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Out of all of the badass walls built around the world, Dubrovnik's may just top the charts.

These medieval defensive stone walls have never been breached and are now a monument and a symbol of the determination Dubrovnik’s people had to prevent attacks.

In fact, the wall is so strong that while the rest of Dubrovnik fell to pieces in 1667 because of an earthquake, the wall remained almost untouched.

And now? How lucky are we that we get to roam around these walls and take in their beauty rather than worry about enemies crossing the lines of defense?

Words are difficult when you visit places like these. You can see the history and read about it but never know what it was like. And here we were, strolling along the wall and enjoying the views…

I felt guilty for a second but had to bring myself back and instead be thankful that the days of using this wall as a defense are over and it can serve as a reminder.

As you walk along peering over the edges to get a glimpse of the turquoise waters, rocky shores, the inner Old Town and even Lokrum Island in the distance it's hard for your jaw not to drop. And getting a view of those terracotta roofs and quaint alleyways from above is just too perfect!

Walking the walls was fab. but being here with Topdeck and experiencing some of the #Ultimate49 experiences around the world, they had something else in mind for me.

As the sun started to wind down, my Topdeck crew and I headed for the shoreline just below the wall. We were about to check it out in a totally different way.

We were going to go kayaking around it! Pretty epic, right?

We paired up and hit the sea. We kayaked out and away from the walls to first check out a picturesque beach cave. Surrounded by craggy rocks, perfect for cliff jumping, little schools of fish to follow with your snorkel, and of course, the Old Town in the background, this was the highlight of the whole trip!

On our way back, we caught a glimpse of the sun starting to set just behind the wall.

There's no reason not to see the wall from on top, but just make sure not to skip out on the kayaking experience – it will be 100% worth every paddle stroke!

By @whereintheworldisnina

Nina Ragusa is a pro adventurer and traveller who’s been abroad since 2011. She blogs at Where in the World is Nina and has a life mission of travelling, living and working on all continents. Nina takes you around the world with her sassy yet informative writing and gives the low-down on how to work abroad and travel like a badass.

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