Road Trip USA

Road Trip USA

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  • Anonymous March 2018

    Kyle the tour guide went above and beyond expectations for myself, he knew a lot of history for each place and was very accommodating to each individual.The time allocated in each place was perfect.
    Overall an awesome tour!

  • Melissa F January 2018

    Most best and remebable trip and made a whole bunch of new friends which is like another family

  • Anonymous January 2018

    When we got to Colorado all activities (bikes, zip line and horse riding) had been cancelled due to the season.
    We had a group meal in Colorado that was $20 a head and it was terrible. There was another included dinner that wasn’t worth it.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Most incredible place and you get to see pretty much all of what you would want to (and things you didn't even know you'd want to see) here.

    Amazingly organised. Terrific, caring staff. You'll make great friends too.

  • Sarah B January 2018

    Great people, great places and excellent leader = amazing time.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Was a good trip.. but some places were a lot better than others

  • Charlie M January 2018

    Best 27 days ever! I would totally go back and do the northen part of USA in a heartbeat!

  • Amy W January 2018

    This trip was the single most amazing experience of my life. And it was made all the more better by our fantastic tour guide John Manship, and our bus driver Chaka. Most hotels and provided meal venues were great and thoroughly enjoyed all of the cities we visited and the things we experienced as we traveled across the country. But it was the people that truely made this what it was. I will definitely be looking at another TopDeck trip in the future.... I might even just do the USA Road Trip again!!

  • Hayden R November 2017

    Great tour. Definitely a lot of up side to Road Trip. So many different sights seen.

  • Adrianna H November 2017

    I really liked my tours around the USA. I made some friends and I have seen a lot new placees

  • Casey W October 2017


  • Michael S April 2017

    Excellent trip with an awesome coverage of USA at a very fair price. Already looking into my next trip with topdeck (:

  • Anonymous April 2017

    The trip was awesome and took me to lots of places I wouldn't have thought of going! It was a great length and allowed us to see heaps of the USA!

  • Charlotte Donaldson October 2016

    The trip was amazing and the itinerary was great! My guide and bus driver were average though, they were new and kept getting lost. Average compared to my Europe trip with Topdeck however this trip was still AMAZING!

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Goes to all the good spots

  • Kenny C January 2018

    value for money the 27day trip was definitely worth it, how much you get to see and it is all organized for you

  • David M January 2018

    Excellent value for money and well worth it.

  • Anonymous November 2017

    I loved every day of my trip, so happy with my purchase

  • Kenny C November 2017

    It was better than anything i could of hoped for. The people and places the activities the nights out. I just wish there where more hours in a day to sleep

  • Rachel H October 2017

    Holidad!! Best tour guide ever

  • Kirsten S May 2017

    Definitely worth every penny spent

  • Anonymous April 2017

    Having the tour split into two parts made the group hard when we merged in New Orleans. Would have been better to have kept the same group all the way.

  • Anonymous April 2017

    It covered a lot of distance and we had some pretty cool included activities.

  • Anonymous October 2016

    It was good value for money in that amount of meals and the quality of the hotel was mostly great

  • Dani W October 2016

    It was a really expensive trip, but the accommodation was pretty good - we stayed in some amazing places. It also included a lot. Some of the optionals were pricey but I enjoyed all of them.

  • Finn M February 2020

    Awesome trip from start to finish. Had an excellent friendly bunch of top people travelling with me and was non stop laughs and adventure! Would totally recommend to anybody. Don't hesitate just do it! You'll be so glad you did

  • Anonymous February 2020

    Great value for money, worth every penny.

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