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Hike the Valley of the Winds in AustraliaHike the Valley of the Winds in AustraliaHike the Valley of the Winds in Australia



The only picture I had in my head of the Outback was the famous shot that gets displayed over every brochure, postcard and Outback Instagram account: Uluṟu (otherwise known as Ayers Rock).

The thing that actually surprised me the most about the Outback was how beautiful the other rock formations are out in the Red Centre aside from Uluṟu (as well as how hot it is out here!).

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The one that took the limelight for me was the formation that lies 32 km from Uluṟu: Kata Tjuta, otherwise known as the Olgas. This collection of 36 dome-shaped rocks is stunning, with each dome rising from the surface of the landscape.

Fun fact: The highest of the domes is actually taller than Uluṟu, coming in at 546 metres.

On day four of my Uluru Discovery trip with Topdeck, we got the chance to explore this natural masterpiece via the Valley of the Winds hike which weaves 7.4 kilometres in and out of the domes. There are some surreal and genuinely incredible landscapes here as the red rock towers above you.

I was in awe of how something so incredible could have come into existence.

For the avid photographer, there are some pretty perfect photo opportunities. New profile pic anyone?

Hiking this trail in the summer months will require an early start to avoid the midday heat. But don’t let that put you off. You don’t want to miss out on an adventure this wonderful.

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There are a couple of spots along the way to fill up your water. But do make sure you take a big bottle, a hat and some comfy walking shoes. Sunscreen is a must as well.

Insider tip: There’s a shorter two kilometre walk if you don’t fancy the full hike.

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Mollie is 22 and currently lives just outside London (read: leaves her stuff there while she gallivants around the world). She is a strong believer that, for some, life wasn’t meant to be lived in one place. And that if your heart is pulled towards a person, a country, or an experience, you must pursue it. Follow Mollie @wheresmollie

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