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Snowmobile Ride in CanadaSnowmobile Ride in Canada Snowmobile Ride in Canada



As a Canadian, I have a deep, dark secret. Despite growing up in the snowy prairies of Manitoba, I had never ridden a snowmobile. That’s right, this most Canadian of activities had eluded me for years.

Enter the Topdeck Great White North trip. A journey that takes you from cosmopolitan Vancouver all the way through the Rocky Mountains into Banff, passing through Whistler and Kelowna/Big White along the way.

Ask any Canadian from any province where some of the most beautiful sights in the country are and they’re sure to mention at least one or all of these places.

And when I found out I could go for a snowmobile ride in Big White? Well, this Canadian was sold right away.

I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous before getting on the snowmobile. Having never driven one or even sat on one before, I had no idea what to expect. However, right away, our guides made us feel at ease and talked us through how best to operate the vehicle.

All suited up and ready to go we were given helmets, goggles, gloves and extra jackets. I’d definitely recommend wearing all of your warmest and most waterproof clothing – and also a few layers of socks!

Soon enough we had set out through the stunning forests surrounding the Big White Ski Resort. Surrounded by snow-laden pines, the terrain here is worthy of a postcard. Think of the most magnificent winter wonderland you can, and then double it. That’s Big White.

It turned out that all of my fears were for nothing because within a few minutes I had figured out how best to handle the snowmobile. It’s easy enough to pick up right away, even for beginners like me. Not only that, I quickly realised that my most comfortable pace was fast.

By the time the first hour of the tour was done, I was totally hooked. There are few places in the world, let alone in Canada, where you can snowmobile through such gorgeous scenery. To see it all while getting your fill of adrenaline made this one of the coolest things I’ve done in Canada to date.

Twisting and turning through the soft snow, I even started considering buying a snowmobile, it was that much fun! By the time the second hour was up, I was devastated at the thought of having to head home.

At the end of the day, I’m glad that I waited all these years to try snowmobiling because to do it in such a beautiful place like Big White was the absolute best introduction to the activity. Even if you plan on spending as much time as possible on the slopes, make the time to fit a snowmobile ride into your Topdeck itinerary.

Take it from a Canadian – this is one of the most memorable things you’ll do in this awesome country.

Oh, and if anyone has a snowmobile for sale, please let me know.

By @thisbatteredsuitcase

Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, Brenna Holeman has been writing This Battered Suitcase for eight years. The blog has gained recognition for its long-form narratives about travelling, dating, and navigating life as a woman who’s perhaps looking for something a bit different. While you may not find many practical guides on This Battered Suitcase, you’ll find a lot of honesty (and hopefully a few laughs). After visiting almost 100 countries, most of them on her own, Brenna now spends half of her time in Canada and the UK and the other half living out of suitcase. She is currently editing her first book.

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