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Night sledding in the Swiss Alps: it was a bucket list item I didn’t know I wanted to tick off until I experienced it. And what an experience it was.

After spending the day 3,454 metres high at the Top of Europe in Jungfrau (that’s a story for another post), we excitedly prepared ourselves for our evening activity. After all, it’s not every day you get to spend the night zooming down the wintry slopes of the Swiss Alps, eh!

Now, to give you a bit of background… I’m not a particularly adventurous soul. Sure, I’ll happily try fried grasshoppers in Thailand or polish off a tripe dish in Rome, but extreme sports? Nuh-uh. Not for me. You’ll most likely find me ordering five main courses and three sides at the local restaurants instead.

But as soon as I turned 25, a heightened sense of curiosity for adventure travel came knocking at the door and it was eager to make up for lost time. So when the opportunity for night sledding came along, this new side of me threw her hands up in the air exclaiming, ‘YES PLEASE, sign me up!’

6pm arrived; it was time. Yippee! We wriggled into a pair of ski trousers, pulled on some hiking boots and trundled into the mini bus that took us from Interlaken to Isenfluh.

From there, we met the rest of our group and our wonderful instructor, who took us through the plan for the night and the safety precautions before ending with: ‘Now, the fun part… who’s ready to grab their sleds?’ We are!

A short gondola ride took us 1,700 m up to Sulwald where we began our first round of night sledding. I sat down with a camera in one hand, the sled’s rope in another, kicked both my feet up from the snow, and – EEEEEEEEEE!!! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!! Why have I never done this before?!

The journey took me past a blur of snow-capped trees, alpine meadows and frozen waterfalls. Echoes of whoops, giggles and cries of excitement accompanied the ‘swoosh’ sounds of the sled speeding along the snow.

I could feel the winter breeze twisting through my hair, the sound of my heartbeat dancing excitedly and hear my own joyful calls flying through the mountains. After a few tries (and a lot of squealing), navigating the sharp bends became a breeze – and I managed not to steer myself off the edge either!

I went a lot quicker than I expected – but that may have had a lot to do with the coach jokily telling me that a pack of wolves were behind me (it worked).

Our fourth and final turbo round was spent gliding under a blanket of twinkling stars and soaring past muted mountains. It felt like a fairytale and what I was experiencing could only be described as nothing short of magical. It’s only gotten me even more excited for my next venture!

By @dejashuu

Believing that the best way to get to know a culture is through its food, Shu is a food and travel content creator with a mission to eat around the world. Creating a series of food tours, personality driven travel vlogs and cinematic love letters about newly discovered destinations, she follows her stomach and documents her life through a camera lens on her YouTube channel to 18,700+ like-minded travellers. Pre-warning: You’ll want to bring a snack or two before watching…

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