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The Blue Lagoon is almost a rite of passage for anyone visiting Iceland, and you can see why. I’ve visited natural hot springs all over the world and there’s nowhere else quite like it.

Its soothingly hot, milky blue water is nestled in between stark black lava fields. When I booked my Topdeck trip I was stoked to be heading back there. It was a drizzly, misty day, but that just adds to the atmosphere in the lagoon.

It’s only about 20 metres to walk from the main building into the water, but when it’s -1 degrees and the wind is blowing, it feels like a mile. It makes that first dip feel all the better. Once you’re in, there’s plenty to explore. You can swim under bridges and into small coves, and if you’re lucky you may get an area all to yourself. There’s also an in-lagoon bar and treatment areas. Things have changed a lot in the last few years due to rising popularity and it’s made the facilities a lot better. There’s even a heat map screen showing the water temperatures in different areas so you can find the hottest spots!

The water is actually heated at a geothermal plant next door. Sitting in the lagoon you can see the futuristic smoking metal pipes jutting out of the black volcanic rock.

It’s like another world in there. Minutes definitely turn into hours as you feel any tension leave your body – so it’s the perfect cure after a few too many drinks in Reykjavík. When you’re out there’s some really tasty food in a couple of the restaurants. Once inside, you can sit back and relax some more with great views over the otherworldly landscape.

This was actually my fourth time at the Blue Lagoon. I think I love it that little bit more every time I go. It’s a very special and unique place. If it’s not high up on your bucket list, then I suggest you put it there now – you won’t be disappointed!

By @tomarcherphotography

Tom Archer is a freelance photographer and influencer based just outside London. His love for photography began in his early twenties and he has worked as a freelance photographer for six years. His style incorporates epic and dramatic landscapes, showing the scale and beauty of the world.

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