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Heli hike at Fox GlacierHeli hike at Fox GlacierHeli hike at Fox Glacier



The night before our helicopter flight onto Fox Glacier in New Zealand, we’d left our accommodation and ventured down a muddy footpath after dark. The whole group held hands and we followed our guide Scott. Our phones weren’t out and it was pitch black. We were searching for glow worms.

As our eyes adjusted, we saw the green glows appearing around us in the bush. It was an incredibly magical moment but one that was impossible to capture on our phones due to the darkness. It didn’t matter though, we were all buzzing from the experience and on our way to bed I said to some of the group that there’s no way tomorrow’s activity could match up to that.

I was wrong.

From the moment we landed on Fox Glacier in the helicopter, we knew this was going to be epic. Kitted out in crampons and following our guides, we ventured over the blue ice looking for ice caves.

The landscape was so immense that it felt like I was hiking on the Ice Wall from Game of Thrones. It really did feel a million miles away from our accommodation which was in fact only at the bottom of the glacier.

Just as I was pretending I was Jon Snow, I heard our guide call us over. He’d found an ice cave, one that even he described as gigantic. ‘These caves might only last a few days before they melt, so we’re lucky to find this one,’ he said.

We scrambled inside and it was mesmerising. Yet again, I felt like I’d been transported somewhere else. The blue of the ice was like nothing I had ever seen before and after a while I had to force myself to put my camera away and just enjoy the moment. A tough ask when it was so beautiful!

New Zealand can be like this: incredible experience after incredible experience that you want to capture to share with friends back home. But it’s equally satisfying to stop, enjoy the moment and gasp alongside your new friends as you see yet another unbelievable piece of scenery.

By @paperboyo

‘Someone once described me as a non-destructive vandal; within the confines of a camera viewfinder I transform and embellish landmarks with bits of carefully crafted black paper and capture the moment in a photograph. This idea started as a way to photograph my home city of London in a new way. Then the hobby got out of hand. Now I travel the world transforming the skyline around me from well known scenes like New York's Statue of Liberty and Hong Kong's Harbour to lesser known landscapes such as the vistas of Kiruna and Beach Huts in Ontario.’ Follow Rich @paperboyo

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