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Bungy Jump in New ZealandBungy Jump in New ZealandBungy Jump in New Zealand



I’d previously been to New Zealand ten years ago. I did the Nevis Bungy Jump which is 134 metres from a platform down a canyon. If I’m gonna be honest, the jump itself was a blur except for the moment I leapt off the platform when I distinctly remember asking myself, ‘Why am I doing this?!’

The experience scrambles with your mind so much that I’m not sure I ever found the words to describe it. But, I do know that I was buzzing for the rest of the day.

This time, ten years older and wiser, I decided to do the original AJ Hackett Bungy Jump at the Kawarau Bridge on my trip with Topdeck. Back in 1988, Hackett set up the world’s first commercial bungy jump. Pretty cool, huh?

Compared to its younger but bigger brother, this jump is only 43 metres – but it comes with the bonus of more spectacular scenery. Plus, if you’re feeling adventurous you can ask the team to set the rope so that you dunk your head in the turquoise water on the way down.

There’s also more of an audience at this jump. I thought this might help me jump with more elegance. It didn’t.

As I shuffled forwards with my feet attached to the rope and my eyes set on the horizon, all those feelings from ten years ago that I had previously failed to remember came back crystal clear.

The overwhelming feeling is excitement, feeling ready to jump the most graceful jump anyone has ever jumped. But this feeling is met with an equal amount of fear and this is a pretty exciting mix of emotions.

The countdown began. When I heard the guys shout, ‘Bungyyyy!’, rather than leap with the grace, I sort of fell forwards with a small jump and then I found myself asking the same question I asked myself ten years ago: ‘Why am I doing this?!’.

This time though, the answer was simple. To show you Topdeckers that this is an incredible experience! Although you might have moments of doubt, you’ll carry a buzz with you for ages that nothing else before will have matched.

As well as the Kawarau Bridge, your other options in Queenstown are the aforementioned Nevis jump which comes with 8.5 seconds of freefall or The Ledge Bungy and Swing which offers spectacular views over Queenstown.

Now all that’s left for you to do is choose which one’s for you...

By @paperboyo

‘Someone once described me as a non-destructive vandal; within the confines of a camera viewfinder I transform and embellish landmarks with bits of carefully crafted black paper and capture the moment in a photograph. This idea started as a way to photograph my home city of London in a new way. Then the hobby got out of hand. Now I travel the world transforming the skyline around me from well known scenes like New York's Statue of Liberty and Hong Kong's Harbour to lesser known landscapes such as the vistas of Kiruna and Beach Huts in Ontario.’ Follow Rich @paperboyo

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