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This is IT! The ultimate bucket list of life-changing travel experiences.

Stay tuned as we tick them off, one epic trip at a time.

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It’s a classic, and for good reason. We’re talking ultimate bucket list stuff right here! Check out what Neel got up to on the most magical night of the year in one of America’s most iconic cities. That’s right, we’re talking about New Year’s Eve in the one and only New York City. Sounds pretty epic, huh?

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The Big Easy, aka New Orleans, is full of culture, music, food – and of course, epic parties. The legendary Bourbon Street is no exception to this rule. From brass bands to Cajun food, there’s something for everyone on this famous street. Join Taylor as she explores what Bourbon Street has to offer and get a feel for this vibrant part of town.

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Oktoberfest, you beauty! The world’s biggest party takes over Munich every year for more shenanigans than you can shake a litre-sized beer at. Follow Chris as he gets into the spirit and raises a stein (or two) at the infamous German shindig. Oh, and did we mention the theme park rides and food? This is not a drill. Prost!

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Ready to feel small? The Grand Canyon does that to people. Especially when you take a helicopter ride over it. Eeeek! You truly can’t comprehend the scale of this place until you see it from above. Join Taylor as she takes to the skies and gets a bird’s-eye view over this unbelievable natural landscape.

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The Blue Mountains in Australia are world-famous for being super majestic. Join Tess as she sees the picture-perfect peaks in the most awesome way possible: by abseiling down them! Progressing from beginner’s cliffs to a more advanced mountain, check out how Tess embraced the adrenaline rush and conquered her initial fears.

  • Europe Tag
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Ready to tick off a major bucket list big gun? Then grab your thermals and join Tom as he chases the Northern Lights in Iceland. Up there with the most beautiful natural phenomena in the whole wide world, catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights = guaranteed feels. It’ll probably make you cry. Seriously.

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You’re in Texas, baby! Veer off Route 66 for a stop at the Cadillac Ranch. A public art installation and sculpture, this is definitely one for those seeking a slice of the surreal (plus, it goes down a treat on Instagram). Let Taylor take you through her experience of the Ranch and see for yourself why it’s a pretty darn sweet spot.

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The Blue Lagoon is an absolute must-do when travelling through Iceland. Follow Tom as he gets up close and personal with the milky blue water. This place really is one of the most famous geothermal spas in the world. Complete with a black lava fields as a backdrop, this is a bucket list experience you’re not gonna wanna miss.

Street food safari in Singapore
  • Asia Tag
  • Foodie Tag

Chopsticks at the ready! Join Sabrina Iovino as she hits the streets of Singapore’s vibrant Chinatown on a street food safari like no other. Expect colourful temples, buzzing stalls, bags of insider tips and as much cheap and cheerful deliciousness as you can handle. Feeling that #foodenvy yet? We don’t blame you!

Learn to surf in Portugal
  • Europe Tag
  • Fitness Tag

With more than its fair share of sun-soaked beaches and a huge variety of waves to suit beginners as well as pros, it’s no wonder that Ericeira in Portugal is one of the surfing capitals of the world. Join Mandy Celine as she suits up and takes to the water for surfing lessons in some of the most popular breaks around.

Boat ride across Lake Bled
  • Europe Tag
  • Natural Wonders Tag

With its still blue waters, cute little church and even a medieval castle thrown into the mix, Lake Bled is like something straight out of a fairytale ‒ so naturally, it’s a pretty big deal on Instagram. Find out what happened when Jess Glynn hopped on a magical boat ride in one of Slovenia’s most achingly gorgeous locations.

Food fight at La Tomatina in Valencia
  • Europe Tag
  • Festival Tag

Forget your average food fight. With thousands of thrill seekers, truckloads of tomato ammo and an hour’s worth of pelting action to get involved in, La Tomatina is the very definition of organised chaos. Join Emily from Along Dusty Roads as she hits the streets of Valencia and unleashes tomato-based havoc.

Alternative street art tour in Berlin
  • Europe Tag
  • Iconic Tag

Wanna see Berlin’s edgy side in all its gritty, grungy glory? Germany’s capital packs a whole bunch of awesome street art, and an army of undercover paint-spraying pros who decorate unsuspecting walls throughout the city. Unleash your inner graffiti-loving hipster and join Jess on her alternative urban tour of Berlin.

Tandem paragliding in the Austrian Alps
  • Europe Tag
  • Face Your Fears Tag

What’s the best way to check out the breathtaking beauty of the picture-perfect Austrian Alps? Why, by floating through the air, of course! Join Jess Glynn as she takes to the skies for unbeatable views of those rolling green landscapes and snow-capped peaks on an unforgettable tandem paragliding experience. Up, up and away!

  • Europe tag
  • Fears tag

Like something out of a fairytale, the Swiss Alps are one of Europe’s most impressive natural wonders. And the village of Lauterbrunnen is no exception. Set in a valley of majestic cliffs and powerful waterfalls, #nofilter views are in endless supply here. Come meet Christianne’s travel mate Ben as he takes the plunge and skydives over this storybook setting.

Paris Picnic Image
  • Europe tag
  • Iconic tag
  • Foodie tag

Known for its cool style, unparallelled art scene, delicious food and iconic architecture, Paris has long been on the bucket list of many fellow travellers. And for good reason. Join Christianne as she soaks up the sights in the city and feasts on a gourmet picnic by that famous tower. Yeah Eiffel Tower, we’re looking at you.

Polar Plunge Card Image
  • Europe tag
  • Natural Wonder Tag

Nothing gets the heart pumping more than a jump into the freezing waters of Norway. Brendan van Son keeps up the Topdeck tradition and takes the plunge, ticking off this daring bucket list item. Come check it out. Go on, we dare you.

San Fran Sunset Image
  • North America tag
  • History tag

San Fran: the home of classic cable cars, a buzzing Chinatown, quaint architecture, lots of hills and that famous bridge. Come see what’s going down with Em Peachy as she sets sail in San Francisco Bay. At sunset. Yeah, it’s gonna be sweet.

Gondola Ride Card Image
  • Europe tag
  • Iconic tag

You’ve seen it in the movies and read about it in the classics, but Venice needs to be seen to be believed. With unique architecture and waterways for roads, Venice is pretty damn sweet. Take a trip with Christianne as she explores this romantic city on an iconic gondola ride on the Grand Canal.

Midnight Sun Card Image
  • Europe tag
  • Natural Wonder Tag

Everyone loves a good sunset. But how about one that doesn’t end? Yes, it’s a thing: it’s called the midnight sun. You can go check it out in Norway, and that’s exactly what Brendan van Son did with Topdeck. Come read his account of this 24-hour sun phenomenon and get ready to be inspired.

Camel riding in the Sahara
  • Middle East tag
  • Animals tag
  • Iconic tag

Go beyond the hustle and bustle of Marrakech’s vibrant souks and be the Arabian prince (or princess) in your own Aladdin tale. Practise your perfect Insta pose atop your trusty camel and experience the magic of the Sahara with Girl Unfurled.

Street Food Tour of Bangkok
  • Asia tag
  • Foodie tag

Dive head first into the sensory overload that is a Bangkok street eats tour. Transport style? Tuk tuk, obvs. Hold on tight as we join Jelly Journeys and weave through the bustling capital to sample the best fried rice, tom yum soup, juicy duck, pork skewers and barbecued fish (just to name a few). Mouth watering yet? Trust us, it will be.

Safari in the Serengeti
  • Africa tag
  • Animals tag

Grab your khaki clothes and camera, it’s time for a safari! We’re heading deep into the Serengeti with How Far from Home as they take us on this ultimate animal adventure. Quick! We just saw a cheetah…

Meander the medina in Marrakech
  • Middle East tag
  • History tag

From its collection of Instagram-worthy mosaic doors, awe-inspiring palaces, colourful souks and lip smacking fresh fruit juices, Marrakech is a feast for the senses. Follow Gurl Unfurled as we get to the heart of Morocco’s capital (and your new favourite city).

Snorkelling in the Gili Islands
  • Asia Tag
  • Natural Wonder Tag

With turquoise waters, picture-perfect beachside bars and an abundance of marine life that can be found on a deep sea snorkelling adventure, the allure of the Gili Islands is oh so real. Join Jake Boys as he makes friends with the kaleidoscopic fish and friendly sea turtles that call this Indonesian island home.

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