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Wow. has it really been ten years?

Almost literally to the date, I was here, in Rome, ten years ago. It's really hard to believe how quickly time can pass yet, when you arrive at a place like the Colosseum, see how much time has stood still. This is what I thought as I gazed up at the worn archways and paled travertine facade.

Yep, it's still amazing and impressive and looks just how I remember it.

Except, I'm seeing it with a new pair of eyes. Ten years ago, when I stood at this very spot in front of the Colosseum, I would never guess I would be back, living a life of travel – as my job! This was a mere dream back then, and now so much has happened…

But here I am. I had a second to reflect on this moment as I waited for my new friends to join me in Rome. Topdeck was sending me on a whirlwind trip to experience just a few of their epic #Ultimate49 experiences from around the world.

And what better place to kick that off than Rome?

It's humbling, to say the least, to stand before such an incredible piece of history and to roam around a city as old as time. Rome is one of the cities that it would be an absolute sin to miss out on.

Standing in the same place where 80,000 spectators came to witness gladiators draw their sword and fight to the death in the Colosseum...

Wandering the intricate Pantheon and craning my neck to admire the incredible dome – one of the world's largest and unreinforced domes – still a phenomenon two thousand years later…

Carefully counting all of the Spanish Steps up to the iconic Trinità dei Monti, plopping a coin (or three) into the Trevi Fountain, and wandering the city’s slender and ornately decorated alleyways as gelato drips down your hand.

A visit would, of course, need to involve a gluttonous meal (or five) consisting of pizza, pasta, wine, and most importantly, good friends to enjoy it all with.

Rome is the quintessential destination for modern-day European explorers like us. Go, take it in, and for the love of god, don't order a latte.

By @whereintheworldisnina

Nina Ragusa is a pro adventurer and traveller who’s been abroad since 2011. She blogs at Where in the World is Nina and has a life mission of travelling, living and working on all continents. Nina takes you around the world with her sassy yet informative writing and gives the low-down on how to work abroad and travel like a badass.

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