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Forget the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and the warm waters you dive into from your boat in Thailand. Instead, let science blow your mind in Israel!

I have swum in oceans all over the world, but the 22 minutes I spent floating in the Dead Sea beats them all, hands down!

Why? It might possibly be the strangest experience I have ever had while travelling

As you carefully enter the water through the rich mud you see so often sold in tubs all over the world (it’s said to be great for your skin), you take the plunge. Immediately everyone’s faces change from ‘full of anticipation’ to ‘full of mind-blowing wonder’!

With salt levels in the Dead Sea being so incredibly high, science forces your entire body to float effortlessly on the surface. Even if you pull your legs back under the water, they are quickly pulled straight back up to the top, making you giggle and shout in awe.

Before we got in, our local guide warned us that we wouldn’t be able to spend long in the water – maybe 30 minutes tops – but didn’t tell us why. After around 20 minutes we all washed off our muddy bodies (revealing our new indulgently soft skin) only to come to the same conclusion: we were thirsty as hell!

I’m no scientist, but there is something about the Dead Sea that literally sucks the moisture from your body.

Close by the banks where we slid into the water, you can visit the ‘lowest bar in the world’. After getting out, the location of the bar made a lot of sense. All I wanted in that moment was a large cold beer. Well done to whoever thought about putting a bar there!

Floating in the Dead Sea is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that very few places in the world can even get close to replicating. It honestly beats any regular body of water you will ever enter again! It’s also perfect for people who cannot swim as it’s literally a struggle to try and keep your limbs beneath the surface.

So, if you fancy having your mind blown by science doing its sweet thing, put floating in the Dead Sea at the top of your bucket list immediately!

By @psychotraveller

PsychoTraveller is more than just travel – it’s a platform to inform and inspire people of all ages to live the life they want to live. Through weekly videos, Aly showcases life on the road, the people she meets, the food she tastes and the highs and lows of living as a digital nomad. Aly has been discovering the world for over four years straight, and as a psychology graduate with a love for pho and red wine she looks at adventures big and small and says ‘Let’s do this!’

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