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Gourmet Picnic ParisGourmet Picnic Paris Gourmet Picnic Paris



Ah Paris. The city of love and home to the Mona Lisa, the Eiffel Tower and the first place on the itinerary for Topdeck's EPIC two-week European Wonder adventure.

When you think of Paris, you think of fresh pastries, great bread, yummy cheese, local wines, romantic bike rides and magnificent architecture. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint on anything. Every corner you turn oozes with traditional Parisian culture and Insta-worthy moments.

There is so much to see and do in Paris, but there is one thing that I think everyone has to experience at least once in their life. Grab yourself some good food, good people and indulge in a gourmet picnic right in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Before we get into the juicy details, here are a few fun facts about the Eiffel Tower. It’s the second most recognised shape in the whole world after the Coca-Cola bottle. In 2010, it was visited by around 250 million people - that's 685,000 per day! And in 2007, a woman named Erica legally married the Eiffel Tower (no joke, there was a ceremony and everything!) A few years later she fell out of love, got a legal divorce and is now dating a bowl (each to their own ya know).

So this historic monument is clearly pretty special and is the absolute perfect backdrop for the only picnic to feature on your ultimate round-the-world bucket list.

We found ourselves frolicking between the tree-lined pathways leading up to the majestic Eiffel Tower and got the perfect mix of sun and shade, picture taking, people watching and life loving. Our lovely Topdeck Trip Leader Vincenzo started to guide us in a particular direction which would lead us to the most spectacular picnic buffet spread I have ever seen.

Cheese, salad, vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh fish, succulent meats, sweet treats, even the French delicacies of snails and frogs legs. Aaaand breathe! It was big, it was colourful, and most importantly, it was absolutely delicious.

There were 49 people on my trip so it was good to get a head start from the beginning, learning names and more about who I’d be experiencing so many amazing things with.

With the Eiffel Tower herself just peeping through the leaves along with scattered rays of sun, we really couldn't have had a better introduction to Paris and our big Topdeck European adventure than with this special experience.

By @christiannerisman

Christianne Risman - better known as being “Backpacking Bananas” - has been travelling, and vlogging her experiences, for over 5 years. Christianne is an adventurer with a not-so-subtle passion for hostels, long-haul flights and those dusty roads less travelled. Her 30,000 fans trust her travel tips and enjoy following her spirited footsteps backpacking around the globe.

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