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Street Food Tour of Bangkok Street Food Tour of Bangkok Street Food Tour of Bangkok



Thailand is one of the most interesting cultural places to discover. Known globally for beautiful beaches and islands, there are also heaps of cultural experiences hidden in plain sight, including the street food markets!

Bangkok Street Food Stall

Although Bangkok is one of biggest and busiest city destinations in the world, it’s often only used as hub/stopover to connect to the more remote parts of Thailand and South East Asia. With the 3 Day Bangkok Stopover Trip, we were able to experience an intimate, culinary and cultural guided tuk-tuk tour in a short space of time.

The tuk-tuk tour features a full itinerary of street food destinations to visit along a route through the city.

Bangkok Tuk Tuk

It’s a pretty full-on evening at a rapid pace, but we managed to squeeze in a total of seven stops throughout the night, including the famous Wat Pho temple and a flower market, trying a variety of different foods along the way.

Throughout the night, we got a glimpse into the local life of Bangkok residents at prime dinnertime. The bright lights of each market stall guided us down the road towards heaps of fresh fruit and sizzling hot food. We eased into each foodie destination without having to worry about any expenses or arrangements at all.

Bangkok Street Food

We fully immersed ourselves into trying some of Thailand’s proudest and most famous dishes. Though it sounds ridiculously simple, the mango and sticky rice followed by a chicken stick was honestly one of the most memorable experiences of the night!

It wasn’t all street food, however. We also stopped off at a couple of restaurants known widely for their signature dishes. Sampling a variety of different Thai curries, we even had a Pad Thai dish that is literally known as the best place for Pad Thai. Ever.

With all the food provided, I honestly don’t know how we were able to continue walking by the end of the night! Luckily we were able to walk it off, through some temples and a flower market contemplating all the great food we’d just eaten.

Compared to the daytime tourist madness and extreme heat; exploring Bangkok by night was actually very calming and enjoyable. The temples were so peaceful, allowing us to truly respect their purpose.

Even with multiple weeks of experience in Thailand, this four-hour tuk-tuk tour still managed to provide us with new insight into Thai culture and history above and beyond what we could have expected. What’s more, all we really had to bring was our appetite!

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