in the dark and then left first thing the next morning. My tour was also mainly all couples which I wasn't expecting as a solo traveler. It would be good if the hotel tours were labelled "perfect for couples" or something similar because I would have chosen a different tour if I had known.

  • Jan F February 2019

    The tour was overall very well organised, with our tour guide, Rhiannon, being very engaging in all of our activities. We've been to most highlights in every city we visited. Our tour guide has dealt everything professionally and in a very casual manner, which is a positive thing for us. We felt the tour was rushed but then again we won't be able to see as much if the tour did not go at a rapid pace. Would definitely recommend to someone who's never been to Europe before. It's a good starter.

  • Jessica C March 2018

    it was Amazing I just wish we had more time in some of the shorter destinations.

  • Kayla B March 2018

    Couldn’t not fault it!!!!!

  • Anonymous March 2018

    The perfect amount of time around the seven countries! It does get very busy but you also get to see and learn so much along the way.

  • Jeff March 2018

    Trip was great as a taster of Europe. It has let me see areas that I want to go back to. Although time is limited, Topdeck does a great job in maximizing the time in each location.
    We had bad luck with weather on this trip as it was mostly cold an miserable at every stop. But I’m Canadian so it was still better than home in February.

  • Cameron H March 2018

    The trip was wonderful but I think some of the hotels should be reviewed as some weren’t very nice.

  • Nikayla C March 2018

    It was absolutely incredible! The whole trip was just amazing! The trip leader and bus driver was amazing as well.

  • Kelsee L March 2018
  • Sonali D March 2018

    More people need to visit Europe in the winter!! I would go as far as saying you have not experienced Europe until you have seen it snow in Verona or had Gelato in freezing temperatures in Rome. Winter wonder was beautiful.

  • Anonymous February 2018

    Although stops were quick in most locations, it was advertised this way and we had enough time if we crammed :) the walking tours the tour leader provided were a high light due to his knowledge and interesting stories.

  • Melissa C February 2018

    Great selection of destinations, accomodation, activities and meal plans.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    We got to experience so much for such an afoordable price, the holiday couldn’t have been anymore perfect

  • Anonymous January 2018

    As stated before, great staff, the tour was quite rushed.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Overcharged for hotels and excursions

  • Demae M January 2018
  • Tiernan B January 2018

    Living in Australia we don’t get to see cities and countries preparing for a cold winter/Christmas so I thought it was excellent

  • Mario Au January 2018

    Por el buen precio a cambio de todo lo que pude conocer y la gente con la que pude compartir.

  • Emma T January 2018

    Great way to see a lot of places in a short amount of time

  • Jasmine D January 2018

    Loved it! Great experience with great people.

  • Natasha C January 2018
  • Anonymous January 2018

    Had an excellent time, all the hotels were great and food was great

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Loved the places. Disappointing accomodation.

  • Kate G January 2018

    Loved my group, the tour guide and driver (Diarmaid and George) were absolutely fantastic! Generally the locations and accommodations and activities were good, Diarmaid did a great job with his historical intros to each place!

  • Heloiza M June 2017
  • Shelby L April 2017

    See previous comment .....

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Everything was incredible! A few hotels were very very small to share a room

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Places were great and trip leader was good, but the driver made it so unpleasant it was impossible to have a good time.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    I personally feel the trip was overpriced.

  • Benjamin G April 2017

    Great trip, plenty of time in all the locations. Good accomodation. Lots of great things to do at a reasonable price.

  • Jessica H April 2017

    This was our first trip of hopefully many with Topdeck.
    Our trip leader Aisling, was out if this world. She made our trip more amazing than I could have ever imagined! Without her, our trip would not have been the same.
    The only down side to the trip was the 1 night stop in Salzburg and Hidelberg.
    I would suggest, ditching these, and opting for a 2 night stop, maybe in Munich. These stops didn't give much time in the city and was mostly driving days.
    Our bus driver was amazing as well, Ross was just as amazing and informative as Aisling.

  • Tanika Gr October 2016

    It was great, everything about the tour was awesome, the only part I would criticise is the limit on lactose free meals.

  • Anonymous October 2016

    We had a great experience and it was amazing to see so many places in short amount of time, with everything organised for us! It didn't feel like we missed on much in each city, and was perfect for our first taste of Europe!! We met some amazing people on the trip and we are looking forward to meeting up with them again in future!

  • Megan Co October 2016

    I loved all of the stops on this tour. It was perfect for a first timer in Europe.

  • Anonymous October 2016

    You will definitely regret buying a topdeck tour. This is a waste of money. You can get a better experience else where. The only reason I booked topdeck was to have a tour guide with and not have to worry about my trip so much as there is someone there as well as making new friends however, just be warned, the tour guides on top deck are just taking the **** and aren't actually there to work or help you. They're just there for a free holiday and to bum around and avoid anything that might inconvenience them. If I were you I would just book it all on my own and you will be sure to have a better time and meet great people regardless. Don't book topdeck

  • Anonymous October 2016

    I thought the trip was a great price for all of the activities we completed and the places we saw! Great value

  • Anonymous October 2016

    Good value holiday. Brilliant Accommodation.

  • Anonymous October 2016

    Great selection of places and loads of things to do

  • Thomas Th October 2016

    Great value for money, seen so much in such little time! All he hotels were awesome!

  • Vanessa Tu October 2016
  • Mitchell Wa October 2016

    Travelling during winter months made for a unique and great experience. Our tour was a great way of seeing as much of Europe as possible in a limited time.

    Great tour to get a taste of European culture

  • Rebecca Th October 2016
  • Linda B October 2016
  • Ntombifuthi Da October 2016
  • Anonymous October 2016
  • Cherie Ch September 2016

    Great tour visiting great places with a guide who was amazing!!

  • Anonymous September 2016
  • Anonymous September 2016

    Good selection of cities and countries visited although missed out on a few places I wanted to also tour such as Monaco, Almafi, Vienna.

  • Jessica September 2016

    Would have been good to have more time in Salzburg and Heidleburg.

  • Anonymous September 2016

    Was great to see so much is so few days, got a chance to be apart of each culture learning historical facts, the language and dining in local restaurants

  • Jonathan September 2016

    We joined Winter Wonder half way through their journey as there were not enough people in our group. It made it hard to get to know people as they already had great relationships with each other.

  • Cassandra September 2016

    Every hotel and experience was AMAZING...except for the boatel-boat hotel in Amsterdam. The hotel in Rome was amazing and Sabrina Mahoney is the best guide!!!

  • Anonymous September 2016

    Loved it but needed to know more about the cities and culture.

  • Anthony September 2016

    This was an amazing trip filled with fund and laughter. I was a bit hesitant doing group bus travel prior to the trip, but was so happy with it I've booked another trip in December! There never seemed to be any issues, even when our hotels were changed. Our trip leader Erin is knowledgeable and has some hilarious stories to tell. Our driver Mihail was also pretty funny, even in the face of having to clean a filthy bus or trek for miles to get back to the hotel after parking. This trip was a great way to see the best bits in Europe and gave me an understanding of what I want to see again this time! There was plenty of free time to do our own thing which was great. I also made some great friends and would definitely recommend Top Deck and the Winter Wonder trip for anyone who is unsure of what to do or where to go

  • Anonymous September 2016

    I liked the tour but not the included meals. Some of the restaurants were good but in the future I will look for tours that do not include so many meals so I can pick my own restaurants. I also prefer a smaller group and to travel a bit slower.

  • Doran September 2016

    This is quite a beautiful tour around europe with stunning destinations. Tour is well priced and provides such a variety of excellent and informed experiences. Hotels & Food are great.

  • Holly September 2016

    An amazing tour- we went to so many places and I feel like I really got a good amount of time to explore each place

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