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Europe | Hostel Plus

Trail of Columbus

10 days / 2 countries

Start: Lisbon

End: Barcelona

From A$2,100.00
From CA$1,979.00
From €1,269.00
From £1,159.00
From NZ$2,240.00
From US$1,390.00
From ZAR22,549.00
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Asia | Explorer

Namaste India

10 days / 1 country

Start: Delhi

End: Delhi

From A$1,980.00
From CA$2,079.00
From €1,329.00
From £1,169.00
From NZ$2,090.00
From US$1,430.00
From ZAR22,989.00
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Europe | Hotel

Winter Expedition

28 days / 12 countries

Start: London

End: Amsterdam

From A$5,750.00
From CA$6,049.00
From €3,909.00
From £3,469.00
From NZ$6,100.00
From US$4,160.00
From ZAR67,649.00
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Middle East & North Africa | Explorer

Jordan Adventure

8 days / 1 country

Start: Amman

End: Amman

From A$1,470.00
From CA$1,409.00
From €899.00
From £789.00
From NZ$1,560.00
From US$1,060.00
From ZAR15,700.00
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Europe | Hostel Plus

Europe Express

11 days / 5 countries

Start: London

End: Amsterdam

From A$2,170.00
From CA$1,996.65 CA$2,349.00
From €1,274.15 €1,499.00
From £1,146.65 £1,349.00
From NZ$2,280.00
From US$1,521.50 US$1,790.00
From ZAR22,524.15 ZAR26,499.00
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Europe | Hotel

Winter Wonder

14 days / 7 countries

Start: London

End: Amsterdam

From A$3,350.00
From CA$3,519.00
From €2,259.00
From £1,979.00
From NZ$3,570.00
From US$2,430.00
From ZAR39,599.00
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Europe | Sailing

Croatian Riviera Traditional

8 days / 1 country

Start: Split

End: Split

From A$1,690.00
From CA$1,469.00
From €939.00
From £839.00
From NZ$1,790.00
From US$1,120.00
From ZAR16,500.00
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Europe | Explorer

Scenic Scandi

15 days / 2 countries

Start: Oslo

End: Helsinki

From A$5,180.00
From CA$5,459.00
From €3,509.00
From £3,099.00
From NZ$5,490.00
From US$3,730.00
From ZAR60,900.00
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Europe | Explorer

Georgia Explorer

9 days / 1 country

Start: Tbilisi

End: Tbilisi

From A$1,470.00
From CA$1,539.00
From €989.00
From £879.00
From NZ$1,540.00
From US$1,060.00
From ZAR17,049.00
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Europe | Explorer

Turkey Explored

13 days / 1 country

Start: Istanbul

End: Istanbul

From A$1,725.50 A$2,030.00
From CA$1,809.65 CA$2,129.00
From €1,155.15 €1,359.00
From £1,053.15 £1,239.00
From NZ$1,819.00 NZ$2,140.00
From US$1,232.50 US$1,450.00
From ZAR20,246.15 ZAR23,819.00
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North America | Hostel Plus

USA & Canada Adventure

12 days / 2 countries

Start: New York

End: Chicago

From A$3,230.00
From CA$2,959.00
From €1,899.00
From £1,699.00
From NZ$3,290.00
From US$2,030.00
From ZAR32,849.00
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Europe | Hostel Plus

Classic Europe

16 days / 6 countries

Start: London

End: Rome

From A$3,480.00
From CA$3,309.00
From €2,139.00
From £1,919.00
From NZ$3,700.00
From US$2,490.00
From ZAR37,339.00
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