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Street food tour of Ho Chi Minh CityStreet food tour of Ho Chi Minh CityStreet food tou of Ho Chi Minh City



Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon) was the perfect introduction to Vietnam – especially to its food.

But first, we spent two days exploring the city while our Topdeck group recovered from jet lag after flying in from all around the world. We visited the Reunification Palace, the War Remnants Museum and various other sites to get a feel for the city.

It’s a city covered in history and it was really interesting to learn more about the Vietnam War.

After we finished exploring the city, it was time for my favourite experience of all: the Ho Chi Minh City street food tour.

There’s street food available everywhere here and I couldn’t get enough of it. Luckily, our local guide knew all the best spots for us to try some tasty food.

First up, Bánh mì: essentially, a Vietnamese sandwich. This quickly became my staple food for the rest of the trip. It typically contains one or more meats accompanied by various vegetables with the option to make it as spicy as you like. Coming in at less than a dollar for a whole baguette, it’s a winning combination.

Next up, we’ve got Vietnamese Pizza, or Bánh tráng nướng. These are essentially large, round, flat rice crackers, which when heated turn into round, easily breakable pieces. It was a snack I’ve never tried or even seen anywhere else in the world and I would happily have it again.

With our bellies almost full we walked on to the final stop where we could try some local desserts. The option we all went for, after the advice of our local guide, was the sâm bổ lượng: a kind of sweet soup.

Made from dried longan fruits, red jujubes, lotus seeds, and thinly sliced seaweed mixed with water, sugar, and crushed ice, this sure tasted good and was the perfect way to round off the street food tour.

Trying the Vietnamese street food was one of my favourite things about the whole trip and is definitely enough of a reason to visit the country. Trust me.

To any foodies out there, add it to your list!

By @TheLifeOfJord

Four years ago, Jordan quit his job and decided to sell everything he owned to travel the world. Since then his mission has been to travel the world continuously while working online, living from anywhere and documenting his journey in a YouTube video blog. Now he wants to inspire and help other people to do the same through his videos, blog and social media accounts.

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