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Trip Overview

SPF 50 sunscreen at the ready - this trip is all about sun, sea and gorgeous, gorgeous scenery! Take in all the exciting optional activities Cairns has to offer, then feel the wind in your hair as you sail the unbelievable Whitsundays. Along the way, there's scuba diving, snorkelling, and simply floating above The Great Barrier Reef to get excited about. Sounds good, huh?

Worth noting…
A Sector trip is part of a larger journey, meaning your new friends might continue on or after you leave, or you might be joining a trip already in progress. This trip is a sector of the East Coast Beachin .

This is a sector of the 14 Day East Coast Beachin' trip.

Pre-book your Great Barrier Reef day trip at the time of booking to secure your spot.


Trip itinerary

  1. Cairns


    You’re in Cairns, baby – the famous gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. And you know what? This place has adventurous activities for DAYS! Get your bearings on an orientation tour, then kick off the trip in serious adrenalin-pumping style with an optional bungy jump (if you’ve got a head for heights). Then: the night is yours to get out there and experience some of the East Coast’s best nightlife. See you at The Woolshed...

    • Included Today
      • Orientation tour of Cairns
    • Meals
      • Dinner
    • Optional extras
      • Bungy jumping in Cairns: from $179.00
  2. Cairns

  3. Cairns to Magnetic Island

  4. Magnetic Island to Whitsundays Overnight Sailing

  5. Airlie Beach

  6. Airlie Beach


What's included

Included experiences

  • - Visit Magnetic Island
  • - Visit a wildlife park
  • - Overnight sailing experience in the Whitsundays
  • - Visit Whitehaven Beach


-3 nights in hotels, 1 night in a hostel, 1 night sailing on a yacht



Modern air-conditioned vehicle with free Wi-Fi

Optional activities

-Bungy jumping in Cairns: from $179.00

-Skydiving in Cairns: from $309.00

-Tully River day trip: from $199.00

-Minjin swinging in Cairns: from $129.00

-Go Wild Tour in Cairns: from $175.00

-Jungle surfing in Cairns: from $274.00

-Great Barrier Reef day trip: from $165.00

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